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superman vs woner woman superheroes mixed wrestling femdom

Superman is enslaved!

Olga Strinofsky was very concerned. As CEO of Oil of Mandalay, she was a very rich and powerful woman. Her anti-aging cream for decades had been the standard “go-to” treatment for treating wrinkles, sunspots, cottage cheese thighs, crows feet, laugh lines, cellulite and blemishes of all kind that plague women fearing the loss of their youthful beauty. Her Company, worth multi-billions in sales had lately started to see a decline in sales. 

Competition in the beauty products industry is fierce and recently some of the newer companies in the business had developed products that, to her great chagrin, worked even better than Oil of Mandalay did. Oil of Mandalay was losing its edge, and Olga knew it. Despite spending millions in research and development, she was rapidly coming to the conclusion that they had finally hit the brick wall. The field of anti-aging creme had reached the natural end of improvement, and now that all of her competitors had essentially broken the code on her product through reverse engineering, it was just going to be a slow erosion of market share and profits for years to come. Her face tightened as she realized that she was going to have to explain to her board that the days of 300% profit margins and endless demand for their brand were coming to an end. 

As she sat stewing over this development, reviewing the latest sales results and putting the final touches on her presentation to the board, her phone rang. It was her assistant announcing that Veronica Taylor was on the phone and that she wanted to have a meeting set up.

"Veronica Taylor? The supermodel? What would she want to meet with me about?" Olga asked her assistant. 

"Perhaps she wants to endorse our brand? It certainly would be a boon for the image to get HER on board!" her assistant answered. 

"You may be right, put her through" Olga answered, puzzled that Veronica, a multi-millionaire in her own right would be making these sort of pitches herself. Surely her agent usually would handle something like this. Olga was very curious to hear what Veronica had to say and decided to take the call, a RARE event that someone would ever get to talk to her on the first try. Veronica Taylor however, fabulously successful for 20 years is just that person. Painfully beautiful, she was stunning in the extreme. Perfect figure (especially for those who like women top heavy) she came in and has had a 44-28-38 figure since she was a teenager. Her Long lucious black hair that shone in the light appeared to be made of spun silk. Especially interesting to Olga was her skin, FLAWLESS! Not a sunspot, freckle or wrinkle appeared anywhere on her body. She was like a computer generated model, perfect in any way. She commanded whatever price she wanted from any advertiser and, as one would expect, always had every available billionaire, movie-star, politician groveling for her affection. Every woman envied her and every man desired her. It was even rumored that she was the secret girlfriend of the man of steel himself, Superman.

When Olga picked up the phone she listened to Veronica, but had more questions created by the conversation than were answered by it. Veronica was extremely vague in what she was proposing, but it appeared to be a joint venture, NOT an endorsement deal. She asked, and Olga agreed (simply because of Veronica’s stature) that they would meet at Veronica’s Penthouse Apartment that evening to discuss details. Veronica said she did not want anything said on the phone or in writing as she did not want the exposure. Olga was intrigued when she said that what she was going to present would be worth multi-billions to both of them. That, even though it was probably nothing, was just enough to whet Olga’s interest and at 7:00 PM that evening Olga found herself in the elevator to Veronica’s swanky Park Avenue Penthouse.

After some initial small talk and pleasantries, Olga asked the question. What exactly was Veronica proposing that could possibly make both of them multiple billions of dollars. Veronica looked around the room nervously as though she was afraid someone would overhear what she was about to say. Olga was getting a little uncomfortable at this paranoia as Veronica was in her OWN APARTMENT and surely should not be THIS nervous.

"Well Olga" Veronica began. “You know that I have some pretty famous boyfriends." Olga nodded as that certainly was not a secret.

"Well, I have discovered something about one of them that, if we do this right, will make us both the richest women on earth, but, is kind of on the er shall we say, illegal side." Olga grinned nervously but nodded, definitely intrigued at what Veronica was going to propose.

Veronica continued now, getting more comfortable and more open as she talked.

"Superman has been my boyfriend for about 5 years now, and, well, he plays a part in this.’ Olga was frustrated now, so far she had not heard anything that seemed to be a way to make money or was anything that everyone didn’t already know. Finally in frustration Olga yelled out “Just say it!!!!" and caught herself before she lost her cool.

For the next hour Veronica laid out her plan. She explained how she met Superman and how they eventually became intimate. Olga was most curious about this as she, like every other woman on the planet, had consistent erotic fantasies about the Man of Steel.

And from what Veronica described, that is an accurate moniker. Of the more interesting tidbits about the sex life of Superman she learned was the fact that she only could give him a handjob, no blowjob or allowing him to shoot inside her. Once she described the first time he shot his load and blew out the side of her apartment it was clear. Superman has super spunk!!!

Olga also learned from Veronica that, despite being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Superman was also a man, and as such had a kinky side. He was completely pussy whipped by Veronica and she had him wrapped around her little finger. It turns out that Superman had a bit of a submissive side. 

Veronica described the first time that Superman made one of his kinkier requests. He asked her to tie him up and dominate him. Now, you can imagine that most of these scenes played out in real life are fantasies, but with Superman how exactly could you “tie him up?” Veronica then relayed the secret. Superman, secret perve that he was, had stored away a little kryptonite. Not enough to hurt him, but enough to restrain him. 

"Olga, I can’t describe to you the power it was having him all strapped down in those Kryptonite chains and riding his MAN OF STEEL!. Jesus, you can’t imagine how hard he was and I tormented him all night, teasing him, having him lick and suck my toes, riding his face (and boy does he have a super tongue!). You can use your imagination on what it feels like to have your man be able to vibrate his tongue over your clit at the speed of sound. Pure heaven! When I finally got off of him and gave him a handjob he literally blew out half of my apartment with his sperm. It got EVERYWHERE and it cost almost 100,000 dollars to repair the damage to my walls. Superman was a supersweetie about it and repaid me, but that is when I discovered something which is why I am talking to you today."

"After he left and I was surveying the damage, some of his “emissions" that he had dripped on the floor when I was teasing him got on my hand. Instantly it began to tingle and glow and within a few minutes it was like my hand had gotten 10 years younger. You may not realize this, but I am almost 40 years old, coming to the end of my money making days as a supermodel. I have gotten quite fond of this lifestyle I live, so, I thought maybe there was something here I could work with."

"Next time he came over and I had him all restrained and teased, I place a little plate under him and collected his leaking pre-cum. His actual sperm that he generates when he shoots is TOO powerful, it is actually like lava when it shoots out and kind of dangerous. Pre-cum however is different and can be handled safely. After he left I couldn’t wait to run into the bathroom and try it out. I spread it over my just forming crows feet and even on my little spare tire I was beginning to form. Olga, it worked. The crows feet instantly disappeared and cleared up and my skin looked like a 20 year old’s again. Even better, once I applied it to my spare tire, it burned a little, but within 5 minutes the small amount of fat had burned away. It was like doing 1000 situps a day for a year in 10 minutes!!!"

Olga’s mind raced with the possibilities. Marketing a product like this would make her billions, and not just single billions, it could be hundreds of billions. With this product she could have Bill Gates as her butler and Warren Buffet as her cook she would be so rich. Her mouth literally salivated at the thought of those billions of dollars just waiting to be harvested. 

Veronica could see Olga was intrigued so got to the point. 

“So my dear, my proposal is this, I need your engineers to come up with a milking machine, one that can keep him on the edge of cumming but not take him over. The force of his sperm shooting is so strong it will destroy any machine or bonds, so it will have to be calibrated very carefully. I will get Superman all hot, bothered and restrained, and once he is in a position where he is helpless, I will call you and you can pick him up. Olga listened intently, but had a few questions. 

Besides the danger of trapping Superman, a few dribbles here and there wouldn’t be enough to do anything. When she expressed this concern to Veronica, she was shocked by her reply. 

"Oh Olga, you don’t realize, but since you haven’t had sex with Superman you wouldn’t know. His metabolism is completely different than normal men. He “dribbles" as you say pre-cum at a rate of 15 gallons an hour. When he actually SHOOTS, it kind of is like a firehouse getting loose in your house, quite erotic but a total mess. What you don’t grasp is, he is really different than normal men. He will never wear out or empty. He will just drain and drain pre-cum for as long as we have him restrained. Additionally, since his body is impervious to pain or damage (other than Kryptonite) he never sleeps, eats or you know, those OTHER eliminations.. He can be set up to just go on and on and on for as long as we want. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, pumping out pure sperm gold for us to grow incredibly rich harvesting. 

Olga interrupted. “You sure he can’t get loose from those bonds. You have tested them?” Veronica winked. “Oh I tested them alright. I gave him a handjob on and off for 4 hours and he was struggling and squirming to get away. I am SURE if he could have burst out of those bonds he would have grabbed that big old super dick and hosed down the whole neighborhood he was so horny.”

“Well Then” Olga grinned. “You have me almost convinced, but there is just one last concern. Won’t people get suspcious when the most famous alien on the planet goes missing? Won’t people look for him”. 

Veronica grinned again having thought this out too. “Would it REALLY be that weird if some Alien life force, with the strength of a God, who has only been on this planet for 30 years or so suddenly decided to go home? I think that is what most people will think. They will think he retuned to his home planet and won’t look for him. No one would suspect him being kidnapped, since, Who could “kidnap” Superman anyway.” 

Olga’s grin got bigger and bigger as she imagined the money she would make from this. This would be one process that NO one could copy, since it would be her company and her’s alone that would have the “secret”. And she was going to be sure that her little super secret was going to be locked up, and milked constantly, FOREVER. Her last question she anticipated. The price. Veronica said she would deliver Superman, completely bound in Kryptonite, naked and helpless for eternal milking for 50 percent of the profits. 

Olga had to admit it was fair, although she hated giving up that much money. But, she thought, 50 percent of 300 billion is 150 billion, certainly worth making this deal. They agreed that after 3 weeks, Veronica would work her wiles and get Superman bound. The big night arrived and Veronica got the go ahead. Everything was prepared. She texted Superman on his private number, and literally in seconds he was at her door. Veronica had been playing hard to get knowing this would only drive Superman more wild with desire and make her plan easier to execute. When flew onto her balcony, his eyes almost bugged out of his head. Veronica, always beautiful, was spectacular tonight. 

She wore an outfit that pushed every button in his Krypton head. She wore a leather teddy with black fishnet stockings that connected through gold chain garters. Superman could feel his cock already tenting vividly in his familiar red shorts. Veronica glared at him with just the right amount of lust and disgust that she KNEW drove him wild. From behind her back she held a riding crop and held it under Superman’s chin. 

"STRIP! and show respect to your Goddess" she commanded. In a flash Superman was completey naked and on his knees before her. She lifted her foot out to him and he gently took it in his hand and began to lightly kiss the top of her foot and suck her toes. With surprising gentleness she ran her fingers through his hair as he worshiped. 

She ordered him into her bedroom and there he saw an amazing contraption, the kryptonite shackles were all attached to a chair and appeared to be part of a machine. Normally he would have been more suspicious but horniess got the better of him. He was helpless before her beauty as she grabbed him by his erect and steel hard cock and led him to the shackles. 

Foolishly he closed his eyes and sighed as he felt the kryptonite shackes applied to his wrists and then his legs were raised and also attached to the same shackle. In this position he was completely exposed and helpless. He cock was throbbing like mad and precum was flowing off of him like an open faucet. When she climbed onto his face and shoved her sweet pussy to his mouth, he knew what to do, and with supersonic speed and the ability to sense her bodily responses he caused Veronica almost instantly to orgasm and within minutes brought her to 4 more. 

She reached out and grabbed his head hard and then reached above with her other hand and switched some kind of switch. Suddenly the contraption roared to life, and when the vaccuum tube affixed itself over his cock and the krypton incrusted strapon thrust into his ass, Superman yelled out in a mixture of pleasure and frustration. The suction pump started to suck and he got pulled closer and closer to orgasm. The Krypton strapon thrust into his ass and tickled his prostrate and caused him to moan, shake and drool even harder. He moaned and rocked, unable to escape the krypton bonds and enjoying the lovey Veronica riding his face. 

After an hour she rolled off but the machine stayed on. He looked down at her, all sweaty and spent, legs shaking from her orgasmic ordeal and grinned like a kid. “Veronica” Superman cooed. “I think I am ready to shoot now. This teasing is driving me crazy and my balls feel like they are about to blow up. Please release me sweet Goddess. Please jack me off. ” When he saw the glint in Veronica’s eyes, and then spied other people coming into the room he had his first flash of panic. 

“I am sorry Superman, but that won’t be possible” Veronica whispered. “But, if you are a good boy, and take your milking well, I may stroke you off” It now dawned on Superman that he was in real trouble and had been setup.. When he studied the machine he realized it would never shutoff, and because of the kryptonite bonds, he was helpless to escape. The constant sucking of the tube and probing of the strapon was driving him crazy, but the pressure was NOT enough to bring him to full orgasm, just enough to keep him drooling pre-cum. When he saw the two strangers take away the first two 5 gallon containers away, he realized he was now only a cow, a sperm cow. 

Gone from the most powerful man in the world to a simple sperm cow with no hope of escape nor release. Superman could only hope that Veronica would take mercy on him and eventually let him go, or at least let him cum. He couldn’t know at the time that that day may never come. As he groaned and shuddered as he felt another batch of pre-cum leak out of his tortured balls, Veronica lifted one of her fishnet clad feet to his lips. His eyes welling with tears of frustration, he couldn’t help himself and he began to kiss him. His conversion from super hero to super slave was complete.

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!

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