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Maid's revenge

John returned to room 212 at Hotel Regina both horny and frustrated. An entire evening drinking with his colleagues Michelle and Laura and he'd got absolutely nowhere. When he showered and changed five hours ago he had fully expected to be smashing one of them, either of them, in his room by the end of the night. Michelle was stunningly good-looking, and fuck didn't she know it; long blond hair and fuck me eyes. In complete contrast to the line manager Laura. Cold, severe, hair wound tightly in a neat bun. But something in the way she looked at John drove his cock mad, like a disapproving headmistress all the boys secretly wanted to bend over and screw.

As he stumbled into his room John stripped naked and fell onto the bed. Turning to face the ceiling he prepared to wank furiously over the two bitches but found the heavy session of drinking quickly taking its effect. Abandoning any dwindling intention to read the notes for tomorrow's conference that his long-suffering female secretary had prepared for him, John succumbed to sleep.

10:15 am the next day and Hotel Regina's maid Miranda entered room 212 in a hurry. She was behind her schedule and her boss Tanya cared little for excuses. Her meagre wages were docked for lost time. Making her way into the bedroom, Miranda was dumbstruck by the sight before her. Sprawled on the bed was a handsome young man, stark naked. Her eyes were immediately drawn to his large, thick penis but it was his face that truly shocked her.

John Wenton. A myriad of long-buried memories hit her hard. It was definitely him. The boy who had tormented her for years. The young jock who had made her high school days a living hell. The bully responsible for countless nights of crying. Back then she had been something of a plain girl. And her Spanish heritage and difficulty with the English language had left her unable to respond to John's cruel jokes in front of his gathered army of eager followers.

Miranda was overcome with fear. It was seven years since school and hear she was, reduced to a quivering wreck. Miranda felt her eyes filling with tears. She blinked hard and discovered a new emotion. ANGER. Uncontrollable rage. He had never been made to account for his torment of her. He had clearly done well from the fancy suits hung up on the wardrobe. And hear she was, twenty-five years old and a cleaner with no prospect of advancement. It wasn't right. It wasn't fair!

He must be punished somehow. And hear he was, totally at her mercy. Ideas rushed through her dizzying head. What could she do to him? At that moment her phone bleeped. That was it! She could immortalise his vulnerability forever, the pictures would provide her with a constant victory over him whenever she wanted to look at them!

For the next five minutes, Miranda went about her task with a wicked smile. First of all she closed a door then stripped down her uniform expect ankle boots, became dressed in nothing but tank leotard she has underneath. She captured his naked state at every angle. Close-ups of his thick cock, wide-shots getting his face and identity in for perpetuity. Taken, then uploaded to her cloud. She had done it. And yet she felt unsatisfied. It was a private victory, he would be none the wiser, his ego never brought down for his crimes against her. He had to know.

Briefly leaving the room to go to her cleaning trolley, Miranda returned to John's room with a bucket of dirty water she had used for cleaning. Marching straight up to the bed without hesitation Miranda threw the water over John. He shot up, responding with anger and frenzy - his head was pounding, his eyes were stinging and he was covered with freezing water. He just caught sight of a blurred figure at the bottom of the bed before receiving a hard slap across the face. The shock and power of the slap knocked him aside and off the bed.

"What the fuck!" John stammered. He was on the floor and looked up just in time to see another hand come down to hit him square on the face. Miranda was taken aback be her actions. He was far bigger and stronger than her, and yet hear he was, the tormenter, reeling desperately on the floor. He had to know.

"Remember!" She screamed. Choking on the word, overcome with raw anger to utter anything else. She raised her hand again but held it above him. She would have his response. John was shell-shocked by this awakening, his raised his head and desperately tried to clear his eyes.

"M..Miranda?" Surely this couldn't be that Spanish bitch from all those years ago? That girl had been mousy and pathetic. But this leotard clad girl was a beauty. Long, silky brown hair, tanned skin and a figure to die for. She had a fire in her eyes and that raised hand threatened another stinging humiliation. Yet not one to cower from a fight, John quickly regained his composure and dared to get up and stand before her, boldly presenting his muscular, naked body before this little bitch.

"You're going to pay for this you stupid Spanish slut!" John stood tall in front of her, easily overbearing her small fragile, female frame. And yet she didn't move. She stood there defiant. Suddenly John, always so confident in the face of women, felt a twinge of doubt. Wearing a high-legged lycra leotard, she stood there with a face of fire while he was completely naked, his once-proud penis shrivelled from the freezing water, his head buzzing from the drinking and the slaps.

Regaining her composure, Miranda took out her phone and held it aloft.

"Every part of you. All on here. I think the school alumni facebook page could do with a LITTLE upgrade of your looks."

John was filled with rage, stumbling forward he tried to grab the phone. But Miranda was ready. Raising her knee his balls went straight into it. With John doubled up, clutching his hurt balls, Miranda completed her victory. Sitting down on the bed, she simply pulled his arm across her, resulting in his naked and stunned body crashing upon her lap.

Feeling his cock on the inside of her legs, Miranda quickly and violently snapped her legs shut. John's agonising howl was the sound of victory. She had done it! The high school jock lied prostrated across her knees, his vulnerable cock clamped between them, she had done it!

Filled with exhilaration, Miranda decided she would have that joyful feeling again. Opening her knees, then smashing them in again, just to make sure John really got it. He whimpered as his all so mighty macho pride was crushed between her feminine knees, the pain was unbearable.

"Do you get it now? It's your turn to do WHAT I SAY!" Miranda screamed, flushed with feeling. Her cheeks with burning, she couldn't quite believe she had him like this.

And yet John resisted.

"Fuck you, you Spanish slut!" He cried in desperation.

Miranda couldn't fathom it. She had him! Why wouldn't he submit?! Violent passion overcame her, raising her hand, she hit him hard.

Spanking his defenceless arse again, again again and again. He would submit to her! His cries were so loud Miranda thought the next door rooms must surely be hearing all this.

Quickly, Miranda's hand tired. She had never hit anyone before today. Trying to appear authoritive, she tried to breathe and say slowly; "you will submit to me."

"Fuck off" John spat. He detected she had tired. Soon enough he would turn her over and fuck her hard in the arse for this.

But it was John who was turned over. Flipped over, with his dick now lying limply on his toned chest, Miranda held her hand aloft and looked silently down into John's eyes. John tried desperately to raise himself, but it was to no avail. He strained to look up at Miranda, hand aloft, eyes trained on him. He felt pure terror.

"Right...ok" He choked upon the words.

"You do what I say now." Miranda said. Calm, assured.


"Good." Miranda felt the tension in John's body relax at this understanding. She paused in this moment of triumph - and then threw all her remaining strength into three - mighty! - slaps to his limp cock and balls.

His howls was heaven to hear as he fell to the floor. Not pausing, Miranda got up, straightened her leotard and took three steps in front of his prostrated naked body, then put her left foot forward. On all fours, John gazed up at Miranda, his resistance was gone, his body buzzing with pain and humiliation. He now looked to Miranda as his undisputed master, the only one who would relieve him of this pain.

Raising an eyebrow but remaining silent, leotard clad vixen stood above him, eyes fixed upon his.

Without any further command, John crawled forward and kissed her shoe. John's pounding head was awry with confusion. This was a woman, how could he reduce himself to this before her? And yet it felt so natural, on all fours, worshiping her feet.

Miranda felt liberated. How did she allow a boy to ever treat her with derision? It was so easy to bring them to their knees. Obviously their natural state. She pranced a few steps further away before turning and presenting her other foot. John crawled to her and fell over himself passionately kissing her shoe.

This continued a while until Miranda's phone bleeped. She was now six rooms behind her cleaning schedule. A terrible feeling overcame her. How could she possibly go back to such service after proving capable of such feats? Looking at John, no longer with apprehension, but with complete contempt, she grabbed his ear and dragged him into the hotel corridor. He came with her like a pathetic dog.

"Rooms have to be cleaned! And you're going to do it!"

John was dumbstruck. He was a businessman destined for riches. How had he got to this situation?

"No." He said, the pain of Miranda's beating now subsided, John regained his composure, this was a joke, the hangover had got him into this, and he would now get himself out of it.

"I'm going to the conference and you can fuck off."

Miranda didn't hesitate. Her foot smashed hard into his cock, bringing him to the corridor floor instantly.

"You seem to be forgetting about the pictures." Miranda stated calmly as she proceeded to take the cleaning products and throw them in front of them.

"You will do this for me or else I will destroy you." Complete confidence flowed through Miranda's words. She was no longer afraid of this dick, he would be made to submit.

At this point both Miranda and John were startled to hear a cry.


John's mighty cock shrivelled up in terror. Laura and Michelle were marching down the corridor! Laura's face a vision of fury, Michelle already laughing uncontrollably. John was paralysed on all fours. Ideas raced through his blurred mind, some sort of reasoning, some excuse...nothing. He whimpered as Laura and Michelle stopped above him, looking down with pure wrath.

"You represent Osiris investments." Laura said coolly, standing above the pathetic, naked John. His arse glowing red.

"And here you are, 20 minutes before the conference, IN THIS STATE." At this point Michelle was bent over cackling at the sight of the man who considered himself the 'alpha male of the office', his arse bent up after clearly being spanked, surrounded by cleaning products on the floor.

"Perhaps I can explain?" said Miranda quietly.

John looked up to her with sheer relief. She would explain this all away, as surely she'd be in trouble if the truth was ever to be found out.

With a merciless glance at John, Miranda turned to Laura.

"My name is Miranda, I'm afraid I found this...'man' completely starkers licking my cleaning products, when I confronted him, he got on his knees and begged to be left to it, clearly its some sordid fantasy.."

"BOLLOCKS!" Cried John. But the three overbearing ladies just looked at him with scorn.

"So how do you explain this John?" said Laura, hands on hips, leaning into John, displaying a glimpse of her glorious cleavage.

"Well..." John's mind failed him. How could he explain this? He felt his eyes stinging, surely he wasn't about to cry?

"This is no good Laura" Michelle interjected, throwing a venomous look at John "Alpha Inc. expect three of us in the meeting and those guys aren't going to hold back if they think we're weak."

Miranda's mind was racing. She hadn't expected these two ladies to come across her fun but why not take a chance?

"I could help." She said, no idea on how this would actually could play out.

"And how is that?" Laura said sharply, turning away from the quivering mess of John to size up this supposed cleaner woman.

"I actually was in the same business module as John at school." Miranda states "As I recall, I actually finished above him..." (Miranda smiled at the lie, John had actually finished top of the class, she had never really cared for the seemingly macho world of commerce. Until now.)

"I've seen the notes in his room" she said with a look to the pathetic sight on the floor, as if to make her point to Laura. "It all seems simple enough, and as you say, you're clients are expecting the three of you. You can hardly use HIM anymore."

John gasped at the incredulity of all this. Laura was no fool, she wouldn't accept this astounding overreach from a fucking cleaner. And yet Michelle and Laura glared at John, they had worked so hard on this deal for months. And here was, the arrogant prick of the office, Mr. macho dick, completely unapologetic for his perverted predicament.

Laura took a deep long look at this confident girl. She was undeniably attractive, elegant, and had spirit and drive, clearly superior to the limp dick who still kneeled on all fours before them.

"JOHN!" Laura barked. "Go get your file on the proposals." John, for the first time today, smiled with glee, the Spanish slut's ridiculous play had failed. Standing up for the first time since Miranda had bent him over her knee, he went and retrieved the folder. Glaring at Miranda with smug satisfaction as he returned to the corridor.

"Now give it to Miranda."

The words hit him like a prize punch. His head was pounding and he fell right there before them.

Taking her time to enjoy this moment of pure ecstasy, of vengeful justice! Miranda slowly leaned in, her face so close to John's he could smell her perfume and duly felt his cock twitch. Calmly taking the folder, Miranda turned to Laura.

"I'll go and change. Let's meet in the conference room in 20."

Laura smiled at the confidence of this young women, she knew how to get her own way. But Laura wasn't finished here. Bending down, she grabbed John's hair and yanked his head up to face her.

"You want to prance around naked with your limp dick out and clean hotel rooms, fine by me. Don't you fucking dare consider coming back to MY office." With one final, soul-killing frown at his pathetic appearance, Laura marched off with Michelle and Miranda in tow (not before Michelle had snapped a quick pic on her Blackberry of the fallen office macho, his long-suffering secretary would be aside herself with glee after seeing this). As the three women strutted down the corridor, Miranda turned and looked at John.

She smiled, winked, turned and walked off.


John tried to rearrange the tight thong that the boss of Hotel Regina, Tanya, had given him to wear. Along with the playboy bunny ears upon his head, that was his entire uniform. After Tanya had discovered the pathetic nude man cleaning her rooms and had been duly informed by Laura of the voluntary switch in personnel, Tanya had spied an opportunity. Her female clients seemed to LOVE the idea of objectified male staff, mincing about in their little thongs and comical bunny ears.

Indeed, the idea had completely revived Hotel Regina! The reservation book was full of business meetings from female-dominated trades, 18th birthday girl's parties, hen nights, even the Women's Institute. Given the state of the economy Tanya had found no trouble in bringing in young strapping boys with no educational skills; strip the idiots down to a thong and bunny ears and watch the female pound roll in!

John arrived at Hotel Regina everyday with dread. Changing into his skimpy thong and bunny ears, John felt completely finished. Tanya barely paid him minimum wage, and this was fined for any lost time. And what lost time! The (almost completely) female cliental pinched his arse daily, with the occasional slap. Some of the boldest would just march up, yank his thong down and slap his shrivelled cock. And for all this delay, he and Tanya's other male 'bunnies' were fined out of their pay.

In the weeks after his epiphany with Miranda and Laura, John had secretly tried to get away from employment at Hotel Regina. He had applied at all similar businesses to Osiris Investments; and yet on the rare occasion he got an interview, the (suspiciously female-dominated interview board) always seemed in a fit of sniggering and hysterics, as if they could look through his suit to see his no longer used, shrivelled cock. For ever since Miranda's reckoning of him, John had been unable to achieve an erection despite trying desperately to beat off to the memory of his humiliation.

His attempt to seek other employment from Hotel Regina had been put to an end when Tanya found out. Uncontrollable with wrath, she had gathered all the male staff to her office, where she then proceeded to spank John with a large wooden paddle into oblivion. He was barely conscious after this session, and all the male staff stood there sobbing, heads down towards their limp dicks, as Tanya made John sign a contract binding him to her service, and then proceeded to 'invite' the eleven other male staff, in their little pink thongs, to sign away their careers to Tanya alone.

As John cleaned the foyer floor of Hotel Regina, he heard the familiar click of high heels from the entrance. But upon seeing owners he fell to his knees in a mix of terror and submission. Laura, Michelle and no! Not her! Marching towards him with the others, in black high heels, a pencil skirt and a bespoke jacket which curved in at all the rights places. Miranda. She looked at him with supreme confidence. His dick retreated into itself, he wasn't worthy of her, he automatically threw himself fully on the floor between them.

Tanya and Michelle tittered in amusement as they simply stepped over him, but paused as Miranda kneeled down and put her face into John's.

"The jobs going great!" She smiled.

"I've got your company car, salary, EVERYTHING. Oh and by the by, your pictures went down very well on the alumni page. As well as the local business portal. Everyone seemed to think your LITTLE dick was most amusing." As she said the hurtful word LITTLE she gave his sad dick a little flick with her finger.

John felt nothing but submission to this extraordinary woman, how could he honour her more? At that point Miranda grabbed his hair and pull him up to his knees. Pausing to give him one final, wicked smile, she threw a kick into his little pouch.

John explodes with tears on the floor as he desperately tries to kiss Miranda's high heels. The victorious businesswomen cackle around him. Did he really think his dick would be a match for their superiority? As Tanya dragged John out of the foyer for a well-deserved spanking, three men in expensive suits march through the entrance. Laura, Michelle and Miranda, flushed with their undisputed superiority above the dick thick, look at these men, their business meeting, with complete contempt. About time these boys were taken down!

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