CFNM ballbusting knee in the face wife vs husband femdom fighting

Late night wrestling

Sue and Rick Mathews were sitting in their king size bed in the large bedroom of their suburban home, watching wrestling on  television. Sue loved Rick dearly but sometimes he was a real pain in the neck, like tonight insisting on watching wrestling. Sue thought wrestling was pretty stupid even aside from it being phony. Watching two large ugly men throwing each other around a small ring was not Sue's idea of entertainment.  

Then Sue suddenly found herself interested, in fact fascinated. There was a special match on tonight, between a man and a woman. The slim blond girl dressed in red gym leotard started throwing her male opponent all around the ring, even though he was much bigger, and had big muscles. Sue licked her lips nervously," This is great. Look at her knocking that big ape all around. That's real women's lib." She said with a laugh.  

Rick snorted in disgust. "Lets watch something else," he said. Something about seeing a woman beating up on a man like that disturbed him. Women's lib was one thing, but that was the ultimate male humiliation. 

Now Sue insisted on watching. "No you wanted to watch wrestling, and this is too good to miss."  Rick grumbled, but continued watching and didn't make any move to change the channel. Sue could tell he wasn't happy about it though. She couldn't resist kidding him a little. "Boy how would you like to go ten rounds with her?" she asked with a straight face.  

Rick snorted  again, "That's ridiculous. A smaller woman could never really  beat up a much bigger man, especially one whose in good shape. Wrestling is all phony. You ought to know that. You tell me every time I want to watch it."  

Sue was in the mood to needle her husband though. "Oh yeah, it sure looks real to me. What makes you think a girl can't outfight a man any way? When I was a kid I wrestled boys and I won sometimes."  Sue was embellishing the truth somewhat. Once when she was thirteen, she'd wrestled her nine year old cousin and pinned him. Rick didn't really take her seriously, but her boast bothered him anyway. His face got red, and he tried to cover his feelings with a joke. He snickered, "Sure they'd let you sit on their faces, I bet. You always were pretty naive."  

That remark miffed Sue. "Well how about you fighting me then, and lets see if you'll like me sitting on your face. I wouldn't mind doing a little more of that. The missionary position gets pretty boring after a while, especially if you're the one who always gets to be on the bottom." 

Rick laughed, a little nervously, "I ought to take you up on that, and teach you a lesson." "Come on and try it then, Hot Shot." Sue shot back. "We'll see who learns a lesson."  Rick didn't say anything. Sue discovered, in surprise, that the idea excited her. It might be kind of fun, at that, to wrestle her husband. 

The blond girl in leotard on the T.V. pinned her male opponent just then. Rick used the remote control to switch off the set, with an obviously angry gesture. "What's the matter, Honey? Can't bear to see the big, strong man get whipped, by a mere girl? Afraid it could happen to you?" Sue teased. "All right lets forget it." Rick said. Sue continued her teasing though. " Rick's afraid to fight me! Rick's afraid to fight me!" she chanted .

"That's enough about it, O.K. Ms. Loudmouth?" Rick answered. Then he muttered, "Damn it, you sure do deserve a lesson though."  

"Yeah but you're afraid to try and give it to me. Rick's a scairdy cat! Rick's a scairdy cat!" Sue took up a new chant.  

Rick knew the T.V. show was probably a fake, but it bothered him anyway; and Sue's teasing was getting under his collar. "O.K. Ms. Smartass, that does it." Rick said and he hopped off the bed, pulled off his pajamas. 

Seeing Rick's brutally powerful, muscular body naked, Sue had second thoughts. At thirty-five, after twelve years of marriage they were both in good shape, but Rick suddenly looked awfully big to Sue, and very strong. Besides that he was a High School Football Coach, and Sue was a librarian, the classic wimp's profession. 

Rick was nearly six feet tall, all 180 pounds of it, solid muscle. Sue at five feet six, was a shapely, firmly packed 140 pounds. Much as she exercised, she never seemed to slim down below that 140. Her waist was relatively small, though. Her weight was all in her shapely limbs, big womanly breasts, and solid hips and behind. Her behind stuck out impudently, balancing her prominently upthrust bosom. Despite her firmly toned muscles, no one ever thought of Sue as a female "jock." Rather, Sue's pale, flawless complexion, and baby soft brown hair curling to her shoulders, intensified a first impression, of delightful voluptuousness. 

Rick was standing by the bed, flexing his muscles in a body builder's pose. Sue still sat in bed, regretting her boastful challenge. "Now who's scared? Huh?" Rick laughed sarcastically. " All talk and no action, huh, Ms. Liberated Feminist." Rick kept it up. 

Sue realized she'd talked herself into a corner. She slowly pulled her silk, shortie nightgown over her head, stay dressed in white tank leotard, and dangled her legs over the side of the bed. Rick continued to posture in front of her." Well Ms. Loudmouth, what's it going to be? Want to call it off and forget it?" Sue knew that if she did back out, and call it off now, Rick would make sure she never got to forget it. "Well I suppose I don't have any choice." She told herself. Rick, naked, was standing right in front of her, flexing his muscles over his head.  

Sue gulped nervously. Then like a beginner swimmer jumping off the end of the dock, she launched herself off the bed. She lowered her head, and like an arrow shot from a bow, dove head first into Rick's belly. Her sudden move caught her husband completely by surprise. Off guard, with his hands over his head, Rick was a perfect target, and Sue's head sank deeply into his gut. He grunted, "Oooff!"and crashed backwards into the wall.  

Sue thought to herself, "Well maybe it won't be all one sided after all, if I keep my head, and keep him off balance." She remembered what the T.V. Girl wrestler had done after she'd thrown her male opponent into a ring post. Sue sped over to her gasping husband, and dived into his belly head first again. This time she nailed him even harder, because his back was already pressed to the wall. Rick almost passed out before the fight even got under way. While he hung there against the wall, Sue stooped down, and gathered up his muscular thighs, one under each arm.  

"What are you doing?" Rick asked in confusion, hardly knowing where he was, or what was happening. "Oh, just this," his cuddly, brown haired, wife laughed. Sue was suddenly enjoying herself, as she pulled her husband's legs right out from under him. Rick went down on his behind, like the proverbial ton of bricks. He yelped at the impact, still only half aware of what Sue was doing to him. Sue still wasn't satisfied. She didn't let go of Rick's legs. He wasn't able to resist, but just sat there on the floor in stunned amazement. As she held his legs, Sue could feel Rick's thighs quivering at the shock. She straightened up with a purposeful thrust of her body, and pulling backwards, jerked Rick's buttocks off the floor. 

Rick landed with a resounding thud on his back. His head bounced hard on the carpet. Sue still didn't loosen her grip on his legs at all.  Letting her hands slide down to his calves, she held on to her fallen husband for a few moments, while she got her breath back, and planned her next move. Rick's mind started to clear. He looked up groggily, to see Sue in leotard standing over his naked body, with his legs hoisted in the air. He could hardly remember what had happened, or how Sue had gotten him in such a fix. He had never felt like such a fool in his life, but worse was to come. Sue put her foot down between his thighs, and pressed down on his naked vulnerable crotch, not hard enough to do any damage, just hard enough so Rick was very aware her foot was there. 

"O.K. Big Fellah, look's like your shoulders are pinned already," Sue chortled. Rick tried to flip over, and twist out of his wife's grip, but Sue held on for dear life. At the same time, she pressed her foot down harder on his crotch. The sudden pain in his scrotum stopped Rick cold. He gave a yelp of real pain. "Ow, ow, oh that's not fair. Let go. let go," he whined. "All right Sissy, if you can't take it, I'll be sporting and let you go. Remember though, its only because you begged," Sue snickered, unable to stop needling her embarrassed husband. She eased the pressure on his crotch, but as she dropped his legs, she slid her foot between his buttocks and goosed him, with her big toe. Rick screeched, and his body jumped in the air as though he'd gotten an electric shock. 

Rick jumped up, humiliated. This had started out as a joke. Now he felt he had a score to settle with his lovely wife. He charged at Sue like a bull. Seeing the look on her husband's face, Sue dodged away. She'd taken dance lessons all through school, and she was still nimble on her feet. She avoided Rick's charge with only inches to spare. Rick whirled and lunged at her again. Sue had the feeling if Rick got his hands on her, she'd be very sorry. She wasn't about to let it happen though. "I'm going to make him the sorry one," she told herself with a feeling of delightful anticipation. 

Sue couldn't believe what she was thinking, or the feelings that had come over her. She had really attacked her husband as if this was a real fight, and not a game. She hadn't worried about hurting him at all. In fact, she knew deep down, that's what she wanted. She felt ashamed. She'd always thought of herself as nonviolent, repressed feelings of aggression, and avoided competition. "I must be going crazy. This isn't me doing this. I ought to stop this right now before someone gets hurt. " Sue thought, with a feeling of guilt. 

Unfortunately, the way Rick was coming at her, Sue couldn't end it "right now." She knew she'd been rougher than necessary, and that Rick wouldn't be able to live with himself, unless he evened the score. But much as she loved Rick, Sue refused to take a beating just to preserve his feelings. Desperately, she danced out of the way of his second charge. This time, her margin of safety was only fractions of an inch. Even so Sue impudently cracked Rick across the behind with the flat of her hand as he brushed past. She knew she was playing with fire, but she just couldn't resist the urge. 

Really furious now, Rick stalked his wife slowly and deliberately. Sue nervously backed away until without warning, her back bumped against the wall. She'd let Rick back her into a corner. "Oh hell," she thought in dismay. "What do I do now?"  Her mind raced. Instinctively, the moves of the girl in the T.V. bout came back to her. Hardly thinking, Sue braced her palms against the walls, lifted her body and lashed out with her leg. The sole of her foot slammed deep into Rick's belly. Still hurting from two head butts, a third deadly blow to the abdomen stopped him dead. Sue wanted to get out of that corner bad. Quick as a wink, she slipped around behind her gasping husband, without even waiting to see if her kick was effective,   

It was. Rick was doubled over in pain. "Damn!" he groaned. Sue had escaped, and worse she'd hurt him again doing it. If he was fighting another man, Rick would have gone on the defensive, and waited for his opponent to come to him. But even now, he just couldn't think of Sue as really dangerous. He turned to go after her again, but Sue didn't wait. She jumped him first before he could turn all the way around. She landed high on Rick's back. He was still stooped over, and she  knocked him flat on his face. Sue's full 140 pounds landed on top of him with stunning force. For a second or so Rick lay there seeing stars. Once again he hardly knew where he was, or what Sue had done to him.  

When Rick's head did clear, he found Sue had wrapped her strong legs around his middle in a scissors. Rick arched his back to throw her off, but Sue locked her ankles together, and dug her heels into his belly. Her plump, pretty thighs squeezed like a pair of boa constrictors. Rick's powerful arms were free though, and he levered them both over on their backs. Now Rick was on top of his wife's softer body. The impact of being flipped hurt Sue, especially when Rick's much heavier body landed on top of her. She was dazed. Even so, to Rick's intense frustration her legs didn't relax enough for him to get free. 

Not being able to break loose, made Rick desperate. He hated being helpless, and being made helpless by Sue, his own wife, was intolerable. He thrashed wildly, and finally twisted sideways, but that only made things worse. It didn't loosen Sue's grip, and now he was on his belly, with Sue next to him on her side. She was free of his heavy body pinning her down, and her legs cut directly into his belly and kidneys instead of his harder, less vulnerable hips. she was able to exert even more pressure on his aching middle. Sue didn't waste her advantage; she poured on the pressure until Rick was squirming in real anguish.  

Rick's face got redder, and breathing got harder. He aimed an awkward punch at Sue's face. She dodged just in time, and his fist glanced harmlessly off her forehead. While she had the chance, Sue grabbed two of Rick's fingers in each hand. She twisted and bent them, until the smarting pain brought tears to Rick's eyes. He couldn't get his hand loose. Meanwhile, Sue's strong thighs tightened every time he breathed or moved, like a Boa Constrictor, always a little tighter, never any looser. Before long, Rick could hardly breath at all. He was afraid he was passing out. If he didn't do something quick, Sue would win the fight, and he'd never live it down. That thought gave him a sudden burst of strength, and he kicked himself loose.  

Rick stumbled to his feet, as Sue leaped gracefully erect. Free of Sue's terrible, constricting thighs, Rick breathed deeply in relief, but he still nursed his sore hand. Sue felt incredibly exhilarated. "Gee-whiz, he hasn't touched me at all, so far. I can't believe it. Some football coach. Even if he wins now, he'll know he's been in a fight. But who says he's going to win?"  

Rick lurched at Sue, expecting her to back pedal away, as usual. Instead, his pretty wife in leotard paused long enough to shoot a solid punch into his gut. Caught off guard by the punch, Rick couldn't turn fast enough, when Sue ran behind him, and grabbed his neck with both arms. As she pulled him back towards her, she shoved her knees into the backs of his, buckling his legs. Rick lost his footing and fell on his behind. 

Taking two handfuls of Rick's thick blond hair, and throwing her leg over his shoulder, Sue shoved him over on his hands and knees. In amazement, Rick found himself trapped between his wife's plump, white thighs again. This time it was even more embarrassing, because Sue had his head secure in her steely grip. Sue had made her first mistake, though. Rick's arms were still free, he grabbed Sue's ankles and pulled her legs out from under her. Sue pitched forward on her face.  Her hands and big, nude breasts broke her fall some, but not without  pain, and a big blow to her pride and dignity.  

"Goddamn it! That was stupid," Sue thought. "Hell that's something Rick would have done." Rick tried to immobilize her, by pinning her legs to the floor. Sue knew if Rick ever trapped her that way, she'd never get loose. Desperately she kicked both legs in near, hysterical frenzy. Her kicking feet hit Rick in the chest and face with a hard tattoo. He felt like he'd stuck his head into an electric blender. He couldn't hold Sue's legs tight, and she pulled free. Once loose, Sue scampered away on her hands and knees. She scrambled to her feet before Rick could catch her.  

Turning to face her husband, Sue was dismayed to see him on his feet, bearing down on her like an angry bull. She'd been counting on a second or so respite, but there was no time to avoid his charge this time. "Well, here goes nothing," she muttered. Taking a deep breath, Sue resolutely met Rick head on, with a flurry of straight left and right punches to his body. The last thing in the world, Rick was expecting, was for his fluffy haired wife to stand her ground, and slug it out with him toe to toe.  

Rick was totally unprepared for Sue to batter his lower belly such an explosive barrage. His abdominal muscles weren't ready, and Sue's punches dug into his belly nearly to the wrist. His mouth gaped open in shock, like a fish out of water. Sue laughed out loud. She liked the feeling of sinking her fists into her husband's naked body. It really turned her on. 

Sue's fists thudding into his sore belly, stopped Rick dead in his tracks. He couldn't believe, she was hurting him so bad. While he stood there flat footed, Sue clipped him on the chin with a right uppercut. The punch stung Sue's knuckles and numbed her forearm, but it snapped Rick's head backwards, like a kick from a mule. Rick felt his legs buckling. He raised his own arms in a boxing stance, and tried to catch Sue in a clinch. He missed her left arm though, and she smashed it into his right eye. Then she pulled her right arm loose, and slammed it into his gut, way down low, with all her strength. 

Rick stumbled away. His legs were rubbery, and he couldn't get his breath. Sue exultantly ignored her own pain. "Its so easy," she thought. "He's no tougher than I am, and he's a lot dumber."  Sue suffered another pang of guilt, realizing she was sadistically enjoying hurting and humiliating her own husband this way. "The hell with it, he brought it on himself." she told herself in self justification. She knew the real reason though; she just wasn't ready to stop yet. "Heck, I've just gotten started!" she exulted.  

Sue continued her attack, with a graceful kick to Rick's aching belly. Despite Rick's rippling, washboard, abdominal development, she knew now how easy it was to hurt him there. Her foot was bare, but the power of her plump, white thigh drove her toe deep into Rick's body anyway. Rick crumpled up, and fell down on his hands and knees. He was hurt and groggy, but still intensely aware that his cute, brown haired, wife was humiliating him dreadfully. "Bitch," he muttered. "I thought we were just fooling around."  

"Bastard," Sue replied. She resented her husband calling her names, even if she was beating him up. "Can't take it Big Man? What's the matter, not man enough to handle your own wife?" Sue sneered, rubbing salt into her husband's wounded pride, with guilty joy. As she taunted him, she slammed her shin into Rick's side, knocking him over on his side. Too hurt to defend himself, Rick curled up in agony, when Sue mercilessly buried her toe in his stomach again.  

More than anything, Rick wanted to get up and smash his fists into his wife's grinning face, but his body just wouldn't respond. Sue kicked him again, and then again, and rolled him over on his back. The room whirled round and round for Rick. He tried to sit up, at least, but his arms and legs just flopped around uselessly.  

Sue planted her foot on Rick's throat. There was nothing he could do to remove it. "Ready to give up and call it a night, Big Guy?" Sue chortled, in seventh heaven, unable to believe she'd actually won the fight with her husband. 

Rick cursed, his voice trembled weakly. "Goddam lousy, dike bitch!" "What did you call me?" Sue asked, not believing what she'd heard Rick say. "You heard me, you dike bitch!" Rick told her, needing to hurt his victorious wife, verbally at least, if that was the only way he could. "Oh you lousy, little, pansy bitch," Sue shrieked, unable to control her fury. She wanted to hurt him, as much as that remark had hurt her. "How dare you say that to me, I'm your wife, and the mother of your children. Just because I can fight better than you, doesn't mean I'm not a real woman. I'm beginning to think it means your not much of a man, though. I'm going to make you pay for that insult. You're going to be real sorry, believe me." 

Sue threw mercy to the winds. She knee dropped onto Rick's belly. She'd already turned his washboard muscles nearly to jelly, and now her solid 140 pounds caved them in completely. Rick gagged and choked, as his lungs heaved for breath.  His body quivered and tensed convulsively. Sue straddled Rick's chest and carefully pinned his arms under her knees. She sat there on her husband's chest, smugly letting her complete mastery over him sink in, Sue discovered she was ready to come; she'd never been so sexually aroused in her life.  

"Oh my God, this can't be happening," Rick thought in horror. He still didn't know how Sue had handled him so easily. Maybe she was right, maybe he was some kind of pansy. The one thing he did know, was that if he didn't stop her, life would never be the same for him again. That nameless terror gave him the determination, to struggle madly.  

It only took a few moments of horrifying,  humiliating, impotence, to teach Rick his sweet, brown-haired wife had already battered him so badly, he no longer had the strength to budge her. He bridged, and kicked, and heaved, but Sue easily rode down his struggles. She wasn't even breathing hard. Exultantly, Sue let Rick struggle uselessly beneath her for some time. The beautifully feminine, brown haired wife dressed in sexy leotard wanted her naked husband to be absolutely certain, and never doubt, that she had beaten him completely into helpless submission. 

It wasn't long before Rick knew it only too well. No matter how hard he tried, Sue just sat there on top of him, smiling smugly. Unable to do anything else, Rick in helpless fury, turned his head and bit Sue on the thigh. His teeth sank cruelly into her creamy flesh. Rick was sorry and ashamed as soon as he did it. Sue screamed in shock, unable to believe the man she had loved for fifteen years would sink so low. In furious disgust, she smashed her fist into his nose. Sue's punch sent unbelievable pain lancing into Rick's brain like a hot poker.  

"Lie still or I'll mash you face to a pulp." Sue threatened, her voice a feline mixture of purr and snarl. Rick found Sue's voice almost as scary as the pain. He was suddenly terrified of his own wife. Hating himself for it, Rick surrendered and obediently lay still. Sue felt his shudder of fear through her plump, punishing thighs. "Oh migod, this is wonderful," she mused. Her own body hurt all over, but she found she enjoyed the pain. It made her feel strong and alive. She was filled with such exultation, she couldn't bear to just sit there passively on Rick's chest, one second longer.  

She jumped up, and crouched over Rick menacingly. She grabbed his head with both hands, and pulled him to his feet. It was difficult, not because her beaten husband offered any resistance, but because his body was as limp as wet laundry. Once standing, it took all Rick's concentration to stay that way. Sue saw how badly her husband was trembling. "Scared of me, Lover Boy?" she sneered. "That'll be the day." Rick replied defiantly. The twisted knot of sickness in Rick's belly told him he was lying, and the scornful look in Sue's big blue eyes told him, she knew it.  

Rick rubbed his face. One eye was half closed, and his nose felt like it was broken. "How did I ever get into this mess?" he wondered miserably. He desperately wanted to crawl off and hide somewhere, but his masculine pride couldn't admit he was beaten, not by Sue. Warily eying his small, sexy, and suddenly terrifying wife, he raised his hands defensively.  

"Haven't learned your lesson yet, huh, Sweetie?"  Sue contemptuously batted Rick's arms aside, as she taunted him. Once she disposed of his feeble defense, Sue slapped her husband across the face. Rick staggered sideways. It only took Sue's casual slap now, to nearly knock her battered husband off his feet. While Rick tried to keep from falling, Sue's body slammed into him again; her big boobs against his chest, and her hot belly against his own. Her leotard was wet, and it should have been sexy as hell, but Rick only felt pain and sick fear.  

Sue slid her arms around Rick's waist in a bear hug, so her husband couldn't escape her. She locked her wrists in the small of his back, and gave him a convulsive, gut-wrenching squeeze. "Oh lord, she's going to break my back," was Rick's first, near hysterical thought. Then more hopefully, "She can't keep this kind of pressure up for long." But amazingly, with each passing moment Sue increased the pressure. Rick's head swam, and his body grew limp. At first he tried to pry himself loose from Sue, but in seconds, Rick's powerfully muscled, male arms dangled helplessly at his sides, while his wife's  girlishly slim, white ones almost cut him in half.  

Locked together, it was paradoxically Sue's plumply, padded belly that crushed Rick's washboard abdomen to mush. Even her big, soft, jiggling titties seemed to be torpedoes boring into his big, broad, manly chest, crushing the breath from him. Rick tried to use his powerful legs to push himself free. With an exultant snarl, Sue gritted her teeth, and lifted him almost off the floor, until his toes barely touched the carpet.  

Sue dangled her husband helplessly in her arms like a rag doll, until his groans sounded more and more like sobs, and even he wasn't sure they weren't. When his eyes glazed, Sue gave a final convulsive wrench, and dropped him. Rick crumpled up, and fell on his knees. He would have pitched forward on his face, but Sue grabbed him under the arms, and lifted him up again. Rick's knees buckled. Only Sue's slim arms kept him on his feet. Rick's big, rugged, muscular, body slumped helplessly against Sue's soft, wet cotton leotard. Instinctively, he tried to struggle, but Sue slid her arms down his strong muscular back, and grabbed one of his solid, sinewy buttocks in each hand. She toyed with the crevice that separated them. "Stoppp!" he whined. His head slumped helplessly against Sue's soft, white shoulder for support.   

"My, my, my big, brave, He-Man, those big, manly muscles of yours must be made of spaghetti, because you sure fight like a scared, little pansy girl in leotard." Sue taunted Rick. Her vicious sarcasm was totally foreign to her normally sweet, sensitive nature. But she did whisper the taunt into his ear, huskily and seductively. Sue felt sorry for her husband again. "Oh shit, it must be terrible for a big, strong, macho guy, like Rick to have his own wife beat him up. He's usually the sweetest guy I could ever want too. He really doesn't deserve this. Why am I doing it?"  

Sue couldn't answer her own question, but she knew even if she should stop, she didn't want to. She'd released a long buried, feline, sadism, and there was no way she could rebury it. She just couldn't stop. "You lousy dike bitch," Rick moaned in anguish, and he was almost weeping. "What did you call me, asshole?" Sue yelled, seizing on Rick's anguished outcry as an excuse to continue. 

Sue let go of Rick's behind, grabbed his wrists, and slammed him backwards into the wall. She pinned his wrists against the wall at either side of his head, trapping him like a powerless male spider, at the mercy of his mate. She rubbed her big boobs, nipples tingling and stiff in excitement, against his broad, hairy chest. Then she ducked her head down and sucked on one of his nipples. She knew when she did it, that her attack was sexual. "I want to rape him and play with him like a sexy toy." Sue thought. "But the real fun is having him helpless and humiliated, and at my mercy. Oooh, I love keeping him totally under my control like this. I can make him my slave, my helpless sex slave. " The thought sent tingles through Sue's belly. 

She shoved her knee between Rick's trembling thighs, so leanly, powerfully, muscular, and yet so deliciously under her feminine control. She nudged her knee against his scrotum. She could tell he was pitifully afraid of her, and it pleased her immensely. "One twitch of my knee and I could ruin you," she threatened, just to see the delectable look of fear on his face. "Oh migod don't, please Sue. You won't do that will you?" he begged.  

In terror, Rick tried to wrench one arm free, but Sue's grip on his wrist was like a vise. She had beaten all his manly strength out of him. Sue let his wrists go, and twisted one arm behind his back. Rick tried to resist, but it was no use. Sue twisted him around to face the wall. She held him with his face pinned against the wall. With just her one hand, she shoved his muscular right arm up as high between his shoulder blades as it could go.  

With her other hand, Sue reached in front of her husband, and toyed with his penis. She found it huge and erect. "You must like having your wife beat the shit out of you? Huh, Rick Baby? Oooh its so exciting, my big, brave naked man like's getting his butt kicked by a girl in leotard." "Go to hell!" Rick choked, but to himself he thought," Oh shit, she's right. I must be some kind of pansy wimp."  

"It doesn't matter whether you like it or not though, because  you can't do anything about it anyway, can you my little Sweetie?' Sue asked her tormented husband. She couldn't resist verbally humiliating him some more. There was one more thing she had to do, to complete Rick's humiliation, to drive it home with undeniable authority, to show him once and for all that she had conquered him. 

Sue spun Rick around facing her again. She reached down between his legs, and wrapped her arm around his muscular thigh. She slid his weakly resisting body onto her back. "What are you doing?" Rick wailed in sick humiliation. Despairingly, he knew Sue could do whatever she pleased to him now. Sue lifted him right up off the floor. Her own legs trembled at the effort. It made her realize how heaven and strong Rick was, and she marveled anew at her astounding victory. She'd planned an air plane spin, but she realized she couldn't manage it. Instead, she satisfied herself just throwing her terrified husband down on the floor.  

Rick shrieked like a terrified girl. He landed with a bone jarring crash, flat on his back. The effort drained Sue. She dropped gratefully to a sitting position on his belly, letting the full weight of her solid buttocks settle into his gut once more. Rick's body jerked in anguish as she crushed his middle.  

While Sue got her breath, she amused herself by slapping Rick's face around. Rick covered his face with his hands. There was nothing else he could do about her contemptuous treatment. She grabbed his wrists, forced his arms to the floor and pinned them under her knees again. It did Rick no good to struggle. In no time, he was pinned, securely hampered by his sweetly, beautiful wife. Sue pulled aside a crotch of her leotard, slid up Rick's chest, and pressed her crotch against her husband's face. 

"Well what do you think? Is this fun? Are you just letting me do this because you like me sitting on your face, Mr. Macho?" Sue purred. Rick looked up at her in sick remembrance of his stupid joke. "Answer me! Are you just letting me sit here because you like me here? Or is it maybe because the big, tough man can't get his "naive," little wife off his face? Huh?" "Screw you!" Rick muttered almost crying. "No I've got a better idea." she told him, with that sweet snarl he already feared. "As long as you're just in the right position, why don't you eat my pussy? That's about all you'll be good for tonight anyway."  

Go to hell," her trapped husband muttered shakily. Rick closed his mouth tightly, but Sue rubbed her hot, dripping crotch in his face."Do it!" She demanded imperiously. She reached behind her and pinched Rick's nipple, crushing it cruelly between her sharp fingernails. Rick's brad muscular chest trembled in pain. With her other hand, Sue twisted his ear. "Do it! Do it now, Big Man! Do it before I reach down a little farther, and rip that useless hunk of meat off you. A pitiful, girly, wimp like you doesn't need one anyway." 

Rick suddenly heaved upward, trying to upend his wife, but as usual, Sue rode him gracefully until Rick flopped backwards, overcome by a renewed flood of weakness and shame. Sue thrust her vagina against his mouth even harder, and twisted his ear and his nipple with catlike savagery. Rick gave up, knowing he was beaten. He opened his mouth, and slid his tongue into Sue's body. He slobbered and sucked and kissed, inexpertly but with a fear driven intensity. Sue's body seemed to explode in instant orgasm.  

"Keep going, don't stop!" Sue ordered in near ecstasy. She kept coming over and over again. She'd never been so excited and stimulated. Her juices ran all over Rick's face, mingling with his humiliating tears, and blood. Rick's own huge organ throbbed for release, but tonight, Sue was only interested in her own pleasure. Finally after she'd come half dozen times, Sue got off her cringing, humiliated husband. Despite multiple orgasms, she still wasn't satisfied. She had an uncontrollable urge to make Rick suffer some more. Sue suddenly thought of the ultimate humiliation.  

Sue eased her partially satiated body off Rick's face. She slunk like a lazy cat over to the bed. She picked up her filmy, silk nightgown and took it over to where Rick still lay snuffling. On the way, she picked up her hairbrush from the dresser. She trailed the filmy silk over Rick's smeared, battered face. "Here wimp you can wear this to bed tonight." Rick was horrified. He was already sick with shame, and now this cruel bitch, who he'd loved all his adult life for her sweetness and kindness, was ordering him to dress in a girl's nightgown. It was the worst blow his damaged male pride could imagine right now. Sue's cruel, sweet smile told him, she knew that only too well. 

"Go to hell you dirty bitch," he wailed. Lying on the floor, while Sue was gone had revived a little of his strength and courage. He climbed awkwardly to his feet. "You're a sick pervert!" he yelled at her still half sobbing.  

"You'll do what I tell you, my Little Pansy, or I'll make you damned sorry." Sue snarled. In her heart, she rejoiced at Rick's renewed resistance. Breaking it all over again, was what she wanted more than anything she could think of. Rick made an angry swipe for the gown, but Sue whipped it out of his reach. In his anguish, Rick slapped Sue across the face. His blow packed more power than Sue expected, and she staggered backwards half a step. She countered quickly, before he could follow up his advantage. She smacked him across the side of the head with the heavy hairbrush. Rick reeled backwards, and Sue grabbed him and slung him towards the bed. From behind she gave him another shove, and then another. A final shove, and Rick fell face down on the bed. 

With catlike quickness, Sue leaped gracefully on top of her husband. She wrestled around with him, until she maneuvered his muscular body face down across her lap. Rick struggled with hysterical fear, but he was still too weak to resist his wife's relentless determination. He cursed and wept, as Sue twisted one arm behind his back, and locked one of his legs under her plump thigh.  

"What are you doing?" Rick cried stupidly. "Figure it out, Big Man, I'm going to spank you, until you behave like a good little girl." She taunted, purposely juxtaposing genders. In her eagerness, Sue scarcely stopped to take a breath. She slammed the stiff bristles down across Rick's tightly clutched, strong buttocks. Rick's body jerked as though he'd been scalded.  

"Ow...Stop. stop it, Oh it hurts! You're hurting me!" Rick moaned and sobbed. "Its supposed to hurt stupid." Sue chortled, and she slammed the brush down even harder. She was suddenly in a frenzy, spanking her helpless, dominated husband with all her strength. Rick kicked and screamed hysterically, but he couldn't get loose no matter how hard he struggled. His defenseless, masculine,naked  bottom cheeks were soon blazing red. Sue kept on relentlessly, until her suffering husband dangled helplessly over her lap, all resistance beaten out of him. He sobbed loudly and brokenly unable to control himself. His huge organ still throbbed between Sue's thighs in unsatisfied agony.  

At last Sue's arm grew tired. The brush dropped to the floor. Sue gave a a sigh of pleasure, and let her weeping husband loose. Rick jumped to his feet, and danced in front of her, half out of his mind from the searing fiery pain in his behind. "How could you do this to me?" he wept brokenly. Sue gave a derisive laugh to hide very real feelings of guilt. She quickly repressed them; her unleashed, feline savagery was irresistible. Rick's huge organ danced in front of her, as he vainly sought to ease the agony, she had inflicted on him. Sue couldn't keep her eyes off it.  

Sue picked up her silken nightgown from where it had dropped. "Now put it on like I told you, you stupid, little bitch," Sue sneered, her voice a threatening snarl. Incredibly terrified of Sue now, Rick didn't dare to resist. He slid the ultra-feminine, silky gown over his head.  

Sue was still at a fever pitch of excitement. Once Rick degraded himself by obeying her command, to don her night dress, she grabbed him around the neck. "Oh I just can't keep my hands off you , you're such a gorgeous, little, sex toy." she whispered in her husband's ear. Then she bent him over backwards, and aggressively French kissed his bruised sore mouth. She groped at his crotch squeezing his scrotum and fingering his anus. His sagging penis enlarged again much to his shame.  

Finally Sue threw him on his back on the floor. Rick screamed as his blistered buttocks hit he rough shaggy carpet. Sue straddled his groin. She crouched over him like a triumphant tigress feeding on its prey. She wrapped her hand around Rick's engorged, silk sheathed penis.  

"Oh God no! Don't do that to me! Please Sue, don't!" Rick sobbed, as Sue started to rub her silk covered hand up and down his huge rod. Rick lay there weeping in anguish as his beautiful brown haired wife in leotard completed his domination and degradation by contemptuously raping him, with her cruel hand. In seconds, Rick exploded in pumping ejaculation after ejaculation. The fragile silk was sopped with his come. Overcome by shame, Rick lay on his back naked, under the knees of his triumphant, merciless wife in sexy leotard, totally dominated by her.  

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