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Not so long ago I had a 18 year old girlfriend. She was pretty childish, and me and her would play fight quite often. Although I was a bit stronger than her, she always won because I fighted completely naked. Dressed in white tank leotard, she has a psychological advantage and just had more stamina. After about 5-10 minutes I would be exchausted, while she wasn't a bit tired. She also had stronger legs, that could get you in real bad scissors. all in all she had more energy. Our fights always ended with me being pinned on the floor, with her laughing. As I was panting from excaustion, she'd sit on me and say "if you're a big strong man, why don't you just push me off?". It was really embarrissing, because quite often she did this in front of people. She also had pictures taken of her in leotard standing in victory pose, with one foot on my chest. She'd remind me all the time that she could beat me.

The only time it ended different was when she had me cornered, and I thought, I'm not gonna lose again, so I pinched her nipple under leotard. She screamed in agony, and then came at me like a hurricane. Fist flying in my naked balls. This fight ended with me curled up like a baby on the floor, bruised and bleeding, begging her for forgiveness.

Oh, and the fight were girl in leotard "accidently" kneed me in the naked balls ended with her laughing, and caressing me, saying she was "really sorry".

Now, I am not the strongest of men, but this girls was years younger and much shorter than me. Still, she won.

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