mixed boxing sit punch girl on top woman wins

8 y.o. vs 13 y.o.

Arena was buzzed with hundreds of people all speaking at once. The excitement built up as Ling was herded into the ring by her trainer. She wore a white leotard that showed off her slender arms, her slender legs were covered by white boots. Her long black hair was tied back in a pony tail that only emphasised her youth. Opposite her, her opponent entered the ring. The programme said that his name was Kevin Sharpe and he was 13. He was about 5'8" stockily built and wore a simple white T-shirt with white shorts. He punched his boxing gloves into each other in anticipation. A smile came to his face as he faced the petite 8 year old girl, slender built standing at around 4'5". I was going to enjoy this, the girl didn't stand a chance, he was going to pulverise her.

The seconds left the ring, leaving the referee who called the badlymismatched combatants to the middle of the ring. I could Kevin smirking at his friends and relatives in the capacity crowd as the ref went on about a good clean fight, no doubt he was already thinking that he was junior kickboxing regional champion. So engrossed was he in self-congratulation that he barely heard the bell signalling the start of the first, and without doubt the only round.

This was going to be easy, Kevin though as the bell rang out. Suddenly he saw a blur of motion and a small foot slammed into his face rocking his head back hard. He had hardly time to blink when the girl's foot slammed into his face again scrambling his brains. Realising he was in danger, he blindly kicked out, his vision blurred from the blows. He hit thin air, but she didn't hesitate. Her leg shot out like lightning down the inside of his leg driving her foot straight and deep into his gut. Instinctively Kevin started to bend forward. He could just make out the small girl stepping towards him. Lashing out with his arm, he tried to punch her in the face but she blocked it easily with her arm and hammered her knee straight into his solar plexus. Pain exploded in his middle. He would have cried out but he didn't have time, a small boxing gloved fist caught him square on his chin and he fell to the mat. "1 ur 2 ur" he could hear someone counting but he didn't know who. His head span wildly and black spots kept appearing and disappearing before his eyes. "5 ur 6 ur" "come on Kevin, get up, come on, she's only 8 for Pete's sake" he knew that voice, now who was it?. He tried to raise himself to his elbows but the effort was too much, blackness flooded his vision and then washed over his brain.

Ling was like grease lightning her kicks and blow demolishing her older opponent in seconds. In less than quarter of a minute the 13 year old boy was lying flat on his front knocked out cold by a small 8 year old oriental girl.