Leotard CFNM mixed boxing foreplay she straddled him

Mixed boxing foreplay

Lynda and I had been dating for over a year. Together we shared our lives and a house on the outskirts of town. On the day we had moved there together we discovered our mutual fascination with boxing. Lynda was more experienced, but she introduced me to mixed boxing and it had become an important part of our relationship.

Behind the house was a garage. It was built oversized for the owner. I imagine he was planning on putting in some sort of workshop, but he suffered a stroke and never got to put anything in there.

Lynda and I took advantage of the heated space and set up a boxing ring. A couple of times a week we would head out to the garage for some erotic boxing. Lynda always wore one of her gymnastics leotards but she made me accustomed to play naked. Sometimes we would role play, some times we would wear headgear and spar. But always, we finished off the night with sexual games - many times not even waiting to get out of the ring. It was one sided games, I was forced to pleasure her orally because she always was a winner of our fights. My own chance to have an orgasm was only in rubbing my erected cock of her lycra outfits when our bodies was pressed each other during playing.

On this particular night it was early spring. It was kind of a warm evening, and we didn't have to bundle up to go out the garage.

When we got out tot he garage Lynda told me that she had a surprise for me.

"You've been getting pretty good. So I figured that tonight I'll give you that chance to win a first handjob in your life".

The first time Lynda and I had fought she used that as an incentive to get me to fight hard. Unfortunately, she had kicked my ass. But she did come through with the handjob. It's just that I didn't stay awake long enough to enjoy it. She had almost knocked me out. And when she put her hand on my dick I passed out.

"But there IS a catch tonight honey" she said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Tonight it isn't enough for you to just fight hard. You have to win."

I looked at her, kind of puzzled.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you have to knock me down. Or out. So I can't fight any more." She replied. "If you do that I will give you the best hand pleasure you ever had in your life. But if I win, then I get to sit on your face and punch your balls with full force until you pass out."

I didn't know what to say. We had never really fought that seriously before. We always wore headgear to prevent the kind of bruising on the face that raises eyebrows at work. Just that first time. But we agreed that it had gotten out of hand. And that was why we never went full out with each other.

While I pondered the offer Lynda stripped off her robe.

Damn, she sure looked good. She was about 5'4" tall, and weighed between 125 and 130. She was very fit and well proportioned. Tonight she had chosen to fight in a red long sleeved leotard, cut high on the legs. When she turned around I could see that it was a thong bottom that crept right up her tight ass.

I stripped down completely. This boxing had gotten me into pretty good shape. And I also liked the "easy access" afforded by my nudity. Lynda seemed to enjoy them too, as the tip of my cock often touched her lycra leotard when I got excited during our sessions.

I thought about it. I had really improved, and I was worried that I could really hurt her. But I also wanted another hummer. Lynda had never given me head since that first fight. I wanted to be around for it this time.

"OK" I replied. "but there is one catch."

"What's that?" Asked Lynda.

"We wear the headgear AND we use the 10 ounce gloves instead of the 8 ouncers. I don't want to hurt you."

Lynda laughed. "If you want to wear 10 ouncers go ahead. But if you're only worried about hurting me, is it OK if I wear the 8 ouncers?"

"I guess so"

And so it was decided.

We wrapped each other's hands to protect them from injury.

Lynda tied my brown leather gloves and taped the laces down to keep them from whipping into her face and cutting her. Then she slipped on her Red leather gloves and fastened the Velcro down to keep them secure. We both adjusted our head gear and slipped in our mouthpieces. Lynda leaned over the bottom rope and turned on the timer.

DING! The timer rang for the first of our 2 minute rounds.

We moved forward to the center of the ring and touched gloves.

I danced back and started circling to my left. Lynda held her guard up high and danced lightly on her toes, looking for an opening.

To break the ice I flashed out a jab at Lynda's face. I didn't expect it to do any damage, but I wanted to be the first one to connect.

Lynda swayed backwards and let my jab fall short. She danced back and circled me again, looking for an opening.

The head gear had little wings that framed the eyes to protect the forehead, nose, eyes  and cheekbones. It also made it hard to see some types of punches, like sweeping hooks or overhand punches.

I decided to try and get off first again, so I feinted with another jab to try and draw up her guard. I was planning to rip a right hand under her left elbow, but Lynda chose to duck under my left and fire a right hand of her own that landed solidly on my ribs with a thwack.

I tried to club downwards with my right at her head, but the punch had no leverage, and it glanced harmlessly off her headgear.

Lynda kept her head down and tried to work my body. But I kept my elbows in and managed to block all her punches, before spinning away.

We were both starting to get a good sweat going. I could see how her skin started to shine and sparkle under the lights.

I set up in the middle of the ring and snapped a jab at Lynda as she spun to follow me. The punch hit her left glove and pushed it back into her face. This slowed her down for a moment, so I slid to my right to get moving again.

We circled each other cautiously, trying to find the right spot for our punches.

The down side of sparring so often is that we had a pretty good idea of how each of us fought. As a result, it was sometimes hard to land punches.

We kept pawing with our jabs, feinting, blocking and parrying like a couple of fencers.

Neither one of us landed any clean punches by the time the timer rang ending the round.

We walked over to our own corners. I took a swig of water and swished it around in my mouth. I turned around and watched Lynda as she stood with her back to me. Her legs glistened as they rose up to form her buttocks. They were some of the finest buttocks I had ever had the pleasure to fondle.

I thought about how to approach the next round. This fight could very well be a pitty-pat thing that no one would win unless one of us did something to change things up a bit.

I knew that at 160 lbs I had a pretty significant weight advantage over Lynda. Maybe I could fight like Rocky Marciano and just sort of Bull my way in.

Lynda knew how to throw long range punches with a lot of power, but maybe I could get the job done on the inside, and wear her down.

That was to be my strategy. I would fight this fight on the inside.

DING! The timer went off to signal round 2.

Lynda moved out very fast and threw a looping overhand right. It caught me off guard and I just managed to duck out of the way as it glanced off my headgear.

But as I twisted to avoid the punch I lost sight of Lynda and she took advantage of the moment to hook twice to my ribs. I stumbled sideways, off balance. I brushed against the ropes and used them to help steady myself.

Lynda quickly sidestepped to cut me off and fired a straight right hand.

Her red gloved fist slipped right between my gloves and exploded on my face, snapping my head back and stinging my lips and nose, even through the padding of the head gear.

I covered up and crouched down. I wasn't really hurt, but she was keeping me off balance. I couldn't afford to try and counter her for fear of leaving myself wide open.

Lynda kept pouring it on. I caught her leather on my arms. A few punches careened off my ribs or glanced off my headgear.

I could hear Lynda grunting as she tried to get a little extra power behind her shots.

I peeked through my guard to try and find an opening, and finally it came.

Lynda reached down low to throw an big right uppercut and I flashed out a jab that caught her right on the nose.

Her head snapped back and her right fist flew upwards harmlessly.

I fired another jab that caught her on the temple and she backed off.

I smiled at her as I moved off the ropes.

She responded by firing out another jab that I parried easily.

It was time to test my theory. I faked a left jab, and then rushed in low to attack her belly with my right.

Lynda blocked the punch, but our bodies crashed together and she was forced to give ground under the weight of my push.

I fired a short chopping left at her ribs and enjoyed watching it force her right arm across her tit, making it jiggle.

Lynda gave ground all the way to the ropes. I forced myself against her, pushing her back to show off my strength.

As we jockeyed for position I could feel her sweaty arms trying to push me off and get some working room.

I kept my head low, because it helped me cover up. It also gave me a good view of her face and chest. Her breasts were getting pushed around inside the tight lycra leotard and her nipples were pointing straight out.

I cuffed blindly at the side of her head to try and get her to move her guard up. I felt my glove slap against her headgear.

As Lynda tried to get her left hand free she gave me an opening for a short, compact uppercut. I slammed the punch home into her left breast.

Lynda gasped as the punch hit, and she sagged to the right.

I was off balance and she managed to slip off the ropes and dance out towards the center of the ring.

I turned to follow her as the bell rang signaling the end of the round.

Silently we walked past each other to our corners.

This was kind of different. Usually we chatted with each other during our sessions. Complimenting and teasing each other.

But not tonight.

I was breathing a little heavy. Lynda's punches tended to accumulate over time, wearing you down.

I took a swig of water and poured some over my head to cool down.

I was ready for this fight. I felt strong, and I felt good. I didn't turn to look at Lynda, because I was afraid that the sight of her sexy body in red leotard I would get aroused too much and get distracted.

So I just stood there, facing my own corner, waiting for the bell to sound.

DING! The timer announced the start of round three.

I turned and faced Lynda. She looked across at me with calculating eyes. Instead of dancing this round she moved a little more slowly, weaving instead of bouncing.

I knew from experience that she did this when she was really getting into the battle.

I decided to mimic her. I too moved like a cobra, shuffling my feet, always coiled and ready to strike.

I faked a rush at her to see what she would do. Lynda tensed her body, but did not give ground.

She moved silently, her snakelike movements mesmerizing me.

I could feel the excitement building in me. My cock started to get hard. 

To release some of the tension I fired out a left jab that glanced harmlessly off her gloves.

I jabbed again..... and again. Lynda weaved and the punches slipped over her shoulders.

Suddenly Lynda bulled forward. There wasn't any punch, just her body crashed into mine.

She pushed me off balance and I had to give ground to the ropes.

Lynda used her hands to force my guard apart, but her momentum carried her further into me. I felt her chest smash into mine, and I could feel her sweaty thigh rub against mine. My cock got harder as I felt her feminine body clad in lycra leotard against me.

I managed to get my left hand inside of her arms and pushed her away. I fired another jab at her as she watched me slide along the ropes.

I was close to the corner, and Lynda moved quickly to cut me off.

I tried to reverse direction but Lynda caught me with a solid left hook that rattled my teeth. I covered up as Lynda fired lefts and rights, hammering me with a fury I had never seen in her.

My defense was pretty good and I blocked most of the punches. But she did nail me with a right uppercut to the face and a solid hook tot he ribs.

I tried to ride out the storm as Lynda kept firing punches at me like a machine. I could hear her breathing heavily and grunting as she threw her weight into every punch, trying to hammer down my guard and do some real damage.

After about 40 seconds of non-stop punching she moved forward and leaned against me. I worked my arms up to push her off, but just as I started to push her away Lynda stepped back.

My arms were slightly extended and I was wide open for the right cross that slammed into my face. I felt my knees go weak and I heard a ringing in my ears as she spun my head sideways with a left hook.

I reached out and lurched forward to grab on to her. Lynda would have none of that. She brushed away my arms with her left hand and ripped a right uppercut that exploded on my chin. My legs gave way and I fell to my knees and pitched forward.

I wasn't out, but I was hurt. I heard a loud ringing in my ears and a rushing sound. I crawled to the ropes and dragged myself to my knees. Lynda was standing in front of me counting "......4......5...."

I looked up at her smiling face. Her body in red leotard looked so firm a sexy from this angle. She was covered in sweat.

DING! The timer went off, but I till had to beat the count "........6.......7......" 

As I struggled to my feet I got a good view of Lynda's crotch. Her leotard was slightly out of kilter, and some strawberry blonde curls peeked out at me from under the wet fabric.


I was up before she counted me out. I stood there for a moment, then slowly made my way back to my own corner. I leaned heavily against the ropes and shook my head to clear the cobwebs. Man, she had really tagged me.

As I looked across the ring Lynda had her back to me. She stood with most of her weight on her right foot, and her ass was sort of cocked sideways. I could see the subtle definition of the muscles in her legs and back as she splashed water on herself to cool off a little bit.

Even though Lynda had tagged me in the last round, I was starting to get my bearings back.. And the sight of her ass helped perk me up - in more ways than one. I could feel my dick getting hard again.

Lynda turned around , looked at me, and smiled confidently. I knew that this round she would try to take me out. 

DING! The timer chimed for round 4 and I lifted myself off the ropes.

Slowly I moved forward to the center of the ring. Lynda moved in to meet me with that knowing smile on her face. I decided to use a "turtle" defense - I would just cover up as best I could and hope that she punched herself out.

Lynda was methodical. She didn't just race in to go for the KO. She used her jab to try and knock down my guard, but I covered well. Her punches landed on my arms, shoulders and elbows, but did little damage.

I peeked out from between my gloves to watch her. She moved very smoothly as she weaved from side to side, trying to find the angle and the opening to land.

Lynda tried to work my body, slamming left and right hooks at my ribs. Her gloves thudded against my arms with loud smacks, but they didn't get through to the body underneath. I tried to stay in the center of the ring, and let Lynda use her energy moving around me.

Suddenly Lynda stepped forward with a low left hook aimed at my ribs. I twisted my body to catch the punch on my right elbow, but that left an opening for her right hand. She tried to power her right fist between my gloves into my face. I got my left glove up to block hers, but my own brown leather was pushed back into my face.

I stumbled back a step, and Lynda's left hook knocked my gloves from in front of my face. I saw a red blur streaking right at me as Lynda powered her right hand into the center of my face. I saw stars as her punch smashed into me, snapping my head back. My legs went a little wobbly again. I ducked as Lynda threw a sweeping let hand, and let it whistle over my head.

Lynda was a sniper on the outside, so I had to do something to close the distance or I was done. I shuffled forward with my head down and put my forehead on Lynda's Shoulders.

Lynda stood her ground and tried to shove me off of her. I could feel her sweaty arms as they pushed against me, her tits rubbing against my forearms, her nipples hard and pointy. The perspiration was running down between her breasts, and her leotard had turned a darker shade of red. I could see the muscles in her arms and chest working as she tried to push me away to get some leverage.

My body was wet from my own exertions and Lynda's arm slipped up and over my shoulder, leaving an opening for me. I whipped a short left hook at Lynda's belly and watched as it crashed into her tight abs.

Lynda's body shook a little bit with the impact of the punch, and her breasts jiggled inside the flimsy top. I tried to follow up with a right hook at her body, but she covered well. My brown glove bounced off her left arm.

I was tired, and I leaned heavily against Lynda. I was surprised that she leaned against me, not really trying to punch her way in. We stayed that way for a few moments, resting on each other, trying to push each other with our forearms and shoulders.

I decided to try something. I set my legs and pushed hard against Lynda for a moment. Just as she started to resist I stepped to my right and lifted a left uppercut into her body. Lynda's momentum had her going forward. My glove slipped between her arms and I felt it hit the soft tissue of her breast and then the solid muscle underneath.

Lynda gave a soft moan as her tit was smashed against her. I tried to pivot and throw an overhand right, but Lynda ducked and the punch sailed over her head. Lynda recovered quickly and backpedaled. I backed off too, my arms feeling heavy and slow. We circled each other warily.

Lynda feinted with a jab and I swayed  to the side, then returned the feint with one of my own. Lynda ducked to slip the punch that never came. As we circled each other I could see that Lynda was open for a Left hook, so I set myself and let one fly. Lynda launched a left hook of her own at the same time.

I felt the satisfying shock of my fist slamming into Lynda's cheek just as Lynda's glove crashed into my eye. I stumbled sideways.

DING! The timer went off.

I recovered my balance and saw that Lynda was slowly walking back to her corner. The fight was starting to take its toll on her too.

For the  first time in the fight Lynda leaned against the ropes in her corner. She poured some water over her head to  cool herself down and I enjoyed seeing the water cascade down her. The cold water made her nipples pop out and they were very visible underneath her leotard.

Her last punch had stung me a little bit, but I was recovering a lot quicker than after the last round. Maybe I was starting to wear her down physically. Or maybe punching me silly was starting to wear her out. There are always at least two ways to look at things. I tried to focus back on the task at hand - namely winning the fight. Working on the inside had given me my best success. Maybe it was time to try it again. I took a swig of my water and then took a deep breath.

DING! Went the timer to signal the start of Round 5.

I rushed out of my corner to meet Lynda. I could see a look of surprise flash in her eyes as I moved in quickly. I fired a left jab at her face that Lynda blocked, but I carried forward and sent a straight right hand into her belly. I felt her give with the force of the blow. Lynda bent over a little bit and started to back up. She kept her elbows in tight and held her gloves up to protect her pretty face.

I moved forward, shuffling my feet to keep a solid base, using my legs for leverage as I swung a left hook at her ribs. My glove slammed Into Lynda's right arm, and the punch made her sway a little bit to the side. I followed up with a right uppercut that knocked her right glove away from her face. Before Lynda could recover I shot a nice jab that popped her right on the nose. A shower of sweat went flying from her strawberry blonde hair as her head snapped backwards. I tried another overhand right to try and nail her in the face, but Lynda ducked down and leaned into me, allowing my punch to sail past her.

My momentum carried me against her. As we jockeyed for position I could feel her sweaty thigh rubbing against mine. I felt a rush in my crotch as I went hard. The rush carried throughout my body and energized me.

I took a half step back and ripped another left hook at Lynda's body. She blocked most of the punch, but it still forced her back against the ropes. I hooked with my right hand and achieved the same result. Lynda tried to counter with a straight right of her own, but the punch was off target and only grazed my headgear. Her punch left her open for my left hook, and I planted a beauty right on her cheek. The punch spun her around and left her sort of hanging on the ropes. I was fully excited now, but I didn't want to punch Lynda in the back, so I stepped back for a moment to give her a standing 8 count.

As I tolled off the numbers I could see Lynda gather herself. She set her mouth in determination and had cleared her head by the time I reached 8. I moved in carefully, respecting her ability. I feinted with my right, and sure enough, Lynda reached around with a left hook to try and knock my head off. I ducked down and let the punch miss me. There was still a lot of fight left in her as she tried a right uppercut that smacked me on the temple and slowed me down for a moment.

Lynda used the moment to get off the ropes and get into the middle of the ring. I turned to follow her and watched carefully. She was breathing heavily, and her breasts heaved up and down as she drank in air. Lynda decided to try and keep me at bay with her jab. Every time I tried to move forward there was her left hand, tapping me and keeping me off balance.

I tried to bull in on her again but she managed to sidestep me. She even gave me a little push that made me stumble into the ropes while she danced out of harm's way. I turned to face her again and moved forward deliberately. This time I tried using my own jab to lead the way. My reach was a little bit longer than hers, and her reactions were starting to slow down. The first jab was blocked, the second one glanced off her headgear.

Lynda tried to slip off to the side, but I moved to cut her off with a left hook. My punch glanced high off her head and made her switch directions. I plodded after her, allowing her to slip over towards the corner before I moved in. I used my Jab again to try and get in on her. The punch split her guard and grazed her nose as she backed away. I followed her and had her trapped in the corner.


Again I used the Jab and it penetrated her gloves. As Lynda's head recoiled from the punch I ripped a right uppercut that smashed into her left breast. Lynda gave a little squeal as the punch compressed her firm tit. I reached back a swung a sweeping left hook that nailed Lynda right in the eye and again she spun around.

DING! The timer went off and round 5 was in the books.

I was getting pretty tired myself as I trudged back to my corner. The only thing keeping me going was the sexual energy I got from seeing Lynda's tight little body in front of me. The thought of having her give me a handjob was a huge incentive to keep on going. Part of me was hoping that Lynda would call it quits and just hand me the victory. But I knew better than that.

In all our fights the best I had ever managed was a draw. Of course those weren't as competitive as this one, but still Lynda always managed to find a way to stay even or on top. Heck, I had never even knocked her off her feet.

I looked across the ring at my girlfriend. I could see a little bit of purpling where a bruise was going to be on her ribs. She was covered with sweat. Lynda was kind of sitting on the middle rope, resting her cute ass there to conserve as much energy as possible. I was dead tired too. But I wasn't going to give in either. Neither of us said anything.

DING! Went the timer for Round 6 and we raised ourselves up to go out for more.

Things seemed to be moving in slow motion. Neither of us was bouncing on our toes, or dancing around. Instead we shuffled forward, crouched over because we weren't sure if we could keep our hands up high enough. Lynda eyed me warily. She fired out a jab that fell short. I circled her, looking for an opening. I tried a jab of my own that glanced off her forearm. I didn't bother to try and follow up. We kept circling each other. Either we were too tired to try anything, or we were too worried about leaving ourselves open. I could see Lynda breathing heavily through her mouthpiece. I could hear her as I watched her move. Beads of sweat dropped off her chin and fell to the floor. Suddenly she leaped forward with an overhand right.

I somehow managed to get my hand sup to block the punch, but her momentum carried her into me. I could again feel her wet body against me, and once again it sent a rush of adrenaline coursing through me. I held my ground while Lynda leaned heavily against me, then I bent down a little bit and used both my legs and arms to push her off. As She separated from me I fired a left jab that slammed into her mouth. It  wasn't a really hard punch, but it sort of froze her for a moment.

I gather myself and threw a looping overhand right that skimmed over her left glove and buried the leather into her headgear. Lynda stumbled sideways and I followed her, slowly and deliberately. I prodded at her with my left and forced her slowly backwards towards the corner.

Lynda's back came up against the ringpost and she stopped her retreat. She crouched down to cover up. It was now or never. I fired a right at her ribs that she partially blocked. My left hand flew towards her face and glanced off the top of her head. I brought the left back and hooked at her head. I succeeded in knocking away her gloves, leaving her wide open for the straight right hand that I powered into her. Lynda's head went back, and her knees gave way. She slumped down to her knees in the corner.

I backed away and started the obligatory count "1....2......3......"

Lynda shook her head and pawed at the ropes as I counted. "4......5.......6......"

I was amazed as she pulled herself to her feet by the count of nine. I just stared at her as she brought her gloves up to defend herself. I gaped at her, amazed that she wanted to continue. There she was, wobbling in the corner. When I didn't press forward Lynda moved out towards me. She actually fired a weak jab at me that I caught with my right hand. I didn't want to hurt her, but still - there had to be a clear winner. I flashed out a light jab to try and convince her it was over. The punch tapped her gently on the eye, but she didn't back down. She stood there in front of me with her gloves sort of halfway up. And man did she look sexy. My cock got rock hard as I took in the sight of her.

I tapped out another jab that connected lightly. I watched hee breasts jiggle as she tried to avoid the blow. I moved forward, fascinated by the sight of her body as I punched at her. I fired a light uppercut at her chest. I was thrilled as the punch compressed the soft tissue and made it pancake out the sides of her leotard. Our infighting had made the fabric slide a little out of place, and one half of a nipple peeked out from the side of her leotard. Lynda moaned softly and swung at me with her right hand. Her red glove grazed my face.

I lifted a soft uppercut at her belly. She didn't have the strength to tense for the blow and my fist sank in to her soft flesh. I could feel my legs trembling with excitement as I pawed at her. I don't know what was keeping me up, but I was getting so incredibly aroused by it that I couldn't stop. Finally Lynda managed to raise her head to look at me. I looked into her eyes, and I saw that in some way - she was enjoying this. As I looked into her eyes, She actually gave a little smile. And she nodded her head.

I understood.

I fired out a left jab. Lynda's head snapped back and sweat flew everywhere. As her hands flew back I took one last shot at her chest, marveling at how her firm breast cascaded out of her leotard under the force of my punch. As she straightened up I fired a right cross. It landed cleanly on her left cheek and she spun around and slumped to the canvas. I stared down at her glistening body as I counted her out. I watched as the sweat rolled off of her and dribbled down to the canvas. I took off my gloves, and helped her to her feet. 

As I escorted her out of the ring, she whispered "Thanks. You have no idea how many times I came during our fight." And with that, she reached down, slipped her hand to my groin and made good on our bet.

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!