CFNM mixed wrestling headscissors gym leotard femdom fight

Alexandra vs James

Alexandra was on her way to the beach area of the UFWL arena, she was dressed in a pink one piece swimsuit and a pair of flip-flops, she had a towel draped over her right shoulder and a beach bag over her left. As she entered the beach she passed by the beachfront wrestling ring and outside seating area. She found her favorite spot and laid her towel and bag down. She kicked off her flip-flops and sat down on the towel. Alexandra reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of tanning lotion. She squirted a dab of lotion on her shoulders. As she began to rub the lotion onto her arms, she felt a pair of hands grasp her shoulders. She turned her head and saw James Magnussen kneeling behind her. "Hello, James." Alexandra said. "What brings you here?"

"I wanted to know if you were up for a challenge." James said. "How would you like to wrestle me?" James ran his hands up and down Alex's arms, he lingered when he reached her biceps, he gave them a little squeeze. "Not bad, I see you work your biceps a lot. I like that."

"Wrestle with you, that sounds like fun." Alex said. "What kind of match did you have in mind." Alexandra let James apply lotion to her legs. James moved by Alex's legs and began to rub them. He smiled at her and began to kiss her neck. She didn't try to stop him, she just let him continue to kiss her sensually on her pecs. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. Alex jumped to her feet and slapped James across the face. "None of that unless you win."

James rubbed his cheek, the slap had left a red mark in the shape oh her hand. "Fair enough, then let's make the stakes interesting." James said and grabbed Alex by the wrist. "If I win, you have to fulfill my every whim for a week. If you win, ditto." James raised his other hand towards Alexandra. "Do we have a deal?"

Alexandra reached out and shook James hand. "Deal" Alex said. "What makes you so confident that you'll win?"

James pulled Alex towards him, he wrapped his arms around her and put his lips to her ear. "Because of these arms, baby. You may have some great legs, but they're no match for me." He kissed her on the lips, he could taste cherries on her lips. "Look, the crowd has already arrived." Alex turned her head, every chair in the seating area had been filled. James threw Alex over his right shoulder, he ran towards the opening to the seating area and down the entrance plank. Ref Rebecca Soni stood in the center of the ring and watched as James approached the ring carrying Alexandra over his shoulders, dressed in her black and white striped thong leotard. James climbed onto the ring apron and stepped over the ropes, he set Alex down on her feet and stretched his arms out at his sides.

Alexandra placed her hands on her hips and stared at James. "So, what kind of match is this?" Alex said. "You never told me yet."

"Submission match." James said. "You're not going to chicken out are you." James strutted around the ring doing his best chicken impression."

"Hell no, I'm not afraid of you." Alexandra said and approached James, she raised her hands over her head motioning for a test of strength contest. James and Alex interlocked their fingers as the bell rang. James pushed forward, pouring all his strength into the hold. Alexandra grunted and pressed forward with her legs, her biceps swelling as she tried to force James back. James managed to force Alexandra down to her left knee, she kept pushing back hard, every muscle in her arms tight and bulging with veins. James got her down onto both knees. Alexandra slid backward as James pushed harder with her strong arms. He moved her back into the corner of the ring. James shoved Alexandra into the corner and rammed his elbow into her chest. He slammed his knee into her abs.

Alexandra ducked under his next elbow and rolled out of the corner, she shoved him against the turnbuckle and kneed him in the groin. Alexandra grabbed James wrist and whipped him towards the opposite corner. As James reached the corner he jumped onto the top turnbuckle, Alex ran towards James and tried to stop. James leaped off the turnbuckle and landed a dropkick to Alexandra's abs. James got to his feet and grabbed the fallen Alexandra's ankles and flipped her into a boston crab. James leaned back in the hold, Alexandra screamed and reached her hand out towards the ropes. Her fingers brushed against the bottom rope, she tried again and closed her fingers around the rope. James turned to see her holding the ropes. He released the hold and grabbed Alexandra by the hair. He dragged her to her feet, she elbowed him in the chin as she got to her feet. Alexandra grabbed James by his swim trunks and gave him a wedgie. She laughed and pointed at him. "If you don't like that, maybe you take your trunks off." Alexandra said.

Alexandra ran towards James and knocked him off his feet with a forearm smash. She sat down on James' chest and smiled. "Let me show you how water polo babes get the job done." Alexandra said and wrapped her legs around James' waist. She grabbed his left arm and wrapped it in an armbar. James grabbed a lock of her hair with his free hand and yanked it hard. Alexandra grunted and fell onto her back. James rolled onto Alexandra and pulled her to her feet. He locked his arms around her waist. He squeezed her tightly in his bearhug. Alexandra moaned as she tried to escape his powerful arms. She writhed as his tightened his grip, she was impressed by the strength of his rock hard biceps. She smiled and laid her head against his chest. She shook her head and butted James in the forehead. James released the hold and staggered back. Alexandra backed him against the ropes, she went to clotheslines him, he ducked under her arm and she sailed over the ropes and fell face first into the sand.

James rolled out of the ring and stood by Alexandra's head. He placed his bare foot on the back of her head and pressed her face deeper into the sand. "Get up, you beach bum." James said. He knelt down by her head and pulled her face from the sand. She spat out a mouthful of sand. James laughed and pressed her face back into the sand. James grabbed Alexandra by the hair and dragged her to her feet. Alexandra sprayed a mouthful of sand into James' eyes. He went ti wipe the sand from his eyes. Alexandra took advantage of this and kneed James in the chin. James fell to knees. Alexandra rammed her hip against the side of James' head. Alexandra scooped a handful of sand into her right hand. She placed her hand in front of her. James managed to wipe his eyes, he grabbed a handful of sand and tossed it into Alexandra's eyes. James laughed as Alexandra staggered blindly around the ring, he crept up behind and locked her in a full nelson and shook her wildly. He rammed her into the corner post and suplexed her to the sand.

Alexandra slowly got to her feet, James ran at her. She ducked under his arms and punched him in the small of the back. Alexandra leaped up and latched onto James' back. She wrapped her arms around his throat. James rammed her backward against the side of the ring. As she fell off his back, the back of her head struck the ring apron. She laid sprawled face down in the sand. James sat on Alexandra's back and locked on a camel clutch. He pulled back on her neck hard. She screamed in agony as he threw her down and pressed his knee into the small of her back. He grabbed her wrists and pulled back on them. Alexandra freed her wrists and pushed James off her back, she rolled away form James and leaped to her feet. James sneaked up behind Alexandra and kicked her in the abs. Alexandra's one piece swimsuit had been ripped in the stomach area, her abs were partially exposed. James grabbed the ripped area and began to tear it off, leaving Alexandra's six pack abs fully exposed. James tried to rip it more but Alexandra low blowed him in the crotch. Alexandra uppercutted James in the chin, she kneed him in the chin and smiled as he fell onto his side. Alexandra sat down and wriggled her butt in his face until he lost consciousness.

James awoke a few moments later. He was laying in the center of the ring. Alexandra was standing over, she placed her foot on his face and rubbed her heel on his mouth. She had her arms folded across her chest and smiling. "I won." Alexandra said still drenched with sweat from the intensity of the match and the hot summer sun. "I want you to lick the sweat from my body, now."

James dropped onto all fours and ran his tongue long the top of Alexandra' feet, he moved up to her knees and thighs. She pointed to her crotch. James began to run his tongue on wet crotch of her leotard, she smiled.

She patted him on the head. "That's enough for now. Bark like a dog."

James began to bark like a dog. He crawled on her hands and knees behind his victress as she climbed out of the ring. He kissed her feet again.

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