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I first meet Nicole about five years ago. At the time I had just turned 21 and she was 19. We met at the PWF wrestling school and training complex. I had been a pro wrestler for almost 3 years and been asked to help train a group of rookies just starting out in the pro ranks. Nicole was one of the top students, tough, athletic, and absolutely gorgeous. To say I was attracted to her would be a gross understatement. I was hopelessly in love in the first ten seconds.

After working out with the rookies for about a week I left to return resume my wrestling schedule. I was doing very well for myself I was undefeated and moving up in the rankings. Life was good except that I spent every moment not in the ring thinking of Nicole.

It had been about 4 months since the wrestling school when I entered the arena that night. I was wrestling a match just below the main event. Heading down the hallway to my dressing room I turned the corner and ran smack into her. She looked just like I remembered her. Too my surprise she remembered me. A brief and stumbling conversation led to us getting together after our matches and the rest as they say is history.

It's been 5 years since that first day at the PWF training school. I'm now 26 and have been the PWF World Wrestling Champion for the last year and a half. At 24 Nicole is even more beautiful than the day I meet her. She is a rising star in the PWF and will herself be champion one day after I retire. I plan to wrestle till I'm 30 then let Nicole win the title in a tournament. After she holds it for 2 years she can retire and we will have all the money we will ever need. Anyway that's been our plan for a while now lets hope it works out.

Nicole and I have been wrestling through out the mid-west for 5 weeks now appearing on the same cards for the PWF. I have defended my title against most of the top contenders in the region. I've had a couple of tuff matches but for the most part it has been an easy tour. Nicole continues to be undefeated and is attracting quite a fan club.

This is the last stop on our 6-week tour. After our matches tonight Nicole and I can go home and rest or maybe take a vacation to the Bahamas for a week or so. As we drive to the arena I notice my wife is unusually quiet. She seams to have some thing on her mind " what's up Nicole - is something wrong" I ask her. She just shakes her no and looks out the side window. "Come on hon. - after we win our last matches we will have 3 weeks off before we have to wrestle again. Maybe we can get away and have some fun" I tell her but she just nods her head and says nothing.

The PWF arena is filled to capacity almost 3thousand fans have turned out to watch the matches. As the World Champion I will defend my title in the main event.

As Nicole and I prepare for our matches my normally happy and excited wife is still strangely quite and subdued as she dons her wrestling gear. I am very troubled as I watch her change. First she pulls on very dark very sheer pantyhose, her light blue spandex leotard fits her like a second skin the high cut legs only add to her naturally gorgeous figure. White wrestling boots and a light blue silk kimono robe add to her sensuality.

Putting my concerns about Nicole aside I too begin to prepare to wrestle. As usual my wife has laid out my wrestling gear, satin thong jockstrap, white dance tights, white paten leather wrestling boots my white sequined satin ring jacket and filially the world wrestling championship belt. As I begin to put my gear on I notice that Nicole has not yet been called for her match. "Hay hon when they gone' a call you for your match, it's almost time for the main event. When you gone' a wrestle?" As my wife turns to answer me I can still see that troubled look in her eyes. " The same time you are" she tells me. Now it's me that has a strange look on my face. "A couple of days ago the promoter called me and said that you're secluded opponent for tonight had been injured in his last match and would I like to have a shot at the title. I didn't know what to say at first, but he said that as a professional wrestler if I didn't take this shot I might never get another one. I love you Neil but I also want to be the world champion. So it's me that you will be defending your title against tonight. I am your opponent in the main event". To say I was stunned would be an under statement. I had no desire to have to wrestle my own wife, especially for the championship. Although I was very angry I understood Nicole's feelings, as a pro-wrestler she had no choice but to accept the match. I blamed the promoter, as he was only looking to increase his take at the box office.

After much discussion and arguing with the promoter I knew I had no choice. I either wrestled my wife for the title or I would be disqualified and would forfeit the championship.

Talking it over with Nicole in our dressing room we both agreed that wrestling each other was our only choice and that we should put our love and marriage aside for tonight and wrestle as hard as we each can. With that decided we looked each other in the eyes, rapped our arms around each other very tightly and gave each other a long and passionate kiss. The knock on the door ended our embrace; it was now time to get down to business and wrestle.

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is the main event of the evening. It is a one fall to a finish no time limit pin or submission match for the PWF World Wrestling Championship. In this corner standing 5ft7ins tall and 132 lbs undefeated in 61 consecutive matches she is the challenger NICOLE". The arena erupts in cheers as my wife is introduced. In the 5 yrs she has been wrestling she has built a large fan following. "In his corner at 6ft1in and 178lbs he is the undefeated and undisputed PWF World Wrestling Champion, Neil. As Nicole and I come to the center of the ring for our match instructions the video announcers begin to discuss the match in an excited manor. "This is perhaps the most unusual title match in PWF history. Never before have a husband and wife wrestled each other for the title. The champion and the challenger have been married for about 3years. This should make for a very interesting match".

Our referee Brenda having completed her instructions sends Nicole and I back to our corners. I remove my satin and rind stone ring jacket, unbuckle the championship belt and place them over the turnbuckle support. Pulling up and adjusting my tights and jockstrap I am ready to wrestle. I see Nicole finishing adjustments to her leotard as the bell sounds.

Both Nicole and I leave our corners and begin to circle each other. For the first time in my wrestling career I feel tentative about attacking an opponent. After several seconds of indecision I move in to lock up with Nicole. We grab each other collar and elbow. Twisting and pulling we fight to gain control. I begin to push Nicole back toward the ropes. Before she gets there I quickly jerk her arm duck under go behind and wrench her arm up into a hammerlock. Nicole cries out as I put pressure on her arm and shoulder. I release the hold and step back not wanting to inflict pain on the woman I love. Nicole rubs her shoulder and shakes her arm as she turns to face me.

"You better start acting like a champion and fight me, cause I'm hear to win. Unless you want to lay down and let me pin you start wrestling". As shocked and sorry as I am to hear my wife say that to me I know she's right we're both pros and this is our business.

If I had any doubts Nicole quickly put an end to them. Before I could react or answer her she leaped up and landed a standing drop kick. Her white wrestling boots smashing into my chest send my flying backward crashing to the mat. Attacking quickly before I can get to my feet Nicole grabs my wrist twists and bends my arm in wristlock. Dropping to the mat beside me my wife locks her legs around my arm in a combination figure-four over hand wristlock. Twisting and turning I franticly kick my legs trying to escape the hold she has me in. My left arm and shoulder throb with pain as Nicole pours on the pressure. Stretching out my right arm I desperately try to reach the bottom rope. My fingertips are just barely able to touch the rope as I shout for release from the hold. "Ropes - ropes -I'm in the ropes ref - break the hold- break the hold". Brenda our referee taps the rope with her foot and my fingers fall free. Kicking and wiggling as hard as I can I am finally able to grab the bottom rope and hold on. At the count of four the hold is at last broken. My arm begins to throb as I slowly try to get to my feet. Brenda moves Nicole back away from me as I pull on the ropes to help me stand.

As Brenda steps aside Nicole rushes toward me, with my back against the ropes I wait till the last possible second before raising my foot. Nicole is unable to stop as she crashes face first into the sole of my wrestling boot. Raising her hands to her face she turns her back to me and staggers a few steps toward the other side of the ring. Running up behind her I grab Nicole's head and bulldog her to the mat. My wife is momentarily stunned as I roll down her body grabbing her white boots and folding one on top of the other. Pressing forward on the toes of her boots I trap them between my legs as I sit down on them. Reaching forward I cup my hands under Nicole's chin and pull back. My wife's head, shoulders and chest come up off the mat as her spine is bent like a bow. With her mouth held tightly shut all she can do is moan in pain as I pull on her chin. As Brenda kneels down in front of Nicole, my wife franticly claws at my hands trying to pull them away from her chin. Looking Nicole in the eye Brenda asks her if it's over and has she had enough. " What' a you say Nicole - had enough - want me to ring the bell - ya ready to give it up?" Thru clenched teeth my wife tells the ref that she wants to continue. After twisting, turning, wiggling and clawing the mat Nicole is able to reach the ropes and I must break the hold.

The next 22min. the wrestling fans in the arena do not need their seats they never sit down. Nicole and I fight back and forth. We exchange holds and escapes. First one then the other of us is trapped in expertly applied and painfully executed wrestling holds. The tide of battle flows back and forth between us. At the twenty-minuet mark a subtle change begins to show. Nicole has begun to slow down it takes her a little longer to escape my holds. She is just a second or two behind me getting to her feet. It's just a little easier for me to escape the holds she puts me in. It soon becomes obvious that I am beginning to dominate the match and that I'm headed for another successful title defense.

Pulling Nicole up off the mat after having suplexed her I twist her arm and whip her into the turnbuckle. As her back crashes into the pads a look of exhaustion and defeat flashes across her face. My gorgeous young wife now knows that she cannot win the title. Looking to end the match I charge in after her. Just as I am about to drive my left shoulder into her Nicole quickly spins out of the way. Now it is I who crash into the corner pads. As my arm and shoulder slam into the corner a lighting bolt of pain shoots up and around my arm from the tips of my fingers around my shoulders and into my neck. My left arm now hangs uselessly throbbing in pain.

Nicole senses that something is wrong. Using her skill and experience as a professional wrestler she summons all her strength and energy and pounces on me. Grabbing my numb and useless arm she twists it into a standing wristlock. The flash of white-hot pain is blinding. As Nicole twists as hard as she can I slowly sink to my knees. My right hand paws at my arm and shoulder in a futile effort to ease the pain. Tears well up in my eyes as my wife twists my arm mercilessly. It's now my turn to see Brenda kneeling down in front of me looking into my eyes. Seeing the tears of pain she asks me " How bout it champ - you OK want to keep going". I nod my head yes that I want to continue to wrestle. Nicole takes no pity on me bending my hand palm up she twists my arm back and forth as fast and as hard as she can. I can't control myself as I scream from the pain "OH god - my arm". Once again our ref Brenda is face to face in front of me she can clearly see the pain in my tearing eyes. Having refereed many of my matches she knows the deep trouble I am in. " Looks like she's got you champ - what' a you say you ready to submit - you can't wrestler her with one arm - Come on let me ring the bell". My answer is instinctive; with clinched teeth I shake my head and whisper "NO - NO".

As I look for an escape from this hold my mind races, I am stunned and in disbelief as just seconds ago I was in easy reach of victory. My wife snaps me back to painful reality as she bends my arm behind me. Jamming her knee into the back of my shoulder she drives me to the mat. Twisting my wrist around she drives my arm up into a painful hammerlock. I kick my legs wildly as my free arm claws at the mat in an effort to escape the hold or get to the ropes. Locking my left arm up behind me Nicole reaches around and slides her right arm under my chin. Pulling up and twisting she now has me trapped in a cross-face and hammerlock. I am dazed and confused by this sudden and devastating shift in the match. I should be standing in the center of the ring with my arm raised in victory my championship belt around my waist. Yet hear I am face down on the mat near defeat struggling to escape the crushing hold my wife has me trapped in. The fingers of my right hand claw at the canvas and the toes of my white paten leather-wrestling boots try to dig into it as I inch my way toward the ropes. My arm and shoulder burn with white-hot pain my neck is stretched almost to the breaking point as I wiggle, twist and claw my way toward my only hope of escape. My breath comes in sobbing gulps fighting for air as Nicole keeps the pressure on. After what seams like an eternity I am able to stretch my right arm out and wrap my fingers around the bottom rope. At the count of three Nicole releases both my arm and chin and backs away from me. For several seconds I lie on the mat unable to clear my head enough to move. Far off in the distance I hear someone counting " ONE - TWO - THREE". At last I am able to clear the cobwebs from my head and begin to struggle to my feet. Reaching out with my only good arm I pull my self up to the bottom rope. " FOUR" my head and shoulders are off the mat. "FIVE" I've reached the second rope. " SIX" I am on my knees. "SEVEN" I reach for the top rope and begin to pull myself to my feet. " EIGHT" I am up on one knee pulling on the top rope with all my remaining strength. "NINE" I am finally on my feet. Keeping Nicole from immediately attacking me Brenda asks if I'm done "Come on champ - she almost knocked you out - lets end it now". I give her the only answer a champion can give "NO - NO -I'm OK - I want to keep wrestling".

The two video commentators are just as stunned as the wrestling fans in the arena. Ted and Janet can hardly describe the action. "What an unbelievable turn of events Janet. The champion looked as though he was on his way to victory". "Yes Ted he did. But it looks like Nicole has turned this match around. She clearly has her husband in deep trouble". " I agree Janet, unless he does something to turn this match around very soon I think he may well be defeated and loose his title to his own wife".

Brenda waves the fight on and Nicole moves in at once. Hooking my useless left arm over her head my wife grabs my tights and snaps me over onto my back. Stretching my left arm out and holding my wrist Nicole drives her knee into my bicep. I scream in pain as she repeats this move three times. Lying on my back looking up at the ring lights I know my reign as the world champion is over; Nicole has beaten me. "Please Nicole that's it - I'm finished - just pin me" I tell her, the words choking in my throat. I'm stunned when she doesn't hook my leg and get me in a cross-body press for the pin. I would not be able to kick out. The look on my wife's face sends a terrible chill of fear thru my body. It's as if she does not know me and has not heard my words.

Grabbing my useless left arm by the wrist Nicole twists it and wraps her arms under and around it getting me in an Arm Bar hold. Pulling up on my trapped arm my wife lifts my shoulder and left side off the mat as my upper body hangs in the air. I cry out as Nicole jerks my arm back and forth "OH god Nicole - what are you doing - your going to break my arm". In a flash Nicole drops to the mat as I land on my back. Still holding my arm trapped in an Arm Bar she drapes her stocking covered legs across my upper chest and shoulders hooking my good arm with her boots. Leaning back as far as she can my wife now has me in an Arm Bar and Stretch. I can take no more punishment. With my extended right arm I tap the mat furiously indicating that I want to submit. Brenda who has been checking my shoulders for a pin finally sees my signal. Moving quickly beside she is about to question my intentions when Nicole shouts to her. "Go on Brenda ask him if he quits - see if he's had enough". Brenda gives Nicole a strange look as though she doesn't believe what Nicole is saying. Looking back at me she just shakes her head and in a soft almost pleading voice asks, " How bout it champ. That just about it, have you had enough? Are you ready to give it up". Looking at my beautiful wife Nicole I see a look of total determination on her face and I know I will not be able to escape the painful hold she has me in. Turning back to Brenda I tell her that I know Nicole has defeated me and the match is over. "Yes - Yes - I've had enough - stop the match Brenda - PLEASE - I give up - I give up- she's beaten me - I submit". Brenda immediately calls for the bell, looking over at Nicole she tells my wife " That's it Nicole - let him go - he's given up - the match is over - you've won - you're the new champion".

The ringing of the bell signals the end of both the match and my reign as champion. Nicole releases my arm and leaps to her feet. The wrestling fans crowding the arena are cheering wildly for the new champion as the chant her name "NICOLE - NICOLE - NICOLE".

Unable to get to my feet I crawl to my corner and prop myself up against the bottom turnbuckle. The events going on around me seem almost like a dream or maybe a nightmare. I watch as Brenda takes the championship belt from my corner and places it around my wife's waist. Nicole raises both her arms in the air waiving at the fans as she bounces gleefully on the toes of her wrestling boots.

I can hear the video announcers Ted and Janet analyzing what everybody has seen. "What a stunning finish to this championship match. I'd have to say Janet that neither of us ever expected to see a new champion tonight. That's right Ted; Nicole was a last minuet replacement in this match and no one expected her to be able to defeat her husband and take his championship belt away from him. I agree Janet; it's hard to imagine what the former champion is feeling right now is we look at him lying on the mat in his corner. I'm sure that he never expected to be forced into a submission and defeated by his own wife."

As Nicole acknowledges the cheers from the crowd the ring announcer calls for the bell and grabs the microphone " LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN THE TIME OF 28 MIN and 41SEC - THE WINNER WITH AN ARM BAR AND STRETCH SUBMISSION - AND NEW PWF WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION - NICOLE". Once again the crowd cheers wildly for my wife the new champion.

For several minutes the new Champion stands in the center of the ring acknowledging the cheers of the crowd. Both arms held high over her head she slowly turns to each side of the ring waving. As she completes the turn she finally notices me lying on the mat leaning against the turnbuckle in my corner. A look that can only be described as half way between horror and pity crosses her face. Racing into my corner she kneels down beside me. Looking at my injured arm lying uselessly across my chest she asks, "I'm so sorry honey - are you OK?" I nod my head yes as I begin to a tear form in one corner of her eye. "Can you ever forgive me? I forgot for a wile that it was you I was wrestling. I didn't hurt too badly did I?" I shake my head no as Nicole begins to caress my face. " OH Neil I'm sorry you lost your title. I wish I could give it back to you". Taking my wife's hand and kissing it softly I tell her "Don't be sorry Nicole, you beat me fair and square. You got me in a perfect hold I couldn't get out of and I had to submit. You're the Champion now".

Nicole helps me to my feet. My left arm hangs uselessly at my side. With my good arm I gently push Nicole back to the center of the ring and the cheers of the crowd. I drop to my knees and ease my way out of the ring. I slowly walk up the isle toward the dressing rooms almost completely unnoticed. Nobody is interested in an ex-champion. I wait in the hall outside our dressing room for Nicole to arrive. It's the champion's dressing room and it belongs to her now.

In the dressing room Nicole begins to remove her wrestling gear. I've always enjoyed watching her undress. She hangs up her silk kimono. Moving in front of the full-length mirror she sees herself wearing the World Championship Belt for the first time. Reaching behind her back she unsnaps the belt and hangs is carefully in her locker. Then unties her boots, pulls off her tights and pantyhose and heads toward the shower.

Sitting with my head in my hands it's several minutes before I move. Standing slowly I move in front of Nicole's locker, I carefully remove the title belt and spend several seconds looking at it. I wonder if I will ever wear it again. Nicole has returned from her shower and I finally begin to remove my gear. I untie and remove my white wrestling boots; I peel off my tights and slid my jockstrap down and off. I can't help but notice the empty spot were my championship belt once hung. Looking over at Nicole I tell my wife. "You know Nicole I'd like a rematch. I think can beat you next time". Nicole laughs, "Any time honey - I intend to be a fighting champion".

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