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Jackie The Gymnast

My name is Jeremy Smith. I don't have a profession because I refuse to be part of the bourgeois system for the oppression of the masses. This is my lifestyle choice. It is my right to be supported by the welfare state. Middle aged, I like to think of myself as fit and good looking. I like the sight of a healthy good-looking woman. Believe me there is nothing wrong in watching a group of scantily clad women showing off their lovely fit bodies. In fact, I had made an art of finding the best places to watch them undisturbed whether it is keep fit, ballet, swimming or yoga.

Tonight was Friday night and that meant gymnastics at St.Agatha's College. That was my favourite since I was a teenager watching the well built Romanian girls at the Olympics on the TV that left me covering up an embarrassing hard-on from my parents. Stealthily bypassing the security cameras, I snuck into the back yard, keeping an eye out for Granny Strongarm. I didn't want another encounter with that fearsome old battleaxe. After the last time, I couldn't sit down for over a week. Careful to make no noise, I climbed the metal fire escape that led to a narrow balcony along the back of the girl's gym.

God these college girls have amazing bodies! All were short, squat and most were powerfully built. Girls wore Lycra leotards cut high over their hips and clinging to their bodies like a second skin with jutting nipples on small mounds everywhere I looked. A few were so translucent that they might as well been naked. Despite the muscle, there was no doubt that these were women. They were incredibly fit and supple young women whose bodies made my dick harder than any older woman could. My hand stole to my groin and I removed it, being careful to prolong my excitement.

"Grrkk!". Out of nowhere, an arm came from behind and wrapped itself tightly around my neck, pulled me back and squeezed tight. Shit! Granny Strongarm was my first thought. However, the smooth bare flesh didn't feel like an old woman. Firm hard hairless flesh with a big solid bicep dug into my throat chocking off my windpipe while another arm at the side of my neck pressured the nerve in the side of my neck cutting the blood supply from my brain. With my head spinning and my blood pounding in my ears, my hands were useless against the rock hard arms. Slowly everything just seemed to tune out and become distant.

I awoke to find myself naked inside the empty gym, apart from a cute blonde sitting at one end of a pommel horse. Wearing only a lycra leotard cut high over her hips and clinging to her body like a second skin with jutting nipples on small mounds, her feet were tucked under one of the handles with her legs bent and hands raised above her head. She repetitively leant back over thin air then sat up in a gruelling series of ab crunches. I watch as her hard stomach stretches then compresses into a series of slabs and very deep cut grooves.

I got to my feet looking around cautiously. "Who are you looking for?" said a pleasant soft girly voice. "Where's the man who brought me in here?" I asked. "It wasn't a man. It was me" she said. I looked at her pretty little face in astonishment. Maybe my expression said that I didn't believe her, because she seemed to get angry. "I've had it with men today" she said lithely dismounting.

Standing before me with her arms folded, her 5'2" frame was tiny against my 6'4". Long golden hair swept from a parting on the right cascading down to the front of her shoulders. Her face was oval with chubby cheeks; small blue eyes under slim arching eyebrows, a dainty slender nose and a small mouth that was set in a kind of bemused smile. Squat, her body tapered from broad shoulders to a wide waist and then widened to her hips. Large rounded shoulder caps graced thick bare arms with visible bicep veins and pronounced triceps. Her legs were large and very shapely, the swelling curves of her quads extruding a raw power that made my groin stir.

Most of all, my eyes were drawn to the expanse of bare midriff which was adorned by a grid-work of thick slabs of abdominal muscle outlined with deep etched lines. 2,4,6,8 - she's a got an 8 pack! I was mesmerised by the way they moved as she breathed. It was a sensual living writhing walkway of muscle and I couldn't take my eyes off them. "Like them do you? They're as hard as a brick wall. What's your name?" she asked. "Jeremy" I replied. "I'm Jackie. Jackie Priest" she told me. "Why don't you punch them to see how hard they are?" she asked. I looked at her in astonishment. This young woman was asking me to punch her abs! 

"Of course, I would then have to punch your gut with these" she said raising her arms. "Pow!" she cried popping a double biceps pose. I gasped as solid mountains of gently peaked muscle formed on her thick arms. The contrast with her girlish face made my cock lurch. "Pow!". She flexed again with her fists facing outward emphasising the thick triangular plates of her forearms. "Still don't think I carried you?" she asked. I was gob-smacked by muscles that looked larger than my own. Raising her fists in a boxing stance she challenged me. "Come on then. Let's settle this with a fist fight". I baulked at the sight of her rippling arms. "I nearly put my older brother in a coma. My parents won't let me box him anymore" she said. "It's OK, I believe you" I gulped. She really did look capable of punching my lights out with those bulging arms. 

She lowered her fists with a small chuckle. "I've seen you lurking outside, perving at us" she said. "Don't deny it. Well tonight's your lucky night. You are inside and will help me with my practice". Wow, this was a dream come true.

"Do you think my tits are too big?" she asked. Now that the subject had been brought up, my eyes immediately went to her bust. It was certainly filled out in a most pleasing manner with her nipples jutting against the tight leotard. "They're fabulous" I gushed. "Thank you. Sergio thinks they're too big for gymnastics. He thinks I'm too buxom and over the hill" she said. "Do you think I'm over the hill?" she asked coyly. "No I think you're beautiful" I gushed before I could stop myself. Jackie giggled and lay down on the mats.

"Help me with my stretching. Sergio enjoys that even though he tries to hide it" she said pulling her legs wide apart until she was doing the splits. I've seen the lucky bastard many times stretching the girls, his hand running across an exposed crotch or pressing his groin against theirs as he pressed a leg to its limits. In an instant, I was kneeling with my hands on the backs of her legs which she now had either side of her body in a V shape. With growing excitement, I slid my hands over the bulging hamstrings and down to her large defined calves pressing them down. Feeling up the legs of a lovely young woman in a tight leotard with her legs wide apart is an incredible turn-on. Pressing both calves at the same time, my groin pressed against her crotch, igniting an immediate erection. "Have you got a torch in your groin?" she asked innocently. Now that she had brought attention to it, my erection stiffened further. I just couldn't resist it no more, I wanted to make love to this girl so badly. Letting go of her legs, I slid back on my knees and buried my face in her crotch. "Mmmm mmmmm mmm" I murmured into her tight leotard, my passion in overdrive. I just wanted to rip these off and sink myself deep inside her.

Arghh! Argghh! Suddenly I was screaming at the top of my voice. Big heavy legs had slammed shut around my head, hammering my skull from both sides and crushing my skull with the most frightening pressure that I could ever imagine. My muffled screams into her crotch continued as the brutal squeeze grew worse. It felt as if my head was trapped in a car crush, my cheeks and jaw felt as if they would shatter under the fearsome compression. I slapped my hands frantically against her legs, shocked by how huge and hard they felt. It was now too painful to scream as the solid columns of brawn squashed my face so tightly I couldn't move my jaw. I could feel the bulging quads under my palms, huge, thick, solid and unyielding. Frantically I twisted and turned, beating at the pillars of muscle in vain, but my head stuck fast in the brutal vice. I tried to scream again as her body lifted and stretched out significantly increasing the intensity of her ghastly scissors until I thought my skull was going to explode. I really thought that I was going to die.

Suddenly, the terrible pressure stopped and my head flopped to the mat, panting with a splitting pain in my head and a horribly aching face. "Sergio used to touch me up when he helped me stretch. Now you know why he won't dare try again" she said. 

"I really want to squeeze a man's head with all my strength. They always wimp out or pass out before I get anywhere near. Come on, let's try it" she said. "No, please. Your legs are too strong, you'd kill me" I cried in alarm. The splitting pain in my head was so bad, I was sure she had broken something. I had always fantasised being scissored in a young girl's legs but had never imagined it would be skull shatteringly painful as that and I wasn't keen to repeat the experience.

"Wimp! Then get up and help spot me on the beam" she demanded. "Can't, my head hurts real bad" I snapped. "I said now!" she barked, towering over me. Instead of the cute teen I saw earlier, I was now very aware of her dense muscled body with skull crushing quads, deeply ribbed abs and fearsome arms. As those arms moved towards me, I could only gawp at the defined shoulder caps, bulging triceps and prominent ridged biceps and muscular forearms. My neck was embraced in a fearsome grip, big biceps bulging threatening to crush my throat as she bulldogged me to my feet. I was now in no doubt who knocked me out earlier and I was a little scared. In desperation to break free, I hammered my fist against her stomach. Ow! My knuckles met solid slabs of unyielding armoured protection. It really was like hitting a wall. 

Suddenly my head was free and I tried to push the girl away with one arm. However she just grabbed it and yanked it hard out to one side with a shocking strength. "Worrrppph!" a small fist driven by big muscles drove deep into the pit of my stomach like a hot knife through butter in an explosion of excruciating pain and expelled air. It felt like my diaphragm had been completely flattened and I creased over in agony. As I did, Jackie bent forward and loaded me onto her back. Incapable of breathing, I found myself lifted off the ground. "You can try to hit me but I can hit much harder" she said as my lungs spasmed unable to draw air. The knowledge that I had been immobilised by a petite teenager and was now helpless as she carried me effortlessly across the gym on her broad shoulders gave me an erection even though I just wanted to curl up into a tight ball and ride out the agony. Finally she deposited me on my feet by the beam.

Still horribly winded and unable to stand fully upright, I could do nothing to stop Jackie slamming the back of my neck against the beam. "Stay" she demanded raising a fist in front of my face. I dread to think what that could do to my face after that fist had practically shut down my body's ability to breathe. Forcing down small snatches of air, I could only watch as the blonde took a few steps back then raced towards me. Leaping high into the air, with her legs opened wide, her crotch sped towards my face. Whumpf! The collision bent my head back onto the beam. The weight of her body pressed down upon my nose and mouth with her legs on either side. I had always fantasized about being facesat by a teenaged girl but I was too winded to enjoy this lovely doing the splits on my face while perched on the beam. Suffocated by her crotch was the last straw for my oxygen deprived body and I was on the brink of passing out. "That's the rightful place of men" I heard her say.

The weight lifted and, gasping for breath, I saw her tight backside above me as she balanced on her hands with her legs raised before her. Lowering her feet either side of my face, she stood then sprang away. Whump whump whump. Panting in small snatches, the vibrations hurt my aching head. The gymnast in her tight white leotard went through her routine, jumping and kicking. From my viewpoint, I had a good view of her legs and marvelled at her large, clearly defined and separated quads flexing as she exercised. Whump whump whump. Suddenly she is motoring towards me quickly in a series of back flips. Alarmed, I just manage to lift my head off the beam before her feet land where it had been a moment before.

Jackie laughed. "You'll like this. Men always do. Well, those that are not gay". From a standing position she jack-knifed into a handstand with her hands apart. Her triceps popped out like rocks in a stream, her broad back layered with dense rugged islands of muscle. Swinging down, her legs thread through her arms and pointed towards the ceiling. On steady arms, she held the pose allowing me to marvel at the striations on the back of her legs, meaty hamstrings and well-defined slabs of muscled calves.

Jackie's legs spread into a wide V, her crotch trust towards me. My dick went crazy. I had seen gymnasts do this on the TV and thought it the hottest move ever, but seeing it for real so close up amplified its impact by several orders of magnitude. I had never ever seen anything so sexy, I could barely control myself. "That always gives my brother a big stiffy too" she giggled girlishly. The sight was too much. "Oh god I want you" I blurted rushing forwards. I stopped myself remembering the brutal head scissors she gave me earlier. Oh god I wanted her so bad. Reaching forward, I started yanking down her leotard from the shoulders. Her big legs flailed trying to ensnare my head but as I leant back to avoid them, she lost her balance. There was a thump as the top of her back hit the beam. "Ow!" she cried then hit the mat. I saw my chance and leapt on her legs, pinning those powerful weapons with my knees. 

I ducked back as a fist swung for my head. "You pervert" she cried, pulling my hands away then sitting forward. Hand to hand, I found myself up against an irresistible force in a trial of strength. I pushed with all my might but I couldn't stop the teenaged wall of muscle pressing my hands back until they almost touched my shoulders. My god, she's too strong. That pretty face came close to mine with a smile upon her lips. "I'll make you pay that, you pervert". A sharp twist and I found myself on the mat grappling with the well-built teen. Her upper body strength was phenomenal; it was like wrestling a tank. With rising panic I knew I was out of my depth. Jackie easily got me on my back and quickly pressed my hands against the floor. "What's wrong? Can't a big man like you handle a mere girl?" she sneered. "I'm going to rip your legs off" she added.

In the blink of an eye, my legs were ripped apart by an overwhelming power. "Arrgh! No please Jackie no" I screamed as the girl's big legs spread my puny limbs wide. My ligaments screamed in agony and so did I. I couldn't put up any resistance; her mighty legs were too powerful. The blonde had grapevined me beyond the point of my flexibility within a second. "Arghh!. Please stop. Please I'm sorry" I cried but she just laughed. "Let's see you do some oversplits" she said. "No, please. No!". In an instant I was screaming at the top of my voice as a terrible piston like force tore my legs wider. I could feel the tendons ripping; shooting white-hot lances of pain into my crotch. Dear God, she's going to rip my legs from the sockets.

The excruciating pain didn't end after she released me. I was sure I would never walk again. But my torment wasn't over. The girl grabbed my ruined legs then flipped me over to my front. "Argh no" I cried as my legs were bent back, the searing pain shot along my spine as my back protested against the strain. It felt like she was going to fold me backwards in two. "Arghh no more please, I'm sorry" I cried. I heard a girlish chuckle. "Oh is a little girl kicking your sorry arse? Believe me you don't want to wrestle me. My big brother will do anything to avoid that, and believe me I do mean anything". I actually sobbed with relief when my tortured legs were released, but it was short-lived. A weight sat on my back and my arms were pulled back and hooked over her knees. I was horrified to find that I couldn't move them. Small hands cupped my chain then pulled hard. "Argh!" my neck was stretched back so far by such a strong force that it felt like she was going to pull my skull clean off. "No more please, no more. I'm so sorry. Please" I was a grown man begging a pretty teenaged girl to stop beating me up.

Released from my torment, the girl rolled me over to look at her. My body felt like it had been put through a wringer. "Dad's going to take me and The Twins to see Wrestlemania next month. I can't wait to pick up some new moves and practice them on Bobby" I heard her say. "Now get up and help me on the rings". "Please, just let me go" I said.

Big beefy arms reached down and grabbed my neck. The next second, I was hauled to my feet as though I weighed next to nothing. I can barely stand with the after-effects of that grapevine, but the short blonde holds me up wrapping her thick arms around my middle. "Nniiii" my chest is crushed as well muscled arms tighten and pull me against her hard body. Struggling in her incredibly tight bearhug, I find myself lifted off the floor and carried across the gym as though I were a young child. Once again this girl has me breathless, literally. Frantic for air as she crushed my middle, I slap my hands futilely against the boulders that were her shoulder caps. I'd never have thought that a cute girl, gymnast or not, could so easily dominate a fully-grown man. My dick went hard at the thought even though my head was swimming and my body was rocking back and forth desperate for air.

Slumped over her broad shoulder with my vision fading, I felt my feet touch the floor and the terrible crush eased. For several moments she just held me up with her blonde head against my chest and I breathed deeply feeling absolutely shattered. Beautiful blue eyes set in a sweet angelic looking face looked up at me. "Better now? I need you to lift me up to the rings". Nodding dumbly, I watched her turn around and I took hold of her waist. I tried to lift but found that she was heavier than I thought. Must be the mass of all that muscle. I try again, bending at the knees and wrapping my arms around her waist. With great effort, I manage to lift her. I hear her grab hold of the rings then her she rises out of my grasp. 

Standing back, I watch open mouthed as the girl's back rippled, forearms swelled and biceps bulged as they strained to raise her body. Her arms looked so incredibly powerful as they lifted her body weight until she was chest height with the rings. I knew enough about gymnastics to know that only male gymnasts did the rings because of the upper body strength required. Yet this girl made it look easy. In an awesome display of strength, Jackie pressed herself above the rings, supporting herself on steady arms, her triceps huge with the effort. Folding her legs forward, she swings then with a surge of power she's supporting herself upside down in a handstand, her arms straight and still, rippling with muscle. Slowly pushing the rings apart, the girl lowers herself into an inverted cross. I am gob smacked, that is a difficult move requiring phenomenal upper body strength. This teenaged girl could put many a male gymnast to shame as she held the position perfectly.

Bringing the rings closer, Jackie pushes herself back up into a handstand then swung down into a seated position with her legs straight before her with her arms straight out to each side. She then smoothly lowers her body until she is hanging from the rings. "Get ready to catch me" she tells me. I position myself expecting her to drop back into my arms. I realise something is wrong when I see her body coming towards me with her legs wide apart. 

"Orrrr" mighty thighs envelop my chest and squeeze tight. With my chest locked in a brutal constrictor-like grip, my hands push against unyielding rocks covered by skin. Once more struggling for breath, I feel my feet leave the floor. In stunned disbelief I see her biceps swell and bulge as Jackie lifts the both of us. "Arrrgh" The monstrous strength of her legs is so great that I can't even cry out as something breaks in my chest. I can feel each clearly defined slab of muscle in her quads; they are so solid that I can't make an indentation. Breathless again at the mercy of this girl, I'm getting terribly turned on by her raw power. I watch in awe, as her biceps become sharp peaked mountains as they pop and strain as she pulls herself chest high with the rings. "Urghhhnn" The awesome vice like cage around my chest is too great. My body spasms back and forth in her brutal grip but in vain. I find myself drifting off into oblivion.

"Ow!" I came round wincing at a sharp pain in my chest to find myself in the middle of a floor exercise mat with Jackie standing before me. "You're going to help me with my new floor routine" she tells me. "Forget it. I think you've busted some ribs. I need to get to a hospital" I reply. I've had enough of women's gymnastics for one night. "I'll put you in hospital alright if you don't do as I tell you" she says.

"My brother rented this old film "Gymarte", "Gymitsu". Something like that. It was about this male gymnast who was hired by the government as a spy and combined karate with gymnastics. It was crap but it gave me the idea for a new floor exercise especially after I tried out some of the moves on Bobby. He was crying like a baby begging me to stop until I knocked him out cold". "You're a loony!" oops, did I just say that out loud?. "I'm off!" I said, turning to look for the way out. I stopped in horror. In the corner was a vaulting horse with the top not sitting right because of an obstruction. A lifeless arm and a pair of legs stuck out under the lid. "I don't think Sergio liked my new routine" Jackie said. "You've killed him" I gasped. "No, he's just out cold. Now stand there and don't move". "Forget it, you're a psychopath" I cried.

She blocked my way "You don't leave until I say so". My god, she was turning into the gymnast from hell. In panic, I slammed my palms against her shoulders to push her away but she was solid and didn't budge. As quick as a flash, she folded her arms over the top of mine and pressed down forcing me to bend at the knees. "Bam!" a knee came up hard against my chin. There was a painful teeth-rattling explosion of jagged colour and I found myself on the mat checking if my jaw had been broken. 

Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor; let the bodies hit the Floooooooarrrrr. To the strains of Drowning Pool's greatest hit, the scary gymnast began her routine in a corner of the mat. This was like no exercise I had ever seen. Her moves were sharp, aggressive and militaristic. Rising, I was mesmerised by her actions. She stood on tiptoes with her amazing legs astride. My eyes roamed the sharp slabs of her large calves, the bulging hams, defined quads and strong inner thighs leading to her open crotch. My dick was hard again, longing for this girl until a series of punches in time with the music reminded me how dangerous she was. 

Suddenly she was running fast towards me, moving into a series of rapid-fire flips. Thump thump thump thump. I was rooted to the spot. Then her powerful legs propelled her high into the air. Bam! Her bare feet exploded in my face with such force I felt my front teeth buckle and my jaw lock. By the time I cleared my head, the smiling teen was posing with one leg stretched to the side and her hands raised open palmed mimicking some Karate pose. I felt conflicting emotions of anger, fear and humiliation that I was letting a pretty teenaged girl beat the crap out of me. I've never hit a woman before, but I was not going to let this little girl get the better of me again. Knowing her abs were rock hard, I drove a fist at her face hoping to knock her out quickly. As smoothly as though it were part of her routine, the short blonde deflected the blow with one arm and chopped me across the inside of my elbow with the other. "Ow! Worrppph!" Jackie did a little skip then a foot exploded deep into my middle. "Bawham!" with another little skip onto her toes, her leg shot up in a high kick that nearly ripped my head off. I felt my jaw snap, my teeth smash and my neck sprain as my skull whiplashes. My body hit the floor.

My face felt like it had been busted. This little girl was beating me to death; I had to get the hell out of here. The blonde demon had tumbled off to the opposite corner, dancing so smoothly with the music that it would have been difficult to believe that she had just been knocking the stuffing out of me were it not for the kicks, chops and punches that sprinkled her routine. She came tumbling towards me again. I rose quickly, trembling with fear, desperate to run but she was too fast and almost on top of me. Out of panic, I lashed out with my fists but I hit air. A powerful jump drove Jackie above the height of my fists. Legs kicked out in a wide forward V as if to take out two men at the same time. Bam! A foot hammered my face again, smashing my nose in a spray of blood. Staggering I saw her approach and lashed out again to keep her away. I felt my fist sinking into her soft buxom chest. "Ow!" she cried.

Her face turned so savage that I nearly wet myself. "Nnnnn nnnn" I wanted to apologise and beg for mercy but my jaw was ruined. Wham! "Phhhhhh" rising onto her toes, a knee shot up like a cannonball high into against my sternum. Air was forced through my nostrils spraying blood and I felt my ribcage crack. Thump thump, on tiptoes with her legs astride, Jackie's small fists blackened my eyes twice in quick succession. My lungs shocked, my chest in pain and blood seeping into my mouth, I saw her dance into another high kick. I reacted out of fright but somehow I found myself holding her foot. Pulling quickly, the demon gymnast fell onto her tight backside. Her body hit the floor.

So terrified of the girl getting to her feet again, I leant over to punch her out, crying at the pain in my chest as I did so. My fist was stopped like it had run into an iron bar. Sweetly smiling, Jackie had caught my fist and effortlessly forced my hand back. I pushed back with all I had, even bringing my free hand in to help. Two hands weren't enough to stop this teen's arm pushing upwards. My arms wobbled as she held her arm straight with my hand still captive. "Nice try" she smiled. A foot pressed against my gut and lifted then I found myself tumbling head over heels. Landing on my back, I looked up in horror into the face of the pretty teen gymnast. "But not good enough".

I want to plead forgiveness as the gymnast hauled me to my feet but my mouth was broken. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down, with horror I saw a rising knee hurtling towards my face. My face exploded in a mess of blood, shattered bone and falling teeth. Her hand flashed down in a karate chop on the back of my neck and my body hit the floor just as the music ended. A fading vision of a pretty blonde girl in leotard with her foot on my chest. Flared calves, bulging quads, eight-pack abs. She looked like a golden haired goddess flexing a big peaked bicep in victory. Victory over my ruined body. This powerful young leotard clad goddess had completely destroyed me. My dick saluted her then a familiar warm sticky sensation filled my abdomen as the darkness took me.

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!