CFNM gymnast locker room leotard femdom mixed wrestling schoolgirl pin

Join the gymnastics team

It was Friday evening at Valentine High, and with only a few weeks left in my Senior Year, I decided I was going to do something I had always wanted to do; catch the gymnasts changing in the locker room. I had snuck in when classes ended, going into the equipment closet and peeking through the crack in the door, able to see the whole locker room. Tonight the gymnastics team was in one of their final practices before the competitions rolled in, and I was going to get a front row seat as they prepared. I got a little impatient, sitting on a duffle bag of somethings as I waited for them to wrap up their practice. Finally, after what felt like hours of waiting, they rolled in. Five girls, all seniors, though I had only spoken with a couple of them, came into the locker room.

They were all wearing their leotards and tights, in the school colors of (spangled) red and white. The tight fabric clung to every curve, it was almost sexier than what I was waiting for. Sitting inside, I held my breath as they talked.

I paid extra attention to the twins, Melody and Lily, short haired girls who I got to see were fully identical now. Silvia and Karen were talking between themselves, and the oldest of our class, Natalie, was just listening in. She was top of the class, head of every club, that kind of girl. And I was looking at her breasts, and they were great!

I could feel myself getting anxious, and unbuttoned my jeans just to keep my head from scraping on the zipper. Trying to keep myself steady, I reached down to level myself on the ground, but put my hand into the open duffel by accident. That was when I felt something distinctly phallic. Looking down with a shock, I found that I had reached into a duffel bag full of dildos. I covered my mouth to keep myself from yelling, just as Lily and Melody came to the equipment door;  Yeah, I ll grab it!  One said.

Two seconds later ten eyes were staring at me, sitting on the floor of the equipment closet with a dildo in one hand, the other pressed over my mouth and my fly open. Panic set in, I tried to run, but Melody and Lily both grabbed my arms as I tried to push past them. I guess they were gymnasts for a reason, and I was just a skinny runt-of-the-class.

Victor! I heard one of them shout, Natalie stomping over to me (now wearing her sports leotard). You perverted ape! I heard her say, but I was closing my eyes and thrashing around so I wasn t able to see. I did feel her knee me in the dick though, and I felt myself hit the floor like a dead weight.

Pin him down! She said, and just like that they got to work holding down my legs and arms. I looked up to her, and she looked down on me like she was ready to sacrifice me on the altar.  It looks like little victor wants to join the girls gymnastics team. Ladies, let s help the poor girl.  I squirmed and protested  No I don t! I m not a girl!  but I couldn t even finish saying that before Silvia sat down on my face. She was the one girl who finished undressing already, and I could feel the dampness between her strong thighs as they pressed on the sides of my head  Let s start with your initiation first!  she cheered, grinding into my face and groping my still sore cock. My arms were pulled away before I could push at her, each tied to a side of the bench over my head by Karen, who seemed kinda angry but also blushing fiercely. My legs were also stretched out, being tied by the twins I assumed.

Well, Vicky~?  Natalie leaned and looked into my eyes,  Make Silvi happy already!   I heard a lighter flick down below my waist. I gave a little muffled yell into Silvia, who seemed to enjoy it as she clamped my head a little more, and Natalie laughed a little.  Go ahead, girls.  She said to the twins and Karen I assume. Turns out they were lighting candles, which I bet those perverted twins had brought. In seconds, and after they cut off my pants, hot wax was being poured onto my legs; I felt it covering everything from my thighs to my shins to the hairs on my toes, bit by bit, my screams getting muffled all the way. I started licking into Silvia s wet pussy, figuring that will make them stop, but they seemed to just ignore me, except Silvia who purred and pulled my head closer.

They took scissors to my boxers next, leaving me naked from the waist down, then took the candles right to my crotch. Terrified, I held very still, Silvia pushing against me all the more as I felt hot dabs of wax fall around my most delicate area. At last satisfied, Karen and the twins tore off the wax in strips, Silvia giving a squeal to my trashing as they left me bare from the waist down. She squeezed my hard cock in her hand as her pussy pulsated hotly around my tongue.

Alright, Silvia, up.  Natalie said, standing up and going to something else,  We need to get to his face, now.    Awwww fine  Silvia got up, her face red and covered with a happy smile, mine exhausted and covered in a bit of drool.  Alright, did you enjoy that? Well, I can see you did.  Natalie kicked at my boner, the girls laughing a little

I was untied from the bench and pulled off it by the twins. They twisted my arms and pushed me to my knees.  Ow that hurts!  I said as I struggled. Natalie talked in front of me and held my chin up to look at her as she said  Oh no, my dear. Let me show you what really hurts.  but I couldn t see her face. My eyes were fixated on the red dildo strapped onto her crotch.  Do you like it?  she asked as I felt my arms get bound wrist to elbow behind me.  No, stop!  I struggled, but Natalie held my head firmly.

Pay attention, boy.  she ordered and pressed my face to the dildo, forcing it into my protesting mouth. I screamed into it angrily but she just pinned my tongue down with its head.  Lick it, slave. It s for your own good.  I was going to do no such thing and grunted to make that clear when I suddenly felt a finger press against my asshole. I couldn t look back but from the look in Natalie s eyes I got the point and started sucking. A harsh spank on my ass was followed by Natalie caressing my hair, whispering  Good boy  in a  soothing voice. I felt an odd weakness course through my body as I lowered my gaze and licked Natalie s strap on, my asshole being massaged and loosened by one of the other girls.

Suddenly, I was yanked and turned around by 3 pairs of hands. I gulped as I saw Silvia and  reluctant Karen standing in front of me. Natalie grabbed my hips.  No, please!  I begged, suddenly finding Karen s tights covered foot lodged in my mouth.  Mmmph!!  I had no time to even taste it or try to pull away when I felt the drool coated dildo push its way into my asshole. The saliva helped but it still stung like hell, making me struggle against the strict ropes.

Natalie spanked me and ordered me to stay still. Silvia just kneeled before me, letting me have a full view of her leotard clad body as she took the role of the comforting domme and stroked my hair, telling me to relax. Natalie started thrusting, making me groan into Karen s foot. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her standing there shyly with her face a deep red, not making eye contact. When she saw me she blushed harder and said  S-Stop staring. I m n-not enjoying it!  I was confused. Her toes squirmed in my mouth. What was even more confusing was my cock getting harder and harder. Was I enjoying this!?  Awww you re liking this aren t you, dear?  Silvia cooed and slipped a tight ring on my hardening cock with some difficulty.  MMmmph!?  I struggled again only to be petrified by Natalie shoving her dildo in up to where it was all dry.  Relax, we just don t want you getting too excited, you still have a long night ahead of you 

Loud moans and groans kept leaving my throat and stopping at Karen s foot. Natalie was going harder and deeper and I could feel my saliva starting to dry up on the dildo. I noticed it was vibrating now. It certainly wasn t when she started, but the whole experience was such a blur of sensations I never noticed it start until just now. The vibrating dildo, the ring painfully squeezing the base of my cock, Silvia s caresses and even Karen s foot just felt like they were arousing me even more. They hurt and didn t taste too good, but  my cock just seemed to want to harden more and more, and that only hurt more. It went on for what felt like half an hour when I suddenly heard Natalie moaning right before slowing down.

"Good boy". Silvia smiled and patted my cheek as Natalie pulled out of my sore ass.

Natalie untied my arms before forcing me to my feet. Let's get you dressed then. Karen, your bra. I looked over to Karen, who quickly covered her chest as if she had just been asked to remove a layer of skin.  Wh-Wh-Why mine?!  She asked, red faced and desperate.

Because you re the only one here to stuffs, we all know. Karen looked ready to cry a little, It's fine! Just give it to us! With a sad face, hands massaging her flat breasts, Karen submitted and handed Natalie her padded bra, which was now being displayed to me like a judge might display the guillotine.

It was fastened on tight, then given the rest of Karens stuffing, the girls whispering between themselves as I tried to pull on the ropes and get my hands out of the binds. 

Oh, pictures, good idea. Karen, use my phone.  Natalie held me in place with the twins, while Karen snapped a few pictures on the cell phone. My face was bright red as they laughed between themselves, Melody then coming up behind me.  Let s break out a few of our toys, Lily.  She said, smiling and making me shiver a bit.  I was still sore and weakened from before, so there wasn t much I could do to stop Karen from tying my arms again behind me.

Then I saw them. The twins were naked in front of me, identical down to the colour of their nipples. I lowered my eyes to continue comparing them, but I was blocked by a pair of identical massive purple dildos strapped over their pussy on leather harnesses. Those things were huge! There was no way either of them was going to fit inside me! I started begging them not to do that, but Natalie just pushed a ring with straps between my teeth, letting Karen tighten the straps behind my head.  Just take it like a good girl  she said, patting my cheek.

With the last bit of defiance I had I pulled away from the pats only to meet with a finger sliding into my ring gag, pulling me down to face Lily s crotch. She held me here firmly, with the tip of her huge strap on just in my mouth. It dripped a thick strawberry flavoured liquid onto my tongue. I tried to back away but she held my hair painfully tight, warning me to stay still. With a whimper I submitted. She was so menacing for some reason. The thick scary cock right at my face didn t help that much. It wasn t that hard to guess what was going on. They were preparing their prey.

I could sense it coming just seeing the smile in Lilly s face. Melody spread my ass cheeks, at that instant they both pushed their dildos inside me. The cool wet cock filled my tender ass as its twin spread strawberry flavour all over my tongue. They went in and out in perfect synchronization, each thrust going deeper. Loud moans escaped my throat and stopped at the thick invader. There was nothing I could do, they easily immobilized me at the hips and shoulders. My ass was being stretched to its limit, but the thrusting wasn t that painful. I was still afraid. They still seemed to be going deeper and the dildo was already poking the back of my mouth. My eyes darted around, looking beggingly at the other three girls. I gagged at the first attempt to go in my throat. Tears went down my cheek.  Open your throat.  Silvia smiled, then Melody spanked me.  Mmph!  I looked up and saw Lily grinning down at me.

Mmm-!  my squeal was cut short when the thick dildos impaled me on both sides, making my body shake and my throat lock up. Lily paused inside, fondling my throat as her sister caressed my belly, then they started their rhythmic thrusts again. Every time they thrusted I could feel my insides stretching, but the cock in my throat blocked any kind of moan. I could barely breathe between thrusts, and suddenly felt like I was almost cumming. It felt so weird, my cock was just hardly rubbing against the smooth tights. Of course I couldn t let anything out, the cock ring was way, way too tight. I could only helplessly groan and watch my rapists as they made out above while fucking me deeply on both sides. It was such an arousing sight, which only made my cock even more sore, but I just couldn t look away. I can swear Silvia was masturbating to this next to us, but who could blame her? We were watching identical lesbian twins make out. In person!

The two kept going until they reached a simultaneous orgasm. they hugged and kept making out, leaving me impaled between them. It was up to Silvia and Natalie to unstrap the strap ons, and once they did I fell to the ground like a discarded napkin, too weak to push the dildos out. The twins got off me and went make out and afterglow in the corner. Natalie flipped me on my back. She sat on my waist and detached the leather harness from the dildo. Silvia s warm hands soothingly massaged my hair as Natalie connected the dildo to the gag with a few little straps. They wrapped around a little, keeping it from wobbling as I groaned. Silvia gently whispered  shhhh...  ensuring me I will enjoy this gag.

Finally dragging me to my feet, too exhausted to stand up on my own, Melody and Lily held me by my arms, while the other three loomed in front of me. Natalie stood in the middle, smiling down at me, admiring what they had accomplished.  Alright then, let s wrap this up.  She turned, going through another bag. The girls giggled a bit between one another, at the inside joke I finally got when Natalie displayed what she had probably  borrowed  from the shop rooms. About twenty rolls of duct tape, all in one big bag. Picking it all up, the twins began to shove me along to follow her. Silvia went to hold the door open while Karen followed behind us.

Eventually, they led me to the main gymnasium, dark except the bit of moonlight coming in through the skylights.  Hold him steady now.  I heard Natalie say, the twins holding me tight as I felt Natalies hands grope around my still ringed crotch. I felt her slide something on my crotch, making sure it was pressing against my dick, while something cool and wet pushed against the opening in the back - another toy was forced inside me, making me shiver as it was pushed in. I looked down at the one I could see hanging between my legs. It looked like a stick with a big round head that was pressed against my cock. Finally stopping, she turned them on, both the toys vibrating and rubbing steadily as I whimpered and struggled.

Over there. Natalie said, pointing to a wall, the twins pinning me against it. Then, all at once, the three came at me with rolls of tape, the twins holding me against the wall as I tried to struggle, and my body was slowly pinned. They taped both my arms to the wall with an entire roll, then my legs at the ankles and knees, then some of my stomach. They wanted to make sure as much of the costume as possible was displayed, and the wires of the toys that were going at me.

Finally satisfied I wasn t going anywhere, I was left in a pose, one hand on my hip and the other shooting into the air. They finished it off with some spray paint, spraying onto the gym wall near my head. Laughing, Karen took a picture and ran up to show me how I looked. In a cheerful pose, naked, taped to the wall, tits bouncing and crotch vibrating with the words  I'M A HUGE COCKSLUT  in a text balloon by my head. They took a few more pictures before the twins kissed me on the gag, and they shut the door out of the gym.

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