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CFNM erotic mixed wrestling femdom fighting woman wins

The fourth date

In the opposite corners of the dimly lit room, Jana and Tom sized each other up. The floor was covered with a large gym mat Jana had from when she practiced gymnastics. They had just enjoyed their fourth date together (at the pool) and things were going great. After a few long, enjoyable hours of talking in the hot tub, things became a bit playful. One thing led to another, and much to Tom's delight, he was invited over to her place for a wrestling match.

At first, Tom was a bit disappointed; he thought for sure an invitation to her house meant he would be getting into her pants. But as he looked at those curvy gymnast legs, he figured it wouldn't be so bad either way. It was actually their first "alone time" together as well. Tom could hardly contain himself, and he trembled as he examined Jana. She had fair skin with dark blonde hair that came to her shoulders. She was still wearing the white one piece bathing suit she had worn to the pool.

She would have been skinny, but the muscles she built for gymnastics gave her legs and torso a killer curvy figure. Her breasts were a moderate size, but held their shape rather nicely as they pressed against her swimsuit. Tom wore only a pair of blue shorts he swam in. He had a slight build from playing sports frequently, but wasn-t a bodybuilder. For a girl who invited a guy over to wrestle, she now looked somewhat shy and timid. Jana spoke first,"You ready for me to take you down?" She giggled and glanced at the floor. Tom replied, "Ok." She laughed. "Smooth", Tom thought "Real smooth".

They met hands at the center of the ring. Each of them moved slowly, studying the other's body more than wrestling. Tom put his leg behind hers in an attempt to trip her backwards. However, he hardly put any force into the move and Jana easily kept her balance. She hopped and wrapped her arm around Tom's head. He struggled lightly against the headlock as she pulled them both to the floor. She laughed as she watched him grimace. Tom managed to pull her arms away and he jumped across her back. Her skin felt warm and soft beneath his stomach as she squirmed under him. He decided to lie across her back for a while. But suddenly, she flipped herself over beneath him. She quickly grabbed one of his arms and her legs snapped shut on the other. She had gotten him into a cross-body pin.

Tom was not only surprised by her quickness, but also by the strength of her hold. She desperately hugged one of his arms across her chest as her legs wrapped tightly around his other. Because he was lying on his stomach, he got upon his knees and easily slipped his arms out from her arms, but the hold her legs had on his other arm was too firm. He jumped onto her chest, with his arm still trapped and slid his rear onto her face. She laughed hard and squirmed, turning her face away, yet realizing the situation she was in. Her grip released on his arm allowing him to grab both her legs and lay on her body. He tried to wrap his legs around her head, but her arms were there to protect against the reverse head scissors. Tom-s head was right on her groin and he couldn-t help but enjoy the sight and sensation of her tightly fitted swimsuit rubbing against his face. Her face turned red and she laughed and pleaded, "Ok, ok. I give up."

Tom quickly released his hold and they both got up laughing. Jana seemed to blush even more as she saw him staring, but insisted they continue the match. "You got lucky. I'm serious this time she said."

They started in the corners again. This time Jana started out fast and came running up to Tom and jumped on him. Wrapping her legs around his waist, they both fell to the floor while his arms were pinned beneath her legs. As he slipped his hands free, he felt a jolt of pain run through his body. He winced at the pressure. He realized Jana was applying serious force. He desperately tried to pry her legs off, but they were far too powerful. "What's wrong?" she playfully teased. He didn't respond, in fact he found it hard to breathe. She continued her assault as he moaned in pain. For one brief second, the pain subsided and the pressure released. Tom looked up at her. Her satisfied expression met his gaze. "Aww, can't beat a girl?" she teased again as she pouted her lips. Again the pressure began mounting as he tried hurriedly to pry himself free. He didn't know what to do when suddenly, Jana arched her back. From his position it was a beautiful sight. He could see her taught, stretched torso accentuated by two perfectly shaped breasts jiggling at the slightest movement. They looked bigger than they usually did, and they were both beautifully pointed under swimsuit.

His gaze became zombie-like, but reality started to set in. Air would not fill his lungs, and the pain was unbearable. Tom tapped hard against the mats. As soon as she released, he coughed and gasped for air. She giggled as she got up to her feet. It took a few seconds for Tom to regain his senses, but he was as excited as ever. He could tell she was excited too. When he caught his breath he mumbled quietly, "Oh my god, you-re amazing." She laughed. She was already waiting for another round, with her hands on her hips. "You done that quickly, huh?" she mocked as she chuckled again. He didn-t say a word and got to his feet.

They started in the corners again and locked hands in the center. Tom managed to slip behind her and tie her hands behind her back. He used one arm to wrap around her neck and tripped her over his leg. She fell backwards and tried to roll away, but Tom jumped on her back. As he sat on her back, he locked her arms behind her back again and wrapped his legs around her waist as they fell on their sides. He was completely in control. Tom thought to himself that she might be giving in to her natural "desires". Feeling confident he rolled to his back with her on top of him. He let go of her arms but hugged her neck tightly while his legs squeezed her waist. She struggled and grunted as he clamped her torso. Tom enjoyed her silky smooth skin writhing against his body, and her soft hair lying across his face. He laughed as she squirmed, completely under his control. Her grunts turned to cries, and her movements became more forceful and jolting.

All of a sudden, as Tom was memorized by the gentle rhythm of her body moving against his, Jana made her move. Using her legs, she slid herself up. Tom lost the grip on the headlock and suddenly Jana's back was on his face. Before he could push her away, she quickly flipped herself over. Her arms slickly wrapped around the back of Tom's neck and Jana-s firm, pointy bare breasts mashed against his face. While Tom was occupied with dealing with her breasts, she wrapped her legs around his, placing him in a grapevine pin. He didn-t even realize his legs were being tied up. All he was concerned with was the soft, round, milky breasts depriving him of air. Tom couldn't decide whether to struggle and break free, or stay and enjoy the blissful situation. The ache in his legs shot pain up his sides, but her legs were so smooth, so strong. He could feel her every movement, every laugh and giggle, resonate against his own. Her warmth was satisfying and unbearably exciting.

After a minute of muffled struggles, Jana noticed his inactivity. She could tell he was enjoying it, and she was too. Her expression went from playful to serious and lustful. She lightened the grip of her legs and slid down so her crotch was directly on his. She lifted her chest to see Tom-s face as she smiled and teased, "I think I won." He was speechless from lack of air and the feeling of her groin pressed firmly, purposely, against his. She bit her bottom lip gently as she smothered his face again. She began rocking her waist back and forth against his crotch. He couldn't contain himself, he moaned and gasped for air as a sensation built in his groin.

She continued to sway and grind against him, arching her back to apply more pressure. Tom-s hands settled on her rocking hips as her body loosened. She started to breathe deeper and deeper, gasping sometimes while wincing in pleasure. Everything felt dreamlike for Tom, and his body started to sway with hers. Her stomach rolled like water against his, and would sometimes jolt as if she had sneezed. The sensation Tom felt increased and increased, but he realized he desperately needed air. Abruptly, the quiet room echoed with sounds of Tom slapping the ground, tapping out.

Jana rolled off quickly, so quickly that Tom worried she was offended. He gasped for air like a fish out of water, face red and sweaty. He rested silently for a moment while the sensation dissipated and the warmth subsided. When he brought himself up, he saw Jana, red faced and sweaty, with her bikini top back on. "Well, I win. I guess" she said. She smiled, but Tom didn't feel it was authentic.

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