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Thinking about new swordfight gallery

Yes, mixed wrestling is lovely genre for thousands of fans. But sometimes I want to draw a gallery specially for other part of MixedBattles' visitors. Woman vs man sword fighting pictures is too rare in internet, low-quality, fake scripts with stupid clothing that disallowing to have a freedom of movements (try to fight in 16th century's dress to understand how stupid is it). No ideas, no scripts, even no proper descriptions of that pics. But fencing is really sexy sport, it's mix of dance, acrobatics and fighting. Between drawing my current custom galleries, I'm thinking about creating a new mixed swordplay. Look at those pictures - I have some interesting characters and action places. But I have no idea - what to draw, who will be both fighters and what's their targets, what reason of their fight. Any ideas are welcome - you can write about it in comments below or contact me as usual.

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