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Leotard CFNM woman vs man swordplay fencing duel

Castrated by young girl fighter

As we dozen male fighters strutted into the fighting arena we wore only small thongs covering our modesty. We were amazed to see that our girl opponents wore a uniform: each one had her hair in two thick plants resting on the bosom and wore a tight shiny black satin leotard. Black leather boots, to just below the knee, completed the outfit, supple, soft leather emphasising the shape of the calf. What surprised us even more was that all the girls were so young, small, slim, delicate and fragile looking - and gorgeously pretty. 


I lined up opposite one of the prettiest, most beautiful girls I have ever seen, the girl of my wet-dreams: she was only 5' tall, skinny and delicate looking. She had the pretty, fair-skinned, heart-shaped face of an elfin angel with big bright blue eyes, framed by sensuously thick blonde pla?ts. When she smiled at me I felt a blush cover my whole body. I was captivated emotionally, wanting to hold her gorgeous pla?ts in my hand and kiss her cute little face, taking her sweet lips in mine. I longed to bite her girlie pla?ts and take her fragile and vulnerable female body in my arms to protect it with my strong manly one. Her defiant stare told me that she had seen the look on my face and it would not happen. I noticed her hard nipples pressing through the shiny satin of her leotard as she fixed her gaze on my bulging thong. My mind was overloaded with sexual images: I wanted to rub my penis where her fingers were showing me, pushing her shiny leotard into her provocative female slot. I wanted to rub my chest on her chest so that I could feel her titties and nipples squashed between us. I wanted to grope those girlish little titties.... Too late, I realised what she was up to: but I had already taken the bait and fallen into her sexual trap. I tried to stop it, but I felt the blood pumping inexorably into my penis and the engorged beast lifted the thong away from my belly! I was gooey eyed for her cuteness and gagging for her sex, my tongue literally hanging out. The girl laughed at me, her blue eyes flashing with mirth. Hot and red-faced with shame I blurted out "Sorry", and she replied, "Oh, is that for me? She giggled, girlish and mocking, like a prick-teaser at school. This beautiful little tart-bitch has got me going, I thought, a bad start. 


At the signal we engaged swords and I soon realised that I was at a disadvantage because I was used to the heavier sword and this girl had obviously been well trained with these lighter ones. It didn't help that I kept ogling her thighs and leotard either! I was also far too distracted by trying to catch one of her plats as they swished around delightfully when she moved. Suddenly she thrust with her sword to cut the thong at the side of my hip and the thing uncurled, falling to the floor, allowing my cock to unfurl too. It was as if my penis were a separate animal, a ridiculous, shameful monster completely independent from me and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it rising slowly upwards and outwards as if reaching for the girl's crotch. My balls fell out too and hung large and heavy between my thighs, swinging like a bullock's. The feeling of my testicles swinging free sent a shudder of pleasure and excitement through my body. I saw the girl licking her lips and watching my tackle with awe. It was beautiful feeling of excitement, the hot blood coursing into the sleeping giant, but I knew that this was a scene 
of sublime public theatre as the girl took possession and control of my very manhood in a demonstration of the inexorable female power over male. Our eyes met and her look was pure dominance more powerful than a slap in the face. I succumbed, looking away and conceding her victory. The speed and accuracy of the move had stunned me, and the little scene of dominance 
befuddled me. The peals of giggly laughter from the girl shamed me and deflated my ego, but they brought me to my senses. I went into the attack, but my dangling cock and swinging balls were awkward, uncomfortable, even painful, definitely a serious impediment to fighting. The girl in leotard now had another advantage and she exploited my discomfort like a professional. As we crossed swords and came closer to one another she said "Your cock and balls are your weakness and I am going to use them to defeat you!" Then she pointed onto her crotch. Despite efforts to restrain myself, and even despite her warning, I looked, and I hesitated. It was enough. A stinging blow cut across my chest; as I stepped back, she stepped forwards and knocked the sword out of my grasp, I was beaten, defeated, completely outclassed by a beautiful sexy little girl fighter. She put her sword to my throat and ordered me to lie down, face up. Her boot thumped down on my chest and she told me that we were waiting for the other fights to conclude. Soon all of the men were down and all of the girls victorious. The female audience went wild with enthusiasm chanting "Females win" over and over, to my humiliation. 


One of the film cameras zoomed in as the girl took my balls in her sweet little hand and pulled them upwards, stretching my scrotum, holding her sword ready to geld me. I could hear the female voices of the crowd shouting "Off, Off, Off" and the girl giggled at that, her eyes dancing with pleasure and pride. I was completely bewildered by the emotions that took me over like an alien presence at that moment. I wanted her to castrate me! Most of all I wanted to see the look of the total female victory and total female dominance on my little girl's face as she held up my vanquished manhood to the jeering crowd. I wanted to experience the ultimate male thrill, final act of female dominance. 

Oh my God, what if she had known about my emotions just then? As if trying to communicate my urges in a final an act of betrayal the monster reared up again and I feared that my disgrace would soil her perfect little hand. My insides were a delicious swirling cocktail of emotions: fear, lust and humiliation, I could taste them in my mouth one by one and I was shaking with fright, sexual frustration and delicious anticipation. But the girl flicked one of my spheres with her finger to send the erection, reluctantly, off the boil. My groan was a mixture of pain, pleasure and disappointment.

"Up you get," said my little blonde bitch. As I stood up cautiously I was astonished to see her throw away the sword "Now I am going to thrash you in unarmed combat" she goaded, and launched herself at me. It should have been a simple matter to overpower the little whirlwind. Unfortunately it was the awkwardly dangling cock and the painfully swinging balls that slowed me down again. As I avoided an attack on my weakness I grasped both of her thick blonde plants and pulled her onto me, feeling her luscious little breasts squashed between us. She held onto my shoulders and twisted sideways sweeping my legs from under me with a clever move. Before I knew what was happening to me I was pinned to the floor by her knees paralysing the nerve-points in my upper arms, looking in horror at the spectacle of her voluptuous, shiny black leotard crotch now securely in my face. I felt her little hand take my hold of my bollocks. The monster between my legs reared up yet again and 
seemed to be demanding attention. "Submit?" she asked. "No way", I said struggling. But not for long, she squeezed my nuts hard making me rigid with crippling pain. "I submit!" I screamed. "Not until you kiss a crotch of my leotard" she said squeezing harder, gloating over my predicament. I had no choice but obey: I leant forward and kissed that magnificently firm, shiny, wet-look triangular bulge between her beautifully rounded pencil-thin thighs. "More" she demanded, gleefully, so I ran my tongue up inside her leotard-crease until it was as tight as it would go inside her and I could smell her musky sex. 


I completely lost control of myself just then, the smell of her sex, the charms of her suggestive leotard crotch, the warm tumescence of her shiny belly, her round, feminine knees, her round skinny thighs, and the humiliation, all had me in their euphoric grip. She released my arms so that I could caress her knees and thighs, running my fingers gently along the fetching little pale mounds of flesh on her inner thigh, just below the leotard line. Oh the dominance in her beautiful blue eyes and the emotional power of her pretty little face! She stood up and pulled a crotch of her leotard aside to the delight of the crowd while I waited timidly to serve my dominant pretty little bitch-girl. She lowered her sublime femaleness onto my face, I slid my tongue inside her succulent flower, sucking her labia hungrily, alternately between my lips. She pushed herself harder into my face and I took the hint, probing deeply inside her, and upwards to push as hard as I could against the roof of her portal. She moaned loudly, writhing sinuously like a snake and I had difficulty holding my tongue in place. When the moment was right I licked her prominent clitoris tenderly, then sucked it gently between my lips, pressing, oh so delicately, to expel it, and then sucking it back in, time and again. The girl gripped my head between her thighs and fucked my face, at first purring like a kitten then squealing like a piglet having it's throat cut, until she exploded her dominant little girlie juices on my face. Submissively I lapped it up for her, but most of it ran down my chin to drip onto my chest. When she was finished she went deathly still for a few minutes. Then she leaned forwards and let me stroke her two lovely plats in tactile joy while she rocked gently backwards and forwards, still panting and making little soft moans of sexual gratification as I caressed her lips with mine again. All this time the girl kept my testicles firmly in her fist and I was terrified that, in her passion, she would squeeze my consciousness out of me and crush my manhood into oblivion. I experienced the warm satisfaction of having served and satisfied my dominant little girl-mistress. The crowd was deadly quiet with shock. 


When she let me stand up, tears of humiliation ran down my cheeks and my face was covered in her dominant female juices, but I had a raging hard-on for everyone to see. The girl adjusted a crotch of her her leotard back on, as she laughed and pouted and waggled her crotch at me insultingly, then doing the same for the film cameras. "Come on, fight", she scolded, but I was afraid to fight her anymore! I panicked and ran away, but she grabbed my bollocks from behind and made me kneel. She straddled me, facing backwards and held my testicles in her hands, showing them to the cameras with one thumb on top of each of my balls. I begged the gorgeous little bitch for mercy as she basked in her victory and my defeat. 


When she let me go I grovelled to her, my pathetic manhood bobbing and swinging as, dejected and miserable I abased myself before my feminine little conqueress. Then I stood to face her, eyes averted. She spoke to me as if I were a child, not a grown man, "Isn't it strange, you have such a strong, hard, beautiful, virile, masculine body: but with these two weaknesses hanging down between your legs, all exposed and vulnerable, like targets." She held my balls and I half groaned, half gurgled with pleasure. I heard the timbre of her voice change and she raised her voice. "Men are all the same, your male ego is so fragile, the more cute, meek, innocent, weak, timid little giggly girlie I am the more your ego is crushed when I defeat you: you just can't stand it can you? All a weak little girl has to do is threaten to bash these silly testicles and you go all to pieces so it's easy to beat you. And they pump all those hormones into your body that defeat you before you start: a girl just has to flirt, make eyes at you, simper, and act all timid for you and you are hooked emotionally. Then a flash of shiny leotard and you take the bait - then you're done for. I suppose your testicles are the very essence of your contemptible male weakness. I pity you men because your silly balls make you weak and vulnerable and keep you a prisoner of your hormones, always hungry for girls and sex."


"Man, you would like me to cut them off, for you, wouldn't you?" I realised with shock that this last question was addressed to me directly. I looked into her startlingly blue eyes and fear welled up inside me, with swirling sexual hunger and a thrill like a hammer hitting my chest. The fear came from the dreadful thought that she knew. "No, please, Noooooo!" I wailed." "I like 
you, and you have a strong manly chest", she said, groping my chest with both hands now; "and thighs", groping my thighs; "and such small, hard buttocks," groping my buttocks with obvious relish. My prick was straining towards her, my balls were tingling with excitement, and I whimpered with frustration. "Perhaps I'll release you from your hormones, or maybe I'll let you keep your maleness so I can use you like a toy. You do know what you are doing all right, so who knows - I might let this monster worship my pussy and fill my belly with your inferior tribute." "Watch what happens when I give your bollocks a teeny little smack!" She looked so cute and her voice was so enticing that, If she hadn't slapped my bollocks at that moment, I think I would have spunked all down my leg. As it was I grovelled on the ground in the foetal position holding my throbbing parts while she giggled and laughed like the fetchingly adorable little girl that she was. 


Soon the whole battlefield was ready and the cameras positioned: 12 pretty young fighting dominant girls stood with booted feet on the chests of 12 defeated men, some dead, some wounded, and some, like me just grovelling at the feet of their conquerors. "Look at the cause of your ignominious defeat, my leotard!" commanded my girl. I looked at her charms and licked my lips, sobbing with passion and frustration. "Now give me your male-surrender juice!" she jeered. Staring hard at her inviting loveliness of her little leotard-clad mound of Venus, I stood and faced her again, and my penis, groping for her crotch, touched her silky skin, it was like a beautiful electric shock. I remembered the smell of her sex. My male ego was shattered beyond anything that had ever happened to a man before. I wiped some of her dominance juice from my chin, rubbed it on my penis, and started to wank. Almost immdiately I was on the brink of relief, panting loudly with my mouth open and my tongue lolling out of the corner. I looked imploringly at her angelic little face and wanted so much to cuddle her, to stroke those perfect plats, to kiss her and treasure her. Then I saw the look of contempt, unbridled triumph, pride and female victory in her enchanting blue eyes and I craved release, to submit and surrender my ugly gross male shame to her superiority and pretty delicate little feminine beauty. The pre-come was hot and stinging like a needle piercing the inside the flesh of my straining penis as it started to emerge, scalding from my burning come-hole. She saw the humiliation in my eyes before she saw the fluid. I expected her knee to smash my eggs at any moment, but she just grasped them gently in her left hand and it was then that one of the pre-pubescent little girls gave her a small knife, looking at me wide-eyed and pityingly as she did so. My girl saw the utter submission and greed in my face as my back arched like a bow and I made long low grunts deep in my throat like a pig, thrusting my hips and my prick forwards. So that I could acknowledge the cause of my defeat and I waddled closer up against her, my engorged and enflamed penis pressing on her silky belly, my testicles knocking heavily on her exquisite shiny bulge. One last time I tried to control my own body in the face of this female dominance, but I failed. "Oh no, please, the humiliation!" The word humiliation came from me as a sob. It was as if a needle had now pierced the flesh of my penis from side to side just below my come-hole as the monster strained for relief. I broke: I capitulated to my pretty little girlie conqueror as my ejaculation exploded, my surrendering man-juice ripping through my tormented man-flesh to splatter her leotard. One globule of my thick white male shame slid down her leotard to her crotch. As our eyes locked I could see the acknowledgement of my emotional submission on her dear sweet face, but I could also see that she also wanted my complete intellectual and physical submission - and I realise that she knew that I needed that too. "Finish me off, pretty little girlie, please!" I implored. "You men, you're like lambs to the slaughter" she said, and I realised then that they had done this before, my pretty, fragile, "innocent" little blue-eyed blonde prick-teasing bitch had defeated and castrated many men, and my humiliation was a foregone conclusion. I gazed adoringly between her little girlie face with those baby-doll blue eyes and her pretty enticing feminine leotard as she positioned the knife against my stretched scrotum and I waited for the ultimate demonstration of my male weakness and utter submission. I saw her gorgeous, innocent, sexy little smile as her eyes moved to my doomed manhood. I held tightly onto her plats, watching her sweet face meekly as my tormentrix she grasped my testicles in her left hand. With a little cry of pure exhilaration, the girl sliced my bollocks clean off with the knife in her right, raising her arm to show my severed manhood, trophies of female victory and female power, to the baying crowd and the cameras. My mind was seething with burning shame and my body an agony of searing pain from the maimed flesh between my legs sending me giddy to the edge of unconscious. Now I understood the real meaning of male rape. The crowd went wild with excitement and I heard organised chanting beak out: "Female wins, female wins". "Off with them all!" were just two of them. I hadn't lost my bursting erection and my whole body was still struggling urgently to ejaculate the bulk of my hot juices before it collapsed. Dropping the knife, the girl still fixed me with her beautiful blue-eyed giggling little girlie look of complete dominance as she grasped my shaft, her little right hand gently but quickly wanking the rest of my submissive man-juice out if me. The last surge of my primeval urges temporarily overwhelmed my pain while I grasped her pla?ts in ecstasy, looking into her eyes as joyful spasms burst through my body in waves from the base of my spine making my hips jerk forwards with spasmic ejaculation. Oh Joy! Amazingly, my beautifully awful, shameful male slime continued to slide and gurgle out of me with an "Ahhh" for every gratifying spasm, sploshing all over her as we both watched it running off in her belly and running down her legs in great gobs. 

She took some of my hot spunk in her hand, and long glistening strands still attached it to her panties as she took her hand away to rub it around her belly and tits with relish. I felt ripples of rapture and happiness passing through my delirious body as it jerked and relaxed, jerked and relaxed, surrendering my very last submissive tribute to my beautiful dominant, endearing little female conqueror. 


My erection subsided, my penis wilted and went completely limp. Sublime relief! I was released from my urges at last! One of the young girls injected morphine into my leg but I collapsed in shock as the terrible pain from my crippled manhood re-asserted itself and lay on my back, looking up at my girl's heart-breakingly beautiful face. I noticed then that one of the cameras was almost on top of me, and clustered around were all of the girls, and each and every one of them was staring intently at my face as she brought herself to a shuddering and noisy climax. I drifted into unconsciousness, utterly satisfied and happy, knowing that when the film went on release, Girl Power would take over the whole world. Every man on earth would share my wonderful privilege: Every man would experience the delicious, intoxicating thrilling humiliation of a male defeated by a female in combat, the pleasure of serving the superior female with his loving tongue, submit his last shameful male-surrender juice to her in orgasmic joy, and sacrifice the very essence of his manhood to her female dominance. 

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!

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