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About custom galleries

Many thanks to all customers! I have to say, over 95% of MixedBattles galleries are custom works. Sometimes I have even 3 or 4 projects in progress at same time. All stories of MixedBattles were written by customers or our professional writers (in case when the customer's request is too short and skimpy).

Dear customers, your ideas are usually interesting, and I'm always glad to illustrate your stories and scripts. Just one little notice for new customers: please look at my art first before asking me for a custom gallery. Especially look at women's outfits. You can choose any clothing or nudity for male actors, but female models must be dressed like heroines of existing stories. Please no bikinis or other two piece trash. Please no stupid pants, bras, e.t.c. - because MixedBattles' usual visitors doesn't like those clothing. Because it may be visible for free anywhere - just look at your window and you'll see hundreds of women in such clothing, free and quickly. Nothing interesting.

If you strongly want to have a custom gallery with women wearing "incorrect" clothing, please be ready to VERY increased price of work. Because for me it's a work for recycled bin: I can't share and sell galleries with naked or topless women, and I have no reason to share/try to sell galleries with women in very common clothes that has no chance to be purchased. I'm working as a member of team, and each participant of MixedBattles project must receive a salary. We also must upgrade a hardware, purchase new licensed 3D models for drawing, pay for internet, electricity, domain, web hosting, engine of our online store, advertising, e.t.c. - it means each our product must be interesting for MixedBattles' audience and generate a cash flow.

Of course, sometimes I have very unusual custom requests and I'm drawing such galleries, but nobody will see it (just the custoner, nobody more). This trash always costs very much because it's a pure loss of very expensive working time and hardware resources. Nothing personal - just business.

I'm sorry for my long absence in the blog - I had too much of custom works last year. No weekends, no holidays, no vacations, absolutely. I'll try to write here more often, and I'm going to make a new set of samples with unusual mixed wrestling holds that I made manually, "Samples pack #3" without a description, but with 90% discount. Here is some such samples. Look in Online Store soon!

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