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Barbara vs husband

To make wrestling with her husband a little more erotic, Barbara decided to set the stage for herself. Though she had a nice body, Barbara was very modest, wearing a black gymnastics long sleeved high cut leotard.


She arranged to have the kids sleep over a friends' house one night, and as her husband arrived home from work, she was waiting for him in their bedroom. She had lit candles all around the room and slipped into her sexiest gymnastics leotard, kneeling on the bed when he walked in. Barbara hadn't done anything quite as sensual as this for her husband in years, so immediately he stripped out of his clothes and moved toward. But Barbara knelt up and held her hand out to stop him in his tracks.


"If you want me, you've got to wrestle me!"


He looked back at her with a quizzical expression, not sure what to do, so Barbara repeated the phrase.


"You heard me. If you want me, you've to got to pin me to the bed!"


He took the bait and jumped onto the bed, but immediately Barbara wrapped her legs around his head and locked them together, trapping him in a head scissors. Barbara squeezed tightly, and though he seemed to enjoy being the victim of the hold, it was also somewhat painful. But Barbara kept the pressure on, squeezing her thighs tightly around his skull until finally he tried to pry her legs apart, but was unsuccessful. Finally she freed his head, but then quickly grabbed him and tossed him onto his stomach before grabbing his arm and twisting it behind him.


"AAHH!" he yelled, his arm twisted painfully.


Barbara kept the pressure on his arm just long enough to prove a point before rolling him onto his back and jumping on top of him. She then wound her legs around his thighs and pinned his arms to the bed, executing a perfect grapevine pin. He began to squirm halfheartedly as his wife's leotard covered chest dangled near his head. He lifted his head up and buried it in her cleavage, but she pressed his arms down even more, forcing him back against the bed as she kept him pinned.


"Pretty good, eh? I've been taking wrestling lessons. What do you think?"


He was stunned, but gradually smiled at her revelation.


"So come on, try to get free!" she chided as he continued to struggle.


Eventually he was able to roll her onto her back before pinning her arms over her hip as Barbara struggled feverishly to break free. But he proved too powerful and eventually she succumbed as he kissed her crotch and his tongue worked his way inside her body. The end result left Barbara with a great deal of pleasure, even more so than usual, she moaning loudly in ecstasy.

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