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Margot's initiation

I'd known Margot a few weeks when it happened. I was a Grad Student, instructing at State U, and she was just a Freshman...petite and good-looking, with small, perky breasts, and an air of Girlish Mischief about her. I figured she'd be Easy Prey for a man of my experience. Then she asked me to go with her to the Initiation/Costume Party at her Sorority! 

"Don't worry about a Costume, Clark," She smiled sweetly, tossing her soft dark hair, "I've got one picked out for both of us! Just show up an hour early at the Lesba Delta House, and I'll take care of everything!" 

At the Lesba Delta House, I thought the other girls looked at me kind of funny. Some of them had their dates with them already, but none of the fellas would look me in the eye; they just meekly followed the girls around and did as they were told, I guess. And now that I looked closer, it seemed that some of them were rather strangely dressed! 

"Was that a collar? And what's on his wrists?" 

"Never mind," Margot almost pushed me up the steps to her room, and I realized for the first time how strong she was, for a girl her size! 

Once in her room, Margot undressed right in front of me, and stay on a tight thong Style black leotard. I should have noticed the taut, firm muscles of her arms and legs right then, but all I could keep my mind on was her pert, thrusting breasts and that magnificent round ass! This was the first time I'd seen her before nude (despite all my tries!) and I quickly obeyed, when she told me to strip down to my Jock Strap. 

But when she pointed to the tangled belts on the bed and explained our "costume" to me, I rebelled! 

"Oh no!" I said, "No way am I going around like that! It-It'd be too embarrassing!" 

"What's wrong?" Margot asked, "Your male parts are covered, aren't they? And besides," She giggled, "No one will see your face!" 

"It's not right!" I insisted, "No man should -uh- do that ... I mean, be that way with a woman --er-- out in front of everybody!" 

"Oh no?" She sneered, "I suppose you think men are supposed to be Macho and Dominant, don't you?" 

"Well, I...." 

"Well let me tell you, women can do anything men can do, and do it a whole lot better! There isn't a woman here in the house that isn't smarter, stronger, or more naturally dominant than you are!" 

Wow! When she got mad, this little Amazon was a sight to behold! As Margot squared her broad shoulders, those magnificent breasts quivered proudly, and when she planted her bare feet firmly in the carpet and shifted her high, rounded buttocks, I felt incredibly aroused (and slightly vulnerable!) standing in her bedroom there, with both of us in such skimpy attire! I felt my Jock Strap get tight and cleared my throat. She was breathtaking! 

But there was no way I could agree with Margot's assertion of natural female supremacy ... much less wear that awful costume! And I told her so. I took Boxing in Phys Ed and keep myself in pretty good shape and.... 

... and that's how I came to accept her challenge to a formal 3-Round Boxing Match in the Basement Gym -- Winner take all! 

Before I knew it, we were on our way downstairs, and as word of the match spread around the Lesba Delta House, a crowd of interested Girls and their meek looking "dates" gathered to watch our progress. I suddenly became aware that all I had on was that bulging Jock Strap, and I felt myself redden under the burning, amused female eyes as I stepped along. Someone pinched my bottom and giggled! 

In the Ring, a curvy red-head named Tanya laced Boxing Gloves on me. But they were small, cramping my hands oddly... 

"Not so tight!" I protested, "And...hey!...these gloves don't have thumbs!" 

"S'matter?" Tanya teased, running a soft hand over my chest, tickling my nipples, "You afraid to fight with a woman?" 

Across the ring, Margot had her own larger gloves on, and she smiled sensuously at me as she tapped them together. "Honestly, Clark," She giggled, "That's all we've got that'll fit those wimpy hands of yours! You want to back out? Scared?" 

That did it. Not waiting for the Bell, I swarmed across the Ring at her. My sudden attack caught her by surprise, and she made an easy target, as I feinted at her head, then slammed a hard left into her taut stomach. She wasn't ready for it, and dropped her Guard to cover up ... leaving her face wide open for a round-house Right! 

"Margot! Look Out!" 

"Cheat! Unfair!" 

"She wasn't ready! Stop him, someone!" 

The Girls of Lesba Delta screamed in protest as my punches staggered their Petite Pledge. She sagged to her knees, and I stepped forward to press my advantage ... 

That's when she shot upward and her Left Glove came up from the floor to my chin! 

"Chew on that!" 

Delivered from that position, the blow was devastating, and I literally Saw Stars as I stumbled back! Blearily, I saw a big, brown glove flying at my face; I jumped back and raised my guard...leaving my belly wide open for a One-Two that knocked me dizzy! 

"Still feel like fighting, Big Boy?" 

I swayed drunkenly from side to side as Margot threw Rights and Lefts at will. My boxing training automatically helped me block most of them, but I was too dazed to return any, and now and then, one would break through my Guard and rock me back on my heels! 

"You're not doing too well, Honey!" Margot teased, "How about a Nap?" Suddenly a Punch From Nowhere rang in my ears, and I saw the Canvas swoop up to my face! At Ringside, a cute blonde blew me a teasing kiss as she counted:  "One-Two-Three --- Oh DAMN! There's the Bell!" 

"Don't fret," A short haired brunette consoled her, "That just means Margot gets Three More Minutes to Pound Pain into this Sissy!" 

The taunting words goaded me off the canvas. Somehow I got to my corner, where Red-Haired Tanya was waiting...with a silk scarf instead of a towel! And instead of spraying me with water, she spritzed me with Perfume! 

"Just perfect for a little Sissy-Wimp like you!" she sneered, "You may have caught Margot by surprise last round, but it won't happen again...She's gonna Cream more ways than one!" 

The redhead's words stung as much as the acrid perfume, and she accompanied them with teasing caresses through the silk scarf on my neck...nipples...arousing me in spite of myself! Despite the pounding I'd just taken, my Jock Strap was bulging tighter than ever, and I wished fervently we were wearing boxing trunks or something to cover my embarrassing state. 

Then a pretty black girl, with a stop-watch raised a hammer to ring the bell. I looked across the ring; Margot was still on her stool, getting a Good-Luck Kiss from one of her Sorority Sisters (who was fondling a breast as well!) If I could just get over there before she was ready... 

I shot up and lunged across the ring just as the Bell rang -- Or that is, I tried to -- Just as I was getting up, Tanya reached out from my corner and yanked down on my Waist Band! 

I reached the middle of the ring only to feel my jock strap flutter down my hips...exposing my excited state to the crowd!  Dumbfounded, I looked down and fumbled at the loosened garment with my thumbless gloves. Then I heard a rush of air and looked back up, just in time to see Margot looming up at me like an angry wave! 

"Look at you!" She whispered.  (Her Gloved Right Fist shot out!)  "Naughty boy!  (and slammed into my left cheek!) Playing with yourself like that! 

(Her left zoomed towards me!) in front of everyone!  (Ringing in my right ear!)  MY! How stiff you are!  (The Right again,)  You must really like this treatment!" (And the Left!) 

Forgetting my embarrassment, I raised my fists to ward off her savage blows. I blocked one. Then another. I saw an opening and landed a good punch to her left breast! She moaned and retreated, and I surged forward! 

It was a mistake. A trap. For as I stepped forward, I suddenly felt my Jock Strap slip to my knees, hampering my steps! I lurched and stumbled... 

Right into a powerhouse Belly-Punch that set me gasping for air! 

From that moment on, it was Margot's Fight. And she knew it. All I could do was stumble around the Ring, trying to untangle my legs from that clinging Jock Strap, while Margot landed blows whenever and wherever she chose. As if to avenge herself for my lucky punch to her breast, she kept striking glancing, smarting smacks to my chest: Right-Left- Right, making my nipples ache, swell, and tingle. I danced about, sawing my arms wildly and kicking my legs to free them. Finally, the hampering Jock Strap fell to the floor and I stepped out of it, Free at last and ready to fight! 

And Just then the Bell rang! 

I reached down to retrieve my fallen garment, but Margot clamped a bare foot forcefully down on top of it and shot me a look,  daring  me to try for it! Crestfallen, I slunk back to my corner without it, crossing my gloved hands over an  embarrassing condition that somehow seemed larger than ever! 

In my corner, Laughing, Red-Haired Tanya delighted in humiliating me further. As I perched bare-assed on the tiny stool, too weak to resist, she doused me with hair spray and ran a styling comb through it, producing a cute, curly effect. Then she dusted me liberally with scented powder, turning my skin milky white. Finally, she attacked my face with mascara and rouge, turning my face into a red-lipped, pink-cheeked feminine caricature! 

Across the ring, Margot held up my captured Gee- String and dangled it tauntingly, reminding me (as if I needed reminding!) of my glove-hampered hands crossed desperately over my privates! 

"Want this back, Sweetie?" She smiled prettily, as the Bell rang. "Come and get it! Ooo, this is gonna be like hitting a Girl!" 

I stepped hesitantly out into the Ring, terribly embarrassed as I suddenly realized that during the last round, Tanya had smeared Liquid Blush all over the stool seat, and I had SAT in it! 

"Look at Cutie-Face!" A mannish-looking spectator sneered, "Rosy Cheeks top and  bottom!" 

I had no time to think about how awful I looked. No time to worry about the huge erection that mocked my misery. For Margot was dancing lithely around me now, looking for an opening.  If I could just get through this Round, I told myself, I'd fight her to a draw and get out of here! Trying hard not to blush, I reluctantly pulled my tightly-gloved fists up from my crotch. Keep your guard up, I told myself, watch her fists ... 

Suddenly her leg shot out, and her heel slammed smartly down on my toes! 

"Owwwl" I whined, "Foul! Low Blow!" 

"Oh no," She corrected, smiling at the sight of me hopping about on one foot in my silly state, "The Rules say NO HITTING BELOW THE BELT. But since you don't happen to be wearing one, I figure any part of that puny body of yours is Fair Game!" She made her point forcefully with a painful left jab to my privates! 

"Owwww! " 

That was it. As I doubled over in pain, her Right shot upwards to meet my face coming down! I didn't even feel it; All I remember is the sickening THUD and the sensation of spinning head over heels into inky darkness ... 

The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back and someone was counting, "...Eight! ... Nine.' ... and TEN!" I looked up dizzily to see Margot in her leotard standing over me, her gloves off and her bare foot toying with my cock (which was incredibly still erect!) as she raised my Jock Strap like a trophy! 

"Please," I moaned, trying cover myself with arms that felt like Lead, "Give it back!" 

"In due time, Lover!" Margot winked down at me, smiling cruelly, "But first I think you need a little Punishment for playing with yourself like that in front of all these Ladies and Gentlemen!!" 

I felt her bare toes slide under me as she flipped me easily over onto my stomach. And then I groaned as she sat down on my back, settling her big, soft ass on the back of my head as she faced my own blushing pratt! 

"Now we'll redden this naughty bottom properly!" 


The girls cheered. 


I jerked involuntarily and Margot sat harder on my head. 


Margot's open palms beat burning pain into my defenseless bottom, until I couldn't stand it! Desperately, I jerked my glove-bound hands behind me for some protection! 

"Naughty boy!" Margot chided, "Mustn't try to interfere with Big Sister's Discipline! Now since you were so antsy to get this silly male garment back, I'll just let you have it!" 

All at once I felt my elbows pulled together behind me -- bound by my own Jock Strap! Margot laughed at the way my gloved mitts flounced helplessly at my sides, then bounced on my head again before resuming the awful spanking! 

"Now (SLAPP!I) will you wear that costume (SMACKKK!!!) and do as I say? Will you?"  SSSSMMAA-AA-ACKKK!!!! 

"Yes!" I screamed helplessly into the canvas, "I'll wear it! I'll do ANYTHING!" 

All at once she was off, crouching on one knee in front of me, lifting me by the hairs of my head as she looked me in the eye. "Anythinq?" She sneered, "Well we'll see about that! For now, let's get you ready for your costume! Don't you feel silly with that sissy makeup on? I've already been nice enough to take it off your ass! You want to get it off your face by yourself? Or," She raised an open palm menacingly, "Must I do it for you?" 

"No! No!" I gasped, "I'll do it! I'll do it myself! Just let my arms loose and give me some Cream!" 

"No need for that," Margot stood up and pulled me to my knees in front of her, "I have everything you'll need right here!" 

Kneeling there in front of her, I felt the incredible power of her warm, glistening body, just inches away. Someone tossed her a bottle of skin cream and she smiled down at me ... then began caking it liberally over her ass! 

"Do a good job now," She turned and proffered the magnificent globes to my face, layering in a last handful between the thrusting cheeks, "Don't miss a single spot ... or I'll get it for you!" 

Miserably embarrassed, but helpless to resist, I pressed my sore face shamefully into her round ass. "Harder!" Margot commanded, Or do you want a re-match? Rub it in good now!" 

That was all the incentive I needed! Trying to forget my humiliation, I worked my features vigorously between the cheeks of her cream-coated ass, feeling her squirm with pleasure as the on- lookers cheered and laughed at the sight. 

Finally, when my face was liberally caked with the goo, and Margot was quivering with arousal, I sat back in exhaustion.  The sight of my face, covered in white cream, brought a fresh wave of amusement from the crowd! Margot looked down at me contemptuously. "Let's see if you did a good job!" 

Suddenly I was on my back again, and Margot was on top of me, rubbing the cream off my face with her full, sensuous titties! She stroked across me like a cat in heat, her nipples stiff, breathing heavily, and finally pulling my face into her armpit for a last wipe-off! 

But when she dropped my head back to the canvas and looked down at my features, it was with annoyance. 

"What's this? You missed a spot! What's wrong with you? Can't you even clean your own face, Little Boy? Or do you like wearing makeup? Huh?" 

"Now," She pivoted; and now her bottom loomed over my face like a thundercloud as I lay there with my bound, gloved hands pinned beneath me, "We'll see if that face of yours is good for anything besides a Punching Bag!" 

Majestically, she lowered herself, and suddenly my world became the dark, soft prison of her enveloping ass and fevered pussy as she ground herself down over my features, humping slowly back and forth. "Come on, get your Tongue in it," I heard dimly between her sweaty, scissoring thighs, "And do a good job, or I swear I'll use you for a work-out bench!" 

Desperately, I responded, kissing, licking, probing, as she see-sawed slowly back and forth on my face. It seemed I spent hours there, pleasuring my panting captor ... suddenly she tightened her legs, gasping, then finally relaxed in a slow, shuddering spasm! 

She sat on me for a while, basking in the afterglow as she toyed maddeningly with my excited stiffness. 

"Not bad," She said at last, "You may have your uses! But right now, it's time to get you Suited Up for the Party!" 

The Collar was wide and stiff, arching my neck backwards painfully ... forcing my head up! The Shoulder Harness fastened securely to a narrow belt at Margot's waist, supporting my weight and keeping me bent sharply forward. And the Head-Harness pulled my face firmly forward between her round, soft bottom- cheeks ... and held it there! 

We were held together like one of those horse- costumes ... a double-sexed Centaur, with me as the Tail End! My body hair had all been removed with some sort of lotion that left my skin smooth and silky.... and rather feminine! Behind my back, my elbows were still embarrassingly bound -- with my own Jock Strap!  And I still wore those tight-laced hampering gloves as a symbol of my humiliating defeat! 

I tugged uselessly at my elbows, wishing fervently that I could wear that Jock Strap to cover my shamefully excited state. But Margot just laughed. "Sorry Horsy!" She teased, donning a tight, mesh-weave leotard that just barely covered her in front, and stepping into a pair of heels, "If you'd cooperated at the start, I'd have let you hide that ridiculous little thing! But since you decided to put up a fight, I'm going to display it as a trophy! Don't you DARE let it go down! Keep in step now... up on tiptoe to show off your naked butt! And remember, I can easily reach it with this riding crop!" 

She demonstrated her point with a burning SNAP! I jumped and followed her meekly, blindly .... 

Out into the crowd! 

The next few hours were an agony of embarrassment for me as we strolled around the room and Margot accepted congratulations on how well she had passed her initiation. I blushed furiously as anonymous hands teased, pinched and fondled my helpless nudity.  Who was out there? Was it just the Girls of Lesba Delta and their submissive "Dates" seeing me like this? Had they invited the Jocks from the Frat House next door to laugh at my condition as they stood around, fully dressed, chugging beers? 

"OH GAWD," I thought, "WHAT IF SOME OF MY STUDENTS ARE HERE? OR MY FEMALE BOSS?" I had to keep my face hidden, even if it meant burying it even deeper in Margot's big, round behind! 

So I eagerly followed Margot about as she danced, drank, ate, and generally showed me off.  At her command, I stroked myself with my thighs to the peak of quivering excitement, and wiggled my ass prettily for a spanking. I crouched submissively behind her so she could relax by leaning back on my face ... followed her out on the private lawn, so she could relieve herself behind a bush ... and trembled with fear when someone suggested her "Horsy" needed a Tail! 

Late in the evening, the girls finally freed my face from Margot's bottom, re-styled my hair and applied bold, whorish make-up to my face. Then someone approached me with what looked like two flesh tone balloons... filled with some kind of jiggly liquid! 

Next thing I knew, the balloons were joined to my chest with some sort of glue that blended with my skin. The girls now pulled me to my feet and I got a god look at myself in the mirror -- Those "balloons were false breasts! Bouncing on my chest like big, alluring, natural-looking boobs! What with my smooth skin, styled hair and brassy make-up, I looked like a sensuous Nude Woman! 

As I stood there in shock, I thought they were putting my jock-strap back on me... but it was actually a triangle-shaped wig that fitted snugly over my withered privates -- disguising them as a woman's inviting love-nest! 

The sight of me this way -- looking incredibly feminine and shamefully nude, set me to blushing all over, nervously trying to cover my 'breasts" and "pussy" with my hands. Giggling wickedly, Margot led me to a side door.... 

"It's been a lovely evening," She teased, "And I'd love to do it again -- come back anytime! I'm going to keep your clothes as a souvenir, but -here- I'll give you these high heels to wear... as you walk home!" 

Out on the Street now... These heels make me walk with a mincing, butt-swishing gait that jiggles my boobs shamelessly.... I sneak through back yards... crouch behind dumpsters and parked cars, still trying to cover myself with my hands... 

And I don't see the gang of Teenage Girls till it's too late!

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!

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