ballbusting CFNM leotard femdom women self defense

Amanda's self defense

Dylan is helping his friend Amanda (5'9" slightly above-average) learn some self-defense techniques, because Amanda was recently sexually assaulted by some drunk guy walking home from a bar. Dylan is being Amanda's practice dummy.

Dressed in sexy leotard, Amanda says she wants to practice kicks today and orders him to be naked. Dylan removes all his clothing and tells Amanda to try and kick him down. She walks up to him, raises her bare foot under his balls, and flicks it up to tap them lightly. Dylan jumps and groans while Amanda says "Oh Dylan, looks like you forgot a spot to protect! Don't you know that most girls will try that spot first? Hey! That's what I want to practice today! If you don't mind helping me learn to defend myself...I need to be able to kick a guy's balls good and hard!"

Dylan quickly grabs a nut cup, and returns to have Amanda kick him in the crotch. She kicks the cup hard, and it hurts her foot. She sits down and sobs a little bit, saying "Dylan, can you take that cup off? That really hurt!" Dylan replies "Well if I do, then it will really hurt me!" Amanda continues lightly sobbing while she says "But Dylan, don't you want me to be able to defend myself? I should assert myself as I'm truly can defeat a guy!". Dylan agrees, he must help his girlfriend feel her power.
The sobbing gradually ceases as she says "I think I should practice on some unprotected balls, because then I'd know how good I can kick them! Please? Will you let me???" Amanda doesn't even wait for Dylan to give her permission. She just reaches into his pants and takes the cup out. Then she takes his hand and they stand up. Amanda sweetly asks Dylan "So will you be willing to do this for me?" as she hugs him. Dylan slowly nods.

Amanda claps happily and immediately tells Dylan to spread his legs. He spreads them so his ankles are about 6" apart. "Dylan," Amanda says, "you need to spread them more than that!" She raises her foot to his balls. "I have to squeeze my foot between your legs to even touch your jewels!" She taps his sack a little harder and says "Spread them farther!" Dylan spreads his ankles so they are about a foot apart.

"Now close your eyes," Amanda says as she steps back. Concerned, Dylan asks why. Amanda quickly and rather cheerfully responds "So you won't be able to try and block my foot. I'll have a clear shot of your balls." Dylan sighs and closes his eyes.

BAM! Dylan looks down to see Amanda's foot make contact with his vulnerable balls. He lays down on
the ground from the pain. Amanda stands over him and asks "Was that good?" Dylan just groans in pain, saying nothing. Amanda offers Dylan her hand, and he takes it. Then he suddenly feels MORE pain down there. He looks down to see Amanda stepping on his unprotected crotch, using his hand to force her foot to put more pressure on his privates. Dylan taps her legs, and she releases him after a few more seconds.
Eventually, Dylan stands up and says "OK, now do you think an assailant will spread his legs for you to take him down? No. This time, I should pretend to be an actual criminal, while you try to defend yourself against me." Amanda smiles and says "Good idea! Attack me!"

Dylan gets behind Amanda and grabs her violently. Amanda kicks back and up, scoring a direct hit to the magic spot. "Good shot" Dylan says as he groans and slowly gets back up. "Now I'll attack you differently," Dylan says as he dives for Amanda's legs and takes her down. With her legs trapped, Amanda uses her hand to grab Dylan's jewels and squeezes moderately hard. Dylan's grip on Amanda immediately ceases. "Good thinking on your part" he says, taking a few minutes to get back up.

"Alright, I'll try one more attack," Dylan says. He then quickly advances and grabs her body from the front. Amanda manages to get a knee up into his crotch to make him back off. Dylan still comes back toward her, so Amanda repeatedly front-kicks Dylan's balls a few times, clearly enjoying her ability to overpower a guy so easily. Dylan lays down from Amanda's blows to his balls, and says "You're brutal! Some guy would be an idiot to try and assault you!" But Amanda doesn't want to stop kicking balls.

Amanda grabs a chair, and puts it above Dylan's knees, so she can sit with her feet in his balls. She starts to use her feet to torture his balls, enjoying her power over her friend. She squeezes Dylan's balls with her toes randomly, and for quite some time. Eventually, Amanda begins to feel a little bad for Dylan, so she stops and helps him up. He pretty much has to lean against her to stay up though. Amanda smiles and says "Thanks, Dylan!" I know you probably didn't feel very good down there, but you helped me to learn to defend myself!" She reaches her hand down for one final playful squeeze.

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