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Stipulation for marriage

Jennifer is a gymnast and a Black Belt in Judo. Mike had been a linebacker in High School. In College he plays Free Safety on his College Team. He is: 19; 6'1"; 215 pounds and had a 9" package. As a lark during their Senior year of High School; Jennifer and Mike began wrestling each other. At first; it started off as a joke. They just used it as a prelude to lovemaking. Jennifer overheard Mike bragging to his friends about how he could completely demolish Jennifer in a "REAL" fight. One day in spring Jennifer used some of her Judo skills to actually defeat her boyfriend decisively. Jennifer did not bring it up but Mike's male ego was crushed. A month goes by and he challenges her to another Match. Jennifer makes him verbally submit after only 5 minutes. This sends Mike into a tailspin. Mike challenges her a third time two months later. Mike had secretly been training. The training had been for naught. Jennifer defeated him in 11 minutes. She had become bored by his Neanderthal behavior and REALLY hurt him. Mike was out of school for a week from her beating.

After they graduated; Jennifer wanted to marry him but was concerned that his Male ego could not stand being married to a girl tougher than he. Their size difference only exacerbates the problem. Mike is; 19; 6'1"; 215# with a 9" package. Mike has grey eyes and jet black hair. Jennifer is: 19; 5'4"; 125 pounds with measurements of 34C-22-33. Jennifer has blonde hair and blue eyes. Mike has decided that he wants Jennifer's hand in marriage but cannot marry a girl who easily kicks his ass. They decide to postpone their engagement until Mike can defeat Jennifer in a series of matches a best of 11 matches. The only way to win a Match is to make your opponent verbally submit after they have been stripped. The loser loses their attire marked by the sexual fluid of the loser. The loser MUST autograph their attire with their name and date. Mike is turned on by the attire clause. Mike makes Jennifer promise to give her all in each match. They are fighting in a private gym with no one present. They have agreed to keep this between them and will NOT tell anyone about their matches. Mike's male ego has become fragile. He is looking forward to establishing his dominance. Jennifer likes the results of their last 3 matches and feels empowered.

On a Saturday; they meet at the closed private gym. Both nod; unlock the door and proceed to the Dressing Rooms. Silently they walk side by side contemplating their strategy. They reach the men's and women's Dressing Rooms; kiss and go into the changing rooms. Both have agreed to fight barefoot. Mike is wearing satin, gun barrel blue bikini briefs with matching MMA gloves & mouthpiece. Jennifer is wearing a white lace leotard with matching MMA gloves & mouthpiece. They leave the Dressing Room and enter the Ring. Both meet in the center of the Ring. They hug and kiss before they begin. Mike yells," START!"

Jennifer trips Mike sending him to the mat. Jennifer follows up by stomping his head. Don lies dazed on the mat. Jennifer applies an Arm Lock pulls him to his feet; tosses him across the Ring with a Judo toss. Mike lands hard on his lower back and rolls onto his side. Mike moans in pain. Jennifer does not give Mike time to recover fearing his strength. Jennifer applies an Arm Bar; pulls the disoriented Mike to his feet and Arm Drags him into the opposite corner. Mike slams into the turnbuckles; richochets off the turnbuckles and is caught with a nasty Spin Kick which knocks Mike out. Jennifer strips Don; applies a Nerve Hold to his neck which brings him around in horrific pain and begins screaming. After a couple of minutes; Mike shouts his submission. Jennifer has beaten Mike irrevocably in aprox.4 minutes. Mike masturbates into his briefs and signs them. He gets on his knees in front of Jennifer; bows his head and presents them to her. Jennifer accepts them and commands Mike to lie on the mat with his arm to his side. She pulls aside a crotch of her leotard; straddles Don; sits on his face and has a victory ride. The ride is only completed when Jennifer's sexual thirst has been quenched. Jennifer stands; takes his briefs; looks down at her beaten foe and wordlessly goes to her Dressing Room to clean up. Jennifer leads 1-0!

They clean up and get dressed. Mike is silent as they walk out to his car. They have an enjoyable dinner then Mike takes Jennifer home. During the week; they hang out and have sex every day never once mentioning the fight. That tells Jennifer that Mike is having trouble coping. Jennifer asks Mike if he wants to continue because she has got to set up private time at the gym. Mike goes into a tirade but is in control enough not to hit her. After he has got his control; he says whatever time and date Jennifer sets up is OK with him. Jennifer sets it up for Sunday Morning at 1AM.

Mike and Jennifer approach the building. Jennifer is thinking about the Match until Mike says," I am going to kick your ass-CUNT!" Jennifer hates being called a cunt and knows that Mike knows this. Jennifer decides to really put it on Mike and make him say" I am sorry. "They enter the Gym; go to their Dressing Rooms; get dressed and enter the Ring. Mike is wearing a sexy pair of sheer, black lace string bikini briefs. Jennifer is wearing hot pink lycra leotard. Mike shouts," FIGHT!"

Mike throws a left cross which finds Jennifer's right jaw. Jennifer drops to the mat. Mike begins stomping Jennifer. Jennifer screams after each stomp. She rolls out of the way and gets to her feet. She runs backwards eluding Mike until she gets her bearing back. The effect of the punch and stomps begin to dissipate. Jennifer quickly develops a counter-strategy. Jennifer allows Mike to get close and delivers a Thrust Punch to his Solar Plexus. Mike drops to his knees. Jennifer follows up with a Hammer-fist to his right jaw. She sends him to the mat with a Knife-hand to the throat. Mike falls to the mat; clutching his throat; gasping for air and kicking the mat to relieve the intense pain. Jennifer is beginning to become aroused by Mike's helplessness. Jennifer pulls Mike to his knees; delivers a Spin Kick which sends Mike to the mat. Mike lies stunned from the kick. Jennifer quickly delivers Double-Kneedrop to Mike's package. Mike howls in pain. For reasons Jennifer is unclear of why she is aroused by the "beatdown" she is giving Don. Jennifer has an orgasm just watching his helplessness. Jennifer delivers a Double Kneedrop across his neck which sends him to "Dreamland"! Jennifer removes his briefs, gloves and mouthpiece. She notices his erect cock. Jennifer milks an unconscious Mike to orgasm which she catches with his briefs. As he gradually wakes up; Jennifer gets behind him; applies a Choke Hold - Body Scissors Combination and applies a nerve hold which has Mike screaming. Mike's screaming is like music to Jennifer's ears. Finally Mike submits. Jennifer maintains the hold a few seconds longer until Mike begs Jennifer to release the hold eliciting another orgasm. Jennifer stands; straddling Don; looks down smugly at Mike and stomps his stomach before getting off him. Mike assumes the fetal position from the stomp. Mike signs and dates his briefs; bows his head and presents them to Jennifer. She accepts the briefs and leaves the Ring to clean up. She comes out of the Dressing Room and sees Mike still on the mat crying. She leaves and waits in the car. Mike changes and goes to his car. His eyes are still red from the crying which gets Jennifer wet. 

During the next week; Mike loses his starting position. He is unable to perform sexually with Jennifer. Jennifer is secretly aroused by this. She controls him emotionally. As the next Saturday approaches; Mike is hesitant to fight Jennifer but knows his manhood is on the line. Mike drives Jennifer to the gym at 11pm on Saturday night. Mike and Jennifer walk silently in the gym; go to their Dressing Rooms; change clothes and go to the Ring; Mike is wearing sheer, nude mini-trucks. Jennifer is wearing a champagne, silk, high-legged, low cut teddy. Mike backs up and shouts," FIGHT!" 

Mike kicks Jennifer in the pussy which drops her to her knees. Mike delivers a Right cross which sends her to the mat. Mike stomps Jennifer which causes Jennifer to writhe on the mat. There is nothing but rage in his eyes. He sits on Jennifer; delivers blow after blow until Jennifer' face is bleeding and her eye is swelling shut.

Jennifer is completely scrambled from the beating. Mike eases up and Jennifer slips out from under Don. Jennifer rolls out of the Ring to gather herself. Mike follows her out of the Ring to inflict more pain. As he approaches her; Jennifer runs around the Ring. This causes Mike to get a full hard-on. As Mike catches Jennifer; she flips him into the first row of chairs. Mike Lands hard on the seats which send a lightning pain throughout his lower back. Jennifer pulls Mike off the chairs; drags him to the Rings and pushes him in. Jennifer enters the Ring; tosses Mike around with several throws until Mike lies on the mat spent. He stares at the overhead lights stunned from the quick attack. Jennifer has every muscle in Mike's body on fire and every joint screaming in agony. Jennifer is determined to pay Mike back for the kick in the pussy. Jennifer strips Don; turns him on his stomach; kicks his legs out wide; place her feet on his inner thighs; grabs his erect penis and sits down digging her fingernails into his penis while twisting it, Jennifer has placed a wrestling hold on Don- "The Grapevine - Twisting Penis combination"! Mike immediately screams bringing back lucidity. He cannot move without creating more indescribable pain. After a couple of minutes; Jennifer begins clawing at Mike's balls which bring an immediate a submission. Jennifer has an orgasm as Mike suffers. Jennifer maintains the hold as Mike begs for mercy which causes her to a second orgasm right after the first. Jennifer rolls the crying boy onto his back and begins milking him as she takes her victory ride. She rubs the cum on his briefs. The remainder of his cum Jennifer feeds Don. Reluctantly - he eats it! 

Jennifer gets off Don; smirks at him and goes to the Dressing Room. They clean up. Mike is extremely downcast as they walk to his car. Mike has a bad week. He cannot get an erection so he eats Jennifer out everyday with Jennifer directing the action. His performance in College Football Training Camp is miserable. Mike becomes sick over the prospect of fighting Jennifer a fourth time and puts it off a week.

During that time; they had oral sex several times but Mike was unable to get an erection which proved to be an emasculating experience. On the following Saturday; Mike and Jennifer drive to the gym. There is tenseness in the air. Very little is said. Both are focused on their coming match. Mike has lost all three of the matches. The pressure is building. Mike is becoming more and more despondent as the weeks go by. They head into the Dressing Rooms; change and enter the Ring. Jennifer is wearing a silk, snow white with neon blue trim leotard. Mike is wearing satin, red mini-boxers. Mike shouts," Fight"!

Jennifer waste no time. She expects an early attack from Don. When it comes she is ready. As his fist approaches her face. She grabs his wrist; twist it and combines that with an Arm Bar driving Mike to his knees. Mike howls in pain as his arm is twisted a second time. Jennifer straddles his arm and sits down driving Mike to the mat facedown. As Jennifer pulls back on Mike's arm creating lots of pressure on his elbow. A sharp pain inundates his shoulder as a fire burns in his elbow. Mike is unable to power out of the debilitating hold which only arouses Jennifer. His screams and pleadings only increase her horniness. She has developed a desire over the last few weeks to break him physically, emotionally and sexually. This is a complete change of attitude. At the start of this competition; she fervently hoped she would lose and they would be wed. Over the past few weeks; her will has been hardened. She is not going to marry Mike but has not told him so that she may continue to beat the boy up. Jennifer increases the pressure on his right arm at the shoulder and elbow which has Mike begging for mercy. Jennifer feeds off his pain and fear. She grows stronger and more determined. Jennifer releases her hold only to administer a Cross-faced Chicken Wing which jumps the pain quotient up ten-fold for several minutes. She releases that hold and administers a Full Body Stomp with emphasis on his head and package. After Jennifer has relieved her frustration over a boy who could not beat ANY girl in her Dojo and who is becoming less masculine after each defeat; Jennifer strips the motionless boy. Jennifer milks Don; places some of it on the mini-boxers and the remainder smeared on his face. Jennifer pulls a groggy Mike to his feet and sends him into the ropes. As he rebounds off the ropes; Jennifer catches him in a Cobra Clutch! Mike drops to his knees allowing Jennifer to apply more pressure. Mike slowly begins to drift off but shouts his submission before he passes out. Jennifer lets him fall to the mat like a bag of potatoes. As Mike lies sleeping Jennifer reflects on their matches. Jennifer has beaten Mike four times in five weeks. She won the first two matches in less than 5 minutes. The last two she won in 10 minutes due to her enjoyment in inflicting physical pain and destroying his male ego. She had experienced numerous orgasms during their matches. The victory rides have produced several orgasms themselves. Jennifer had fakes concern over Mike losing his starting spot on the Football Team and possibly not even making the team. She is pleased that she is so much in his head. Jennifer rolls the semi-conscious Mike on his back; pulls aside a crotch of her leotard; straddles Mike and sits on his face. Jennifer rides Mike like she is breaking in a new horse. Jennifer has 5 orgasms before she is through. She stands; leaves the Ring; goes to the Dressing room to clean and come out to the Ring for a barely conscious Mike covered with her scent and fluid to sign his mini-boxers. Jennifer helps Mike to his Dressing Room; tosses him in the shower and helps him get dressed. As Jennifer helps him; she tells Mike what a pussy he is and how she feels exhilarated beating him up during their matches. Jennifer tells him the sense of empowerment she receives from their matches. Jennifer tells him, "I have a big surprise for you after our 6th Match! I will completely DESTROY you in our next two matches! By the way; I am only fighting at -maybe 60% of what I am capable of! " Mike and Jennifer get in the car to get something to eat. Mike is quiet while Jennifer is texting a friend.

The following week is hell. In six weeks; Mike has fallen from a starter to not making the team. He is feeling extremely impotent. He still cannot "get it up" to fuck Jennifer. Jennifer has him eat her out twice a day and gives him a spanking once a day which prepares him for the final two "beat downs" before she ejects him from her sphere of influence. Mike does not know but suspects that he is quickly losing her. Day by day his manhood escapes him. After two weeks; his manhood has been shattered by the spanking. He is tuning into a half -man. Jennifer sees this change and is proud of how she has affected Don.

The next two matches; Jennifer plans some special surprises for the boy she used to love. On Saturday; Mike picks up Jennifer and drives her to the gym. Out of her bag she pulls out a thin fishing line with the underwear she had won from him. She tells him to smell his scent. Mike complies. Jennifer teases a 5th pair will be added tonight.

Mike says nothing and looks down. Jennifer leaves his car and goes to the Dressing Room to change. She enters the Ring. Jennifer is wearing a satin, navy blue leotard. Mike is wearing a sheer, silk, red thong. Mike shouts," Fight!"

As Mike approaches; Jennifer delivers a perfect Hip Toss which sends him across the Ring. Before Mike can recover; Jennifer reaches him and tosses him across the Ring. Jennifer reaches Mike who lies on the mat unable to move. Jennifer picks him up and tosses him a third time across the Ring. Mike lands; hurting all over and stunned from the tosses. Jennifer delivers a Double Knee drop to Mike's head. Jennifer delivers a second Double Knee drop across his neck. The two Double Kneedrops have Mike in a semi-conscious state. 

Jennifer stops and admires her handiwork. The sight makes Jennifer wet. Jennifer rolls Mike onto his back; removes his gloves and traps his arms to his side and begins punching him in the face until his nose bleeds; lips are cut and a cut develops under his right eye. Jennifer pulls Mike to his knees; throws a Spin Kick which knocks Mike to the mat. Mike is moaning; a thought process scrambled and has a throbbing headache. Jennifer grabs his right leg and applies a Spinning Toehold. Mike screams as Jennifer intensifies the hold. Jennifer converts the Spinning Toehold into a Figure Four Leglock. Jennifer bears down on the figure four creating another center of pain. As she intensifies the hold; she has an orgasm. Mike's screams and cries cause Jennifer to cum two more times. Jennifer has kept Mike's thong on to dish out more punishment and experience more orgasms. Mike's knee is beginning to swell as he shouts his submission. Jennifer reminds him he is still clothed. Mike cries harder. Jennifer feeds off Mike's pain. After a few minutes; Jennifer releases her hold. She stands; looks down at Mike who is writhing on the mat and feels a sense of power as she has another orgasm. Her pussy juices are soaking her leotard. Mike is unable to stand as Jennifer stomps his injured knee. 

Jennifer delivers an Elbow Drop across his throat. Mike clutches his throat and gasps for air. Jennifer is really working over a defenseless Mike knocking him unconsciousness. As Mike regains consciousness; Jennifer strips Mike and milks him to orgasm. Jennifer gets Mike in a Matchbook Pin. She forces him to suck his own cock to climax. He drinks his cum with some being smeared on his briefs. Jennifer removes his thong and applies a cock claw which has Mike's screams going to a new level. Jennifer digs in deeper as Mike passes out. Jennifer has Mike's ball sack bleeding and his penis bleeding in several places. Mike slowly regains consciousness and begins screaming his submission. Jennifer makes him lick his blood off her hand. Jennifer administers her victory ride. Jennifer cums four times before her desires are sated. She steps off Don; commands him to stay where he is; leaves the Ring; goes to the Dressing Room; gets a strap-on and dildo and returns to the Ring. Jennifer commands Mike to turn onto his stomach. spread his legs; raise his ass and prepared to be fucked. Jennifer puts lubricant on the Dildo and rams the plastic cock home. Mike screams as "her dick" goes in. Jennifer fucks Mike for 10 minutes. During that time; Jennifer cums four times while she makes Mike cum twice. Jennifer has made Mike her "Bitch!" She stands helps him into his Dressing Room; shower and helps him get dress. Jennifer helps him to his car. Another car has arrived for her. Jennifer gets in Bob's Car and they drive off. Mike is left with a swelling knee and many cuts and bruises. In Bob's car; Jennifer places Mike's thong on her line of victory.

During the week; Mike speaks with Jennifer. He asks her about Bob. Bob is 20 years; 6; 2"; 220 and has a 10" package. Brain has blonde hair and green eyes. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Kempo. Jennifer says he has beaten her twice without her even getting close to a win. Mike does not speak. Jennifer says," you seem to enjoy me fucking you in the ass. I really made you my bitch in our last Match. I made you cum twice-didn't I?" Mike bows his head and says, "Yes you did. Making me say that you were the better man was humiliating." Jennifer says," But I am the better man! Since we will probably not be together after this after our LAST Match because I am really planning on letting loose; is their anything I can do for you." Mike replies," I am going to win this!" Jennifer replies," I have one last surprise for you." Jennifer laughs and hangs up the phone. The time goes by without either Mike or Jennifer seeing each other for 14 days. On Saturday; Mike drives up to the gym. He waits for Jennifer to arrive.

Bob pulls up with Jennifer. All three get out of their cars. Mike asks about Bob. Jennifer says," I want Bob to see me kick your ass. To see me make you cry and beg like the Bitch you are. When I am finished hurting you - which I will prolong - I will give you a surprise! Neither of us will say anything about our Matches. " They go inside the gym and Jennifer & Mike go into the Dressing Room to change. Bob goes Ringside and takes a seat. Mike leaves the Dressing Room and enters the Ring. He is wearing satin, gold with black trim string bikini briefs. Jennifer enters the Ring. She is wearing a white racing swimsuit. Bob strips down to black bikini briefs. Both Bob and Mike have boners looking at Jennifer. Mike positions them and shouts,"FIGHT!" 

Jennifer dives at Mike's legs and takes him to the mat. Once they are on the mat; Jennifer slams a punch into Mike's crotch. She follows up with a second blow that has Mike's body trembling. Mike cries which motivates Jennifer to pull Mike to his feet and drives a knee into his balls. Mike falls forward on to Jennifer. She supports him enough to drives a second knee into balls. Dong drops to his knees; screaming in pain; crying profusely with pain saturating his body from head to toe. Jennifer lets Mike crumble to the mat. Jennifer looks down with malicious pleasure at a writhing Don. Bob cheers her on. Jennifer blows Bob a kiss. Jennifer stomps Mike's head several times which send him to - Dreamland! Jennifer decides to not strip Mike to continue his thrashing. Mike slowly regains consciousness as he feels his butt on fire. Jennifer has her fist up Mike's ass. Jennifer moves her hand to create pain and pleasure simultaneously. Mike moans and screams from the fist. Brain is laughing at Mike's predicament. Mike shoots his first load into his thong from Jennifer's fist action. After he cum; she punches her fist hard against his prostate causing Mike to scream. Jennifer roughly removes her shit covered hand. She punches him in the face several times leaving "skid-marks" wherever she hits. Jennifer shoves her fist into his mouth and commands his to clean it. Mike cleans her fist and secretly is intoxicated by the smell on her hand. Jennifer chops him across the throat sending him back to the mat. Jennifer delivers Double Kneedrop to Mike's face which almost sends him to "Dreamland" a second time. Jennifer pulls Mike to his feet and sends him into the ropes. As Mike rebounds off the ropes; Jennifer catches Mike with a Spin Kick on the jaw. Mike is flipped in mid-air and lands facedown on the mat unconscious. Mike lies moaning with his mouth bleeding profusely. Jennifer removes Mike's briefs and tosses them to Bob. Bob smiles and catches the clothing. Jennifer wakes Mike up with several slaps. She pulls Mike to his feet; sends him into the ropes. As he rebounds of the ropes; Jennifer catches Mike with a Cobra Clutch. Mike flails away trying to escape. Jennifer clamps the hold in tighter Mike begins to fade. He taps her arm when he drops to his knees but Jennifer does not release the hold. As he drifts away; she has an explosive orgasm which almost causes her to release the hold but holds on until he is unconscious a third time. 

Jennifer rolls; turns Mike onto his back and does a Victory Ride. Jennifer cums several times ending with squirting sexual fluid on his face. Jennifer stands; commands Mike to stay facedown on the mat; leaves the Ring; go to her Dressing Room to clean up and change and return to the Ring. A naked Bob greets her; kisses her and asks if she is ready. Jennifer nods. Jennifer says," Mike - get on your knees!" Mike complies! Bob approaches Mike and points at his cock. Mike looks despondent and begins sucking Bob off while Jennifer masturbates. Each suck on his cock emasculates Mike more. Watching Jennifer masturbates causes Bob to grab Mike's ears and give Mike a face fuck! Jennifer has a massive orgasm that makes her drop to her knees. Bob shoots his cum into Mike's mouth and forces it down Mike's throat which makes Jennifer have a second orgasm. Jennifer screams to Bob," Fuck Him -Fuck Him - now!" Bob smiles forces Mike to his hands and knees; lubricates Mike's ass and rams his cock deep into Mike's ass. Bob fucks Mike for several minutes and shoots a huge load of cum into his ass causing Jennifer to have back to back orgasm watching Bob in complete control of Don. Bob immediately begins fucking him again with the intent of making Mike cum. After only two minutes; Mike shoots his load onto mat. Bob makes Mike eat it while shooting a second load. Jennifer sticks three fingers in her twat and comes again. Mike lays on the mat exhausted. He is covered by Bob's cum; Jennifer's sexual fluid and his own cum. Jennifer looks at Bob and says," Let's leave love. I am through with this male twat." Bob kisses Jennifer and they leave the gym. Mike lies broken physically, emotionally and sexually as he watches his ex-fianc e leave the gym.                                                                                                                                                         

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!