aunt vs nephew cfnm ballbusting femdom

A different ballbusting family

Brian was curious when he received the message that his aunt Anne wanted him to drop by and see her at her home. He had always been close to his aunt but over the last couple of years they had not seen as much of each other as they did before. This was mostly because at eighteen Brian was more interested in spending time with people his own age especially girls his own age. The message from his aunt seemed urgent and he made a special effort to get to her as soon as possible.


Brian rang Aunt Anne's doorbell and soon she came and let him in. At thirty-seven Anne was still a very attractive woman with full ripe breasts and a nicely rounded rear. One major reason Brian had always liked his Aunt Anne was that she was so damned sexy. The way she was dressed now did nothing to change that opinion since she was wearing a tight black leotard that accentuated her well curved body. The high-heeled shoes she wore made her beautiful legs even more enticing. It was very difficult for him to remember that she was his aunt and not just some woman he would love to sleep with.

"Come in dear. I'm so glad you could make it on such short notice." His lovely Aunt smiled.

"You know I'd do anything for you Aunt Anne. What's so important that you needed to see me right away? Mother said it was important that I come by today if possible so here I am." Brian smiled. 

"Come sit down I need to discuss something with you." Anne answered firmly.

When they were seated Anne pulled a photo out of an envelope and placed it in front of Brian saying, "I'd like an explanation of this." 

Brian's mouth dropped open and he blushed bright red. He recognized the picture immediately. It was the nude picture of himself that he had sent in answer to an ad for a woman who was looking for men who wanted to submit to cock and ball torture. "How did you get that?" Brian stammered. 

"You sent it to me." Anne smiled sweetly. "And I must say you have certainly grown since the last time I saw you naked." 

"I didn't send that to you. I sent it to a woman who ran an ad." Brian replied.

"Yes, I know you sent it to a woman looking for males to submit to her cock and ball torture. What a sweet letter you sent with it too. 'Please bind me and do with me as you wish. I only want to serve your pleasure’ That’s so sweet of my favorite nephew to make such an offer." Anne teased. 

"But that wasn't meant for you it was for the woman who ran the ad." the hapless young man blubbered in embarrassment. 

Anne laughed. "But I am the woman who ran that ad, Brian. You answered MY ad." 

"I'm so sorry Aunt Anne. I had no idea that it was your add. Just forget that I ever sent that letter. Please." 

"But I don't want to forget it, Brian. Did you mean what you said in your letter? Do you really want to submit your cock and balls to torture?" 

"Well yes. It's something I have fantasized about for years now, and when I saw that ad I thought I would take a chance and see if it was something I wanted to try for real. But I had no idea I was answering my own aunt's ad. I just thought it was some stranger not you. Please, please, Aunt Anne forget I sent that picture and letter to you, and please don't tell my mother about this." Brian begged. 


"Relax dear. If you really want to try cock and ball torture you answered the right ad. It doesn't matter if you are my nephew I'm still willing to bring your fantasies to life if you want." Anne soothed. 


"You'd really do that for me or to me should I say." Brian was stunned and he was starting to get excited by the possibility of his aunt and him an in sexual relationship.


"You bet I would. There is nothing I like better than to play with some young man's balls and from your picture it looks like you have a pretty good pair." Aunt Anne smiled. "Now why don't you stand up and open your pants for me so I can look over your nuts."


Nervously Brian stood and opened the front of his pants. His aunt then pulled them and his briefs down to his knees. When she did so his hard cock sprang up to attention. 


"My you are excited aren't you, Brian?" Anne teased as she grabbed his cock in one hand and his balls with the other. She stroked his cock as she gave a slight squeeze to his balls making him moan. "Oh, I'm going to have a lot of fun with these." Aunt Anne sighed. 


"Let's get all your clothes off so I can see the rest of you." Anne demanded. 


Brian stripped quickly barely able to control his excitement. His fantasy was about to come true. That the woman who was about to fulfill was his aunt no longer mattered. She was a beautiful and sexy woman and she was going to give him what he had only dreamed about before. 


When Brian was nude Anne grabbed his balls firmly and started to lead him down to her basement game room. Brian had no choice but to follow her. Downstairs she deftly fastened cuffs to his wrists and ankles and then bound his hands to a rafter high over head. Anne then attached his ankles cuffs to rings anchored in the floor so that his legs were spread wide giving her easy access to the area she wanted, his balls. 


When she was satisfied that he could not escape Anne leaned over and kissed her nephew on the cheek and said "Brian I'm going to have so much fun with you I can hardly wait. I know in my ad it said cock and ball torture but what I really like is ball busting. So' that's what I'm going to work on." Then without warning as Anne smiled at her nephew she slammed her knee into his hanging balls as hard as she could. Brian tried to double over but the bonds held him fast. 


Laughing at his anguish Anne said "that felt so good, Brian dear." and again slammed her knee viciously up into his balls three times in quick succession. 


Brian coughed in complete agony as Anne gasped in orgasmic pleasure. 


"Did you like that Brian?" Anne asked coyly. "I know I did." 


"It hurts so bad Aunt Anne." Brian gasped in pain. 


"I know but you know you need it. That's why I enjoy doing it so much. I'm so glad I don't have balls, that is, except for yours. And just think we've only just started. " Anne laughed. 


"Now be a good boy and say' Aunt Anne, please kick me in my balls.' " Anne teased. 


"Oh. Please Aunt Anne I can't take a kick right now. My balls already hurt so much." Brian begged. 


"Say it. " Anne demanded. " Or I'll not only kick your balls I'll crush them."


Fearfully Brian repeated "Aunt Anne please kick me in my balls." 


Anne laughed and said. "Brian dear I'd love to." Then swung her foot full force into his unprotected nutsack. As he was recovering from his aunt's vicious kick Brian heard footsteps on the floor above and then to his complete horror he heard his mother's voice calling out to Anne. It was bad enough that he was willingly submitting to his aunt bashing his balls but for his mother to find out was more than he could stand. In a panic Brian pleaded. "Aunt Anne please release me before mother finds us like this. Please let me hide. She'll never understand." 


Anne just laughed and then called out "We're down in the basement Mary. Come on down I've been waiting for you." 


Brian could not believe what he had just heard. His aunt not only invited his mother down to see him in his current condition but she had known she would be coming. He struggled in his bonds but it was no use. There was no way he could escape.


Mary, Brian's mother, came down the stairs and immediately saw him bound naked in the center of the room and smiled. She bore a strong resemblance to her younger sister in face and build and she was dressed in much the same manner. She then kissed her sister on the cheek and said "So, it looks like you got him right where we wanted him." 


"It was easy. He really wants this but I bet he never expected his aunt and his mother to be the ones that gave it to him. 


Mary stepped in front of Brian and smiled saying. "You've been a naughty boy and you'll have to be punished." Without any further warning she swung her leg in a long arc and sent her foot crashing into his dangling balls. It was a direct hit and again Brian began to retch in pain. His mother only laughed at his agony. 


"I've always wanted to smash your balls Brian." Mary smiled. "You know I really loved busting your fathers balls until he died two years ago. Well actually it has been five years because that was when I crushed his balls and there was no use kicking what wasn't there anymore after that. When your Aunt Anne called me and told me you had answered her ad well I could hardly wait for her to get you here all bound up so I could have some fun with you too."


"But mother how could you do this to me. Don't you love me?" Brian blubbered.


"Of course I love you son, but I love busting balls more. Don't you think I knew that you looked at the magazines I had in my drawer at home. I wanted you to find them and read them it was all part of my plan to condition you to want to have your balls kicked. I would have done this myself when you were younger but society frowns on mothers doing that to their sons. But now you're grown and freely chose to do this. So, I felt I should be able to benefit from the desire I instilled in you from birth." Mary explained. 


Mary then leaned in close to her son and spoke softly in his ear as she fondled his sore hanging nuts. "You love your mother don't you, son?" 


"Yes mother. Of course I do." Brian answered.


"And you want me to be happy don't you?" Mary continued. 


"You know I do Mother." Brian agreed.


"Well then what I would really like you to do for me right now is say 'please Mother kick me in the balls". Can you do that for me dear?" 


Nervously Brian looked into his mother's eyes as she not so gently started to squeeze is tender glands and said "Mother please kick me in the balls." 


Mary kissed his cheek and hugged Brian and said, "You're such a good boy son." Then while she held him tight she rammed her knee cruelly up into his unprotected balls. Brian screamed in pain. 


"Oh yes! Scream. I love it when you scream in pain." Mary gushed as she brought her knee up into his throbbing nuts again and again. Anne delighted in the agony of her tortured nephew. After five vicious knees to his balls Brian passed out and sagged in his bonds. 

When Brian came to he was lying on the floor with his hands bound behind him. His swollen balls still ached terribly. The fact that his mother was prodding them with her heels did nothing to help this. He noticed, too, that his sixteen-year-old sister, dressed in leotard too, had also joined them and before he could ask what she was doing there his mother explained that they intended to use him to teach her how to bust balls. 


His sister was very well developed for her age inheriting many of the physical attributes of his mother and aunt. 


"Hi big brother." Terri, his sister smiled. "I'm glad you're awake, because I've been waiting to go to work on your balls since auntie and mom told me they were going to fix it so I could practice on you, last week."


"That's right son. We knew you'd want to help your little sister to know how protect herself from men. That's true isn't it? You want to let your sister kick your balls so she knows how to defend herself don't you?" Mary said menacingly. "Now tell her how much you want to help her." 


"Please sis use my balls to practice on so you now how to protect yourself from men. I really want you to." Brian said fearfully. He knew it would hurt awfully but he needed and liked it, too. 


"Come here Terri and grab hold of his balls." Terri did so none to gently. "Now feel their shape. Roll them around in your hand." Mary directed her daughter as her son groaned in pain. "See how easy it is to hurt him. Now squeeze real hard and at the same time twist and yank his balls." 


Brian screeched in agony as all three women laughed. "Isn't that fun dear?" Anne asked her niece. 


"Oh yes Auntie. This is great. Listen to how I made him scream." Terri gushed as she continued mangling his nuts. Finally she released her grip and Brian rolled up into a fetal position trying to protect his throbbing balls. 


"I think you should try some kicks now. Brian straighten out and spread your legs wide so that Terri can give you a good hard kick right in your balls." Mary commanded.


Slowly Brian managed to get into position his balls a flaming mass of pain. "Hurry up." Mary demanded. "I want watch my baby as she kicks her first pair of nuts." The women had absolutely no sympathy for his pain. 


"Wait" Anne said." Brian get up on your knees and then lean over and kiss Terri's foot and beg her to kick your balls. 


Brian struggled into the debasing position that Anne demanded and started to kiss his sister's foot. Then he pled. Please sis, use this beautiful foot to kick my balls." He was totally degraded and the women were loving every second of it. 


"I'd be happy to big brother." Terri laughed "And I want you to kiss mom's feet as I do it. Now spread those legs nice and wide so I have a nice easy target." 


Terri stepped behind Brian as he leaned to kiss his mother's smelly feet. Terri raised her foot slowly to test the distance. Even the slight nudge she gave his balls was agonizing. Then she stepped back and kicked his swollen dangling balls with all her strength. And again she kicked and yet again, until Brian lapsed into merciful unconsciousness. 

As Brian came to later he could hear his mother talking. "Anne do you have everything we discussed for the final event ready?" 


"I sure do. Mary and I can hardly wait," Anne laughed. 


"Me too," Terri added. "Look he's finally waking up." 


"Good. I'll talk to him and get him ready." Mary whispered to the others so Brian could not hear.


Mary walked over to where Brian was laying on the floor while Anne and Terri set up a video camera on a tripod. 


"Are you feeling better dear?" Mary asked gently. 


"A little bit, mother." Brian replied.


"I'm glad. You gave us so much enjoyment today. I just can't tell you how exciting it has been for all of us. I know we hurt you terribly but it is just so much fun for us to beat on your balls. I can't describe how thrilling it is for us to have you at our mercy. It's orgasmic. We've all had several orgasms as we kicked your balls. You've been such a good boy." Mary praised her son. 


"I'm glad that I could give you so much enjoyment." Brian answered as he thought about how much he loved her and how beautiful she was to him. 


"There is one more thing we want you to do for us." Mary smiled. 


"What's that mother? You know I would do anything for you." Brian asked nervously. 


"We want you to let us crush your balls." Mary answered sweetly. "I've already felt the thrill of the absolute sacrifice of a man, but I want Anne and Terri to feel it too. Now I know you won't be able to have your balls kicked anymore but as our little eunuch slave there are many ways we can give you all the pain you need." 


Brian was thinking hard about what his mother had asked of him as Anne and Terri said in unison. "Please Brian let us crush your balls it will be such a thrill for us."


Brian then turned to his mother and asked. " What if I say no, Mother?" 


With a cruel smile his mother answered. "Well then dear we'll do it anyway. We just think it would be so much nicer if you made the sacrifice of your genitals for our pleasure willingly." 


Seeing the hopelessness of resistance Brian said, "Please Mother, Auntie and sis allow me to sacrifice my balls to your pleasure." 


"We want you to do this willingly so were going to untie you and then we want you lie on your back on the table and spread your legs for us." Mary smiled as Anne started the camera. 


When he was in place on the table Anne said as she stood between his legs. " I want you to say 'Aunt Anne please crush my right nut under your beautiful foot'. Will you do that?" 


"Please Aunt Anne, crush my right nut under your beautiful foot." Brian repeated.


"Why Brian what a sweet thing to offer me." Anne said as she place her bare heel carefully on his right testicle and began to allow her weight slowly onto that foot. Brian screamed in agony as Anne gasped. "That's right, scream. I want it to hurt. To be special for the last time for you. Oh my God, I’m going to cum. Are you ready? Here it comes."


As Anne orgasmed she forced all her weight down on her right heel and felt his ball pop at the height of her orgasm. Mary and Terri applauded Anne's act of extreme cruelty. Then Mary checked to be sure the ball was destroyed. All she felt was a mass of mush where his testicle had been. 


Brian in his dazed state kept repeating "My ball, my ball, my ball…" over and over again, to the women's amusement. Terri then jumped up on the table shouting "My turn." She started stepping on his one remaining nut with her toes. Bringing Brian out of his dazed state from the pain. She wanted him fully aware of the pain and damage she was about to inflict. Terri was rubbing herself as Brian groaned and then cried out in agony. Her slow torture of his only ball was bringing her close to orgasm and she gasped. " I'm going to cum. Are you ready Brian? Beg for it." 


"Oh. Please no. Terri. Please don't. " He cried. 


Terri paid no mind and shouted. "Here it comes. One. Two Three." She slammed her heel down onto his left ball with all her strength rupturing it completely as she gasped out her orgasm. Brian screamed like he had never screamed before and then passed out.


Terri collapsed onto the nearby couch and recovered from her earth-shattering climax. 


Mary smiled down at her unconscious son and grabbed his hanging penis. "He won't be needing this anymore." And laughed as she took a knife and cut it off with one flick of her wrist. "I'm going to have this bronzed and hang it from my neck on a chain. So I can treasure this great day forever."

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