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The art of gentle restraint

I had just done my last set of bicep-curls and decided I should finish with some abdominal work. I've been going to the gym for a few months now and It's really starting to show. I'm not a huge guy but that was never my desire. I've developed a lean, muscular body and for the first time in my life I've actually got a "six-pack", stomach.

I left the free-weights area of the gym and walked around to the aerobics hall, where there are several sit-up benches, ab-rollers ect. I was surprised to find a group of people in the hall, as the usual thumping music that accompanied an aerobics class was absent. It looked like an aerobics class, all women, dressed in leotards and gym gear, but they didn't appear to be doing aerobics. Most looked to be just standing around, watching something. Watching something on the large, padded, floor mats. I walked around the group and took a seat on an inclined sit-up bench. It was only now that I saw what the group were watching. My stomach dropped and my pulse began to race. There were two girls down on the blue mats, locked in a tight embrace, they appeared to be wrestling eachother!

One girl was on top of the other, her upper-body smothered the other girls head and body. The girl on the bottom had her legs locked around the top girls thigh and an arm wrapped around the small of her back. Both girls were straining and squirming and neither could hardly move. It appeared to be a stalemate.

A more mature but equally stunning blond woman, squatted beside the girls and seemed to be giving instructions. The girls continued to struggle. It was an incredible spectacle. The bright lights in the hall reflected off the shinny, black leggings the girls wore. Brightly coloured, thong leotards, highlighted their tight, soft bodies. Wrapped around eachother, straining to hold tighter. The slick material encasing their bodies slipped between them, around them. Their struggles produced a gentle "pattering", sound on the padded mats. I felt anouther huge rush of blood and I was suddenly very glad to be sitting down.

With a burst of effort the girl underneath managed to roll them both over, obtaining the top position. This earnt a clap and more encouragement from the blond woman. She threw her leg over her opponent and proceeded to grind her whole body onto her. One wrist was slammed onto the mat above her head then a moment later her other wrist followed, making a dull slapping sound. There was more sliding of black lycra as she began to snake her legs around her opponents. I wasn't sure what she was trying to do to her when suddenly she flexed her muscles and spread her legs. She had now completely, and I mean totally, pinned this girl down. Her two hands pinned her opponents wrists, the girls arms stretched high above her head, while her legs individually held and pinned her opponents legs.

She arched her back and pushed down with her hips, her glutes flexed tight. The shinny material of their outfits highlighted their muscles straining and also showed that the hold, was increasingly becoming tighter. The girl underneath sank deeper into the soft mat. She struggled briefly but her resistence was squashed out of her as the girl on top, now obviously enjoying the situation, threw her head back, then stretched and flexed her entire body. She spread her legs wide, making her opponents legs stretch even further. The girl underneath was now in a hopeless position. She was spread-eagled, like she had been pegged to the ground. She was on her back, embarrissingly exposed, with her legs pinned, spread far apart and flat. Her waist disapeared, under the lycra covered hips and crotch being pushed down, hard into her. Her upper-body looked like it was on a rack, with her arms forcefully stretched high above her head and pinned very tightly to the mat.

Their bodies became still when muscles and limbs could be stretched and flexed no more. The poor girl underneath could move her head a little and wiggle her hands and feet but that was all. She was completely immobilized. The pinning hold was obviously unbreakable and the blond woman instructing seemed very pleased. She tapped the dominating girl on the back and said,"O.k. well done". The girl glanced at the instructor then looked down on her opponent, she seemed reluctant to stop, but then smiled and relaxed the full body pin, before rolling off to the side. This drew genuine applause from the women onlookers while I sat stunned at what I had just seen. The blond instructor told the girls to "warm down", then turned and walked directly towards me!

I was in awe as I watched this woman walk towards me. She was beautiful, maybe in her thirties, with long blond hair. She looked stronger than the other girls and I could tell she lifted weights. Her shoulders and arms were quite muscular and under her big round breasts (contained in a red, sports leotard), was a defined set of abs. She held eye contact as she approached and I felt myself turn to jelly. I was sure she could see into me, her eyes smirked at the frightened child I had become in her presence. She was physically awsome but I was obviously bigger, stronger and ofcourse, a man, so this fear was generated more by her beauty and confidence.

"Hello", she smiled.

"Hi", was my witty reply. Again her eyes seemed to mock my sole but in a rather playfull and friendly way.

"Can you come up here and help me with something?". It was more a statement than a question and with a "follow me", gesture, she turned and walked back to the padded mats. I didn't know what I was doing but my eyes were glued to her bum. I found myself getting up off the sit-up bench and stupidly following her.

I slowly walked towards the group and was uncomfortable with the attention I was receiving. I was well aware of several sets of eyes, looking me up and down. The instructor turned and addressed the other girls. 

"Everything I've taught you today can be used effectivelly against any person of any size. To demonstrate this fact I've brought",she turned and flashed me a cheeky smile, motioning with her hand to introduce myself. 

"Ralf", I said, feeling even more nervous.

"Now Ralph, we're going to play a game. I want you to try and leave these mats and I'm going to stop you". I was too stunned to say anything. She continued in her calm, matter of fact, tone. "Don't worry, I wont hurt you, we practice the art of gentle restraint". Now she was openly ridiculing me. 

"I'll physically restrain you and I want you to struggle and try to break free".

I looked first at her smiling, beautiful face, then down her tanned, muscular body. The other girls had already begun moving back, towards the edge of the mats. The whole sequence of events had rushed upon me so fast. There was an air of excitement which only increased my nerves. I could see several women eagerly anticipating the "show", they were about to witness.

This was absurd, I had never agreed to do anything. Trying to sound relaxed, I managed to say,"I don't think so", as I turned and took a couple of steps towards the hall's exit. I'm not sure if she took my comments or actions as a challenge, or whether she was simply ignoring my rufusal to participate, but I then felt her grab my arm with both hands and pull me towards the center of the padded mats.

I don't consider myself a "macho-man", but I'm over six feet tall and have a solid, muscular build. I had become the center of attention, suddenly my pride and ego were on the line. I decided I wasn't going to let this "woman", stop me from going anywhere! I figured I would just shove her to the ground or push her away. This would create enough distance for me to simply step of the mat's edge, which was only a few meters away.

She still had hold of my left arm so I stepped foward and shoved at her with my right. She managed to grab this arm too and then pulled me towards herself, with suprising force. My foward momentum, now unstoppable, sent me falling, then spinning upsidedown, as she effortlessly and smoothly, rolled me over her shoulder. I came crashing down on my back, face-up on the mats. She still had hold of my arms and kind of flipped herself over, to land directly ontop of me. Instantly I felt her entire body grinding into me. I felt her snake her limbs around me in an attempt to imobilize me fast.

Suddenly I realised that she was trying to position me into the same pinning hold I had seen earlier. The image of the girl pinned to the mats flashed in my mind. The thought of being spread out and pinned like that, in front of all these people, terrified me. The panic it caused, gave me a surge of adrenalin, as I bucked wildly and twisted my body. I had tried to roll over onto my stomach but she caught me half way. I now lay on my side with her on top of me again. Her arms were quick to wrap around my head and neck, while I felt her thighs firmly grasp my middle. She squirmed and pumped her hips a little, to force herself tighter against me. She now tightly straddled my right hip bone, with her crotch pushing into and pinching my waist. She had a damn good grip of me. I struggled but she held firm and then began reinforcing the holds she had.

Her leg hooked between mine, then I felt her thighs squeeze together. One leg ran from the small of my back, between my cheeks, her other was over my hip and right between my legs. She had locked her ankles together, then began flexing and relaxing her legs. My dick, now being squeezed and squashed by her big, firm thigh, responded and quickly began to throb and grow. Her face was so close, I felt her lips touch my cheek. She was virtually breathing in my ear and when I heard her giggle, I responded by struggling fiercely. During my wild but brief struggle she had managed to roll me onto my back. I felt much more vunerable and exposed to humiliation, so I desperately tried to roll back over but could not.

She released her leg lock for a second but only so she could get a grip of my whole body. She had a leg under the small of my back and I could only watch as she flicked her other leg over to firmly imprison my waist, deep within her thighs. The shock of being in this position, had distracted me from the fact that now both my arms, were twisted up above my head. She had folded them into some kind of lock that seemed to deny me any sort of leverage or movement.

Time appeared to slow down. Untill now I hadn't had any time to think about what was happening but now I was very aware of the situation. I was becoming more and more helpless. I could picture the image of my struggling form as it flexed and twisted, in a vain attempt to be free from the limbs which bound it so tightly. The audience seemed captivated and from the few comments made I could tell everyone was pleased to see the woman winning. The excitement seemed to rise as they could see my movements becoming restricted and her physical domination was begining.

She now calmly began describing what she was doing for the benifit of the audience!

"As you can see I'm using his arms to keep him stretched out and pinned down". I then felt her thighs expand and sink into my widsection. She straightend her legs with her ankles and feet locked in a knot and flexed her thighs, squeezing me tight. I let out an involuntary moaning sound as my insides were squashed.

Her running commentary continued,"remember ladies, you legs are the strongest part of your body, so keep them wrapped, tightly around your opponent".

I felt ridiculous and humiliated. Lying on my back, my upper-body stretched and pinned, while my legs, pelvis and erection, were helplessly exposed, sticking out from between this woman's, flexed thighs. I launched into a wild escape attempt, bucking, twisting and squirming in every direction. About the most my struggles achieved were some squeaking sounds on the padded mats.

"As you can see, the more he struggles, the deeper he is working himself into the hold". She was right. My movement had become even more restricted. The coils of her python-like hold, had become tighter and I was even more helpless and imobilized.

"Now I'm going to stretch him right-out". I didn't like the sound of that! She pulled me even closer into herself and ground her crotch into my side. She straightend her legs again and pushed her hips foward, arching her back, she pulled on my arms forcing my face into her breasts. The action stretched my upper-half in one direction and my lower half in the other. She then began slowly relaxing her grip, only to tighten it again. Each time straightening her body and pushing her crotch into me. I was sure she was enjoying herself. Her legs were toying with me, only occasionally giving an unbearable, crushing squeeze.

I was totally stuck. I had no movement left to even begin to struggle. I couldn't believe it. The realization that I literally couldn't move, no matter what I did or how hard I tried invoked a primal kind of fear. My freedom and it seemed, my life, were now in the hands, and legs, of another. At the same time a certain calmness came over me. I hadn't done anything wrong. So she had beaten me, big deal, it wasn't like I was trying to hurt her or anything. I lay still and relaxed my body to signal my submission and co-operation. I figured she had proved her demonstration and would release me. I was wrong!

As soon as I relaxed my body, she "took up the slack", and tightened her grip even more. I was now paralysed, tightly bound in a prison on lycra and flesh. I twisted my head to the side and saw the intrigued faces of onlookers. All eyes were on our tangled bodies. Looking into the eyes of one woman I could see a mixture of fascination, couriosity and lust. I'm sure she was imagining what it would feel like to crush a man into submission with her own body. The two girls who had been grappling earlier, now stood, arms folded, quietly discussing my demise. I'm not sure if I was close to passing-out but it was like an out of body experience.

The pressure eased slightly and I saw the instructor's face loom above me. She was only a couple of inches above me and stared straight into my eyes. "So then, Ralf..." She smiled at my obvious discomfort and helplessness, then panned her eyes down my trapped body. I looked down and could see my ribcage but then my waist literally disapeared into her bright red thighs and crotch. Her eyes returned to mine. "Would you agree, that you wont be leaving these mats without my permission?". She was still holdinding me very firmly and I was struggling to breath. "I can squeeze you tighter if I have to", she added.

"No", I quickly replied.

"No What?", she asked, relaxing her grip a little.

"You win, I can't move", the sound of the words, flowed from me with surprising ease and the broken spirit behind them, contained a clear message of conclusion. It seemed this was what she wanted to hear. She sensually and slowly, unwound herself from around my body.

I lay dazed and confused but was aware of applause and movement around me. I sat up feeling shocked and exhausted. I tried to regain some sort of composure. One girl even knelt beside me and asked me if  I was alright.

"Of course he's alright", said the blond instructor, looking over her shoulder. "I just gave him a big hug". I stood up still disorierentated, saw the exit and headed for it. The instructor moved to block my path."Ralf..." she was pleased with herself and purring like a cat. "I'm Rachel". She handed me a card. She was a fitness instructor. She gave me a devious smile, "I'd love to work-out with you sometime... in private".

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