sister forced brother to lick her cung through a high cut sports leotard

Teenage Dominatrix

"This movie sucks!" Brian objected from the couch. He was passing his Saturday afternoon with his little sister Cassie. At nineteen, Brian was over a year older and a head taller than her eighteen year old sister. Cassie was 170 cm tall tomboy. Unlike her brother, Cassie showed promise in sports and had begun to develop an athletic body. She was in the school swimming team and had a collection of trophies in the living room cupboard where their parents often admired. She nearly always wore her blonde hair in a high ponytail and dressed up in her lovely sportswear. The teenage girl was relaxing in slim sports leotard which stretched around her ample bosom. Brian's friends called his sister "Tits". Cassie was a stunner and she was very aware of the effect she had on boys and older men alike. Their parents had left for Paris and the siblings were left on their own for a week. It was day one and they were already having a fight.

"Shut up, Cassie! It's my turn to watch the TV. If you don't like it feel free to go to your room and play with yourself." Cassie hissed. Brian brushed his reddish hair with his hand and threw popcorn at her. Brian was a good looking redhead with a slim but fit body. He wore his favourite pair of shorts and a Metallica t-shirt. "Shut up, bitch!" Cassie was watching Ten Things I Hate About You, a rerun on cable. The charged atmosphere was far from exceptional. Since their early teens the siblings hadn't been able to stand each other. As the big brother, Brian felt that he was the one in charge. Cassie was a real tomboy and did her best to challenge her brother at everything. As hard it was for Brian to admit she held her own well against him at sports and even in their occasional and sometimes brutal fights.

"What's this piece of crap anyway? Fucking Breakfast Club?" Brian asked with his mouth full of popcorn.

"It's Ten Things I Hate About You ... very fitting ... but I could easily list a hundred things I hate about you, pizza face. You know I ... " Suddenly she went quiet and stared at the TV. Larisa Oleynik confronted Andrew Keegan's character and punched him in the face, ending her attack with a swift knee in his groin. He grunted and went down, beaten in a few seconds. "See that? If you don't shut up I'll knee your balls." 

"Yeah right! That works only in the movies, stupid. It's just a gag."

"Oh yeah, Brian? Do you actually think I've forgotten about last Christmas? Hah! You cried like a little boy when I kneed you in your balls! Did you think I'd forget? It's such a pleasant memory," she giggled.

"Give me a fucking break! You wanted to watch the movie, right? Watch it then. I'm tired of your bullshit." Brian got off the couch and started for the kitchen.

Cassie was still spellbound by the scene in the movie. The agile female had easily floored a larger man by a mere brush of her knee. Furthermore Brian seemed very uneasy with her interest and had actually turned down her challenge and was trying to flee from the room. She couldn't resist teasing him a little bit more. "Chicken!" she taunted. "You're just scared that I'll hurt your little balls. Aww, is the big boy scared of his little sister?"

"Whatever ... you're such a fucking brat. Grow the fuck up, sis," Brian muttered while he walked out of the living room. Cassie could tell that his voice lacked the usual self confidence. Usually he would have confronted her and tried to beat her up but now he walked away. Cassie was sure that his behaviour had nothing to do with growing up. She smiled as she understood that just the memory of the little episode from last Christmas was enough to make him so uneasy. She remembered it as if it was yesterday: Brian had found out that Cassie had been stealing his cigarettes and beer from his secret stash. He was about to give her a good licking but as she struggled in his grip she accidentally kneed him in the groin. After seeing the devastating effect her groin attack had on him, she repeated it a good five times until his big brother sobbed on the floor. Brian had tried to forget the whole humiliating episode, while Cassie treasured the memory of beating up her brother. She heard him in the doorway. "I'm going to Mike's for some street hockey. Have fun with your shitty movie!" She retaliated by bringing up her favourite subject. "Be could get hit where it hurts. Maybe it's best to wear some protection!" She shouted. She heard her brother stop at the door, as if thinking of a clever response. A few seconds passed and she heard the door close. It was the second time in an hour that he'd given up. 

Cassie switched off the TV. She couldn't concentrate on the movie anymore. She had only one thing in her mind: she was going to kick his big brother in the balls and teach him his place in the household. The passive way he had acted today really built up her confidence. Was her brother actually afraid of her? She went in her room, turned on her computer, opened up her browser and googled phrases like "testicle kick", "self defence" and "ball busting", like her girlfriends in the school called it. She giggled as she clicked through the pictures on a self defence site. She searched Youtube for some kicking action. Soon she stared at the screen, mesmerized. A video clip showed a woman in black leotard kicking a naked man in the balls. Cassie watched the clip over and over again, savouring the woman's dominance over the helpless, begging man. She slid her forefinger and middlefinger in her crotch, trapping her engorged clitoris between them and fantasized about beating up a boy. The thought of dominating and controlling a man was something she had always cherished, but today she was going to try it for the first time. She came nine times that afternoon, her new record. The video clips combined with her fantasies made up the most thrilling and erotic experience of her life. She couldn't wait to re-enact in real life. She giggled as she thought of beating up her brother. After all the fights they'd had over the years he would finally be under her thumb. She took a warm shower and went to bed, eagerly waiting for tomorrow afternoon when she and Brian would be alone in the house. Their parents were conveniently travelling to Spain for a week.

Brian was whistling on his way home from school. The A he'd gotten from physics would earn him a 50 bucks at least. He opened the door and hung his coat. His sister hollered from the living room. "Brian, come here. You gotta see this!"

"What is it now? I warn you, I'm in a good mood so let's keep it that way," he snarled as he walked in the living room. Cassie was waiting for him in a white sports leotard and white snickers. "What's up with the boxing gear, sis?"

"This is what's up," she calmly said and kicked him straight in the groin without a warning. Brian shrieked in pain and collapsed on his knees.

"What- why?" he moaned as her sister attacked him again, this time kicking him in the chest and knocking him on his back.

She smiled as his brother whined on the floor, shocked and surprised. He nursed his balls with his hands but she went on with her attack, brutally stomping his groin with her bare foot.

"And this is for the time when you punched my breast, remember?" she hissed and dug the ball of her foot in his aching groin.

"Please! Stop! Stop, oh my God please!" he sobbed and tried to fight against her strong leg with his hands, but she just kept on grinding with a wide smile on her beautiful face. She was a little surprised that his brother didn't swear or yell at her. Instead he just sobbed and struggled in his helpless position, already pleading her for mercy. His vulnerable groin made him helpless against her and Cassie did her best to take advantage of his weakness. 

"If you want me to let up, do exactly what I tell you. Do you understand, boy?" she said and pressed her foot even harder on his vulnerable genitals.

"Yes ... yes ... oh God ... please Cassie ... " he sobbed in a trembling voice. His face was red and wet with tears."

"Good boy. Turn on your stomach ... good. Put your hands behind your back. That's a good boy!" she taunted him as he obeyed her instantly. She tied his wrists together with a scarf she had reserved beforehand. She had been sure that she would beat him, yet she was pleasantly surprised how easy it had been. Now she'd really make him sorry!

"What ... what are doing to me? What are you going to-", he began but his sentence was cut short as she slapped the back of his head and sat down on his back.

She pulled his head back by his hair and whispered in his ear: "I do the talking here. Get it?" He answered with a terrified gaze. He knew he was in trouble.

"You learn fast, don't you? Ok, I'll let you in on what's going on. I've done some thinking. I'm very tired of you being an asshole all the time, teasing me and harassing me. I admit that I'm not the easiest person to live with, but this is the deal: I've beaten you. Simple, huh? I've beaten you and you're totally helpless in my fucking clutches, big brother. If you ever fuck with me again I'll bust your balls for good. You tried to hide your little secret but I've learned it now ... all it takes to beat you is a swift kick your vulnerable balls. Ha!" She slid her hand in his baggy shorts and grabbed his balls in her hand. The thing cotton of his briefs didn't offer him any protection. He whimpered. "I know your weakness, brother. I know how to hurt you," she whispered in his ear as she fondled his testicles in her hand, gently pulling them up between his ass cheeks. He trembled with fear, pleading her. "Please, sis, let me go. I'll leave you alone, I promise."

"You'll leave alone? Ha! You know, things are kind of different know when I run the game. You will do anything I tell you to do. I'll make you pamper me, serve me, I'll take your fucking money if I want to," she said and squeezed his balls in her hand, making him whimper. "I'll make you my house slave." 

"No, no! Stop! I'll do what you want," he cried. He really meant it. He hadn't been this scared in his whole life. He remembered all the teasing and bullying he had subjected her to, but there was more than lust for revenge in her voice. Something in her tone made him very uneasy.

"I betcha. You get to prove your submission right away, brother," she said and got off him. She pulled aside crotch of her leotard. "Get up! On your knees!" she ordered and yanked him up by his hair. She turned her back on the kneeling, trembling boy. Cassie's crotch was inches from Brian's face.

"Jesus sis, what are you wearing?"

"You know what to do, don't you? Remember how you made me kiss your ass? Now you do that to me. Show me you understand your place, brother."

"C'mon sis, we were little kids back then ... it was ten years ago ... I had my fucking clothes on for fuck's sake ... please Cassie, just let me go. This is too much. Please, I'll never bother you again!" he whined pathetically.

"You don't get it, do you? You don't have a choice," she laughed and pulled him against her buttocks by his hair. He broke in tears again as she turned up the humiliation. "I can make you do anything!", she taunted.

"I'll tell mom if you don't let me go! I'll!"

She just laughed and rubbed his face against her ass, making sure his nose was deep between her shapely buttocks. "You'll tell mom I made you kiss my ass? Yeah right. Are you going to tell mom about this as well?" she said and farted on his face. He gagged and struggled but his hands were tied behind his back and she held his face in place by his hair, forcing him to inhale her foul gasses. She giggled and smiled as she felt his lips on her buttock. He was finished! "That's the spirit, boy! You're finally getting it. How do you like your new position?" She enjoyed his kisses for a few minutes, taunting him and making sure that he would never forget this. Besides she had to admit that she enjoyed the sensation of his soft lips on her buttocks and his laboured breathing against her tender crack. She was getting a bit carried away but she didn't care. She was loving every minute of her new life as a dominant female. She could tell that his first victim, her big brother wasn't loving it the least, but it just turned her on more.

"That's enough, you've proven yourself. Now I'll untie you but you won't run or do anything stupid, right? I you try to run, I'll just catch you and play ping pong with your balls, and you wouldn't like that, huh?" He looked in her eyes submissively and nodded.

"Please untie me, my wrists are really hurting. I wont try anything! I promise," Brian said silently, staring down at her feet.

She stepped behind him and pulled him up by his bound wrists and slowly freed his arms. She was ready to knee him immediately if he tried something, but he just stood in front of her and hung his head.

"You must really be afraid of me ... I'm gonna do some nasty stuff to you. Are you sure you don't want to run? You could make it to the door, maybe," she teased him.

Brian eyed the door but the pain in his groin reminded him what was in store if he dared to defy her. "I won't run. Please, just let me go. I'm sorry."

"Let you go? Dream on, I'm really enjoying myself here. I've just begun with you, we have a whole week to ourselves ... hmm ... let's see ... something very humiliating ... I know! Strip! Now!" Brian didn't question her orders anymore. She raised her eyebrow as her brother removed his clothes save his boxer briefs. "What are you waiting for? Take them off," she commanded as he looked at her sheepishly. His face was red with humiliation as he removed his underwear, letting his big, thick cock and large swollen balls dangle between his thighs. "That's a good boy. Stand up straight! Spread your legs! Hands behind your back!" she barked her orders and giggled as he struggled to keep up with her commands. She smiled wickedly as she took his balls in her hand and played with them a bit, enjoying her power and the fear in his eyes. "As the saying goes, I've got you by the balls!" she said and looked deep in his eyes, then setting her eyes on his large penis. "Well hung, huh?" she giggled and pinched his flaccid cock.

"Please don't do that," he pleaded.

"I do what the fuck I want to, loser boy," she spat at him. "Poor baby, did I hurt your balls?" She gently examined his purple testicles in her hand. The boy's body tensed and he trembled.

"I run things now, brother. From now on I choose what we watch on TV. There's some women's tennis on in a minute. Make me some sandwiches. And I'll take a big coke with them. You got five minutes, so move it." She giggled as her naked brother ran into the kitchen. "Why didn't I think of this sooner," she thought to herself as she laid herself on the sofa and switched on the TV. Her brother hurried back with the sandwiches and coke. She tasted one and smiled at her brother who still held.

"Excellent sandwiches, brother. Now I want you to rub my feet." Brian knelt before her and began to rub her left foot. "Oh God that feels good," Cassie sighed and moaned with pleasure, taunting her inexperienced but eager brother. His swollen balls still hurt pretty bad and he did his best to please her sister. He tenderly rubbed his small feet in his hands, wondering if there was any end to his tribulations. 

After she got tired of rubbing, she made him kiss her feet and toes. She felt really hot as her older brother grovelled at her feet butt naked, obeying her every wish to save himself from further punishment. Just as Brian thought he couldn't be in a more humiliating position, Cassie came up with one. She was heady with her new sense of power and excitement and wanted to squash his brother's pride and ego for good. "I think this sofa is a bit uncomfortable. Get on your back, brother."

Dumbfound Brian laid himself down on her back as her sister got up from the sofa. She put her bare foot on his groin. "Please don't hurt me! I've done everything you told me to. Please, don't hurt ... my balls!"

"I'll let you keep your balls as long as you do what I tell you to. Are you ready to find out your new place in this household?" She stood over him so that he was looking up her legs. "Like the view? Take a closer look ... " she said and lowered herself on his face. The boy felt her sister's wet panties cover his face and her feminine scent filled his nose. He felt how she slowly moved against his face, but he couldn't hear her sighs of pleasure as her thighs were wrapped around his head. He struggled frantically for air, but his begging was muffled in her crotch. After a good fifteen minutes she got off him. The boy was so weak that he could hardly move a finger. He noticed that she was blushing as she put her foot on his groin, lightly rubbing his naked genitals. "I'll continue your training tomorrow. I'm sure you'll make a wonderful house slave...I have so many delicious things I want to try out tomorrow, so I want an early wake up, let's say nine o'clock. And I want a breakfast in bed. Wholemeal bread, orange juice and bran flakes. You got that, boy?" 

"Yes Cassie. Whatever you say," he said submissively, looking up at her sister as she kept teasing him with her foot. She smiled as his cock stiffened as the ultimate sign of his submission. She enjoyed watching him trying to fight his excitement. His resistance didn't last long and she giggled as he closed his eyes and moaned unintelligibly, too weak to resist her.

"You do understand that I can't ever respect you after seeing you like this," she said and sharply stomped her foot on his swollen genitals, making him scream in agony. "Have fun sleeping with your hard on, loser boy," she giggled and walked out of the room, swaying her hips. 

Finally left alone, Brian broke in tears. His abandoned erection bobbed in the air pathetically as he wept, his balls swollen and his face wet with tears and her sister's juices. He couldn't believe the trouble he had landed in. What could he do to escape her clutches? Hide the whole week at his friends' before their parents came back? He couldn't challenge Cassie, she would just beat him up again. She had learned to exploit his vulnerable male anatomy and she held all the aces. He still had a year before he'd get to college and move on his own. It would be a year long nightmare if he couldn't think of something to make his sadistic teenage little sister to leave him alone. 

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