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husband vs wife leotard CFNM home mixed wrestling headscissors

Involuntary sparring partner

Jim decided to park the car and go in. Kelly, his wife, had had some car problems and asked him to pick her up on his way home from work. As he walked in he realized he hadn't been to a gym since junior high ... 15 or 20 years maybe. He stopped at the front desk and asked the cute fit young blonde attendant if she happened to know where Kelly Robbins was? Kelly? .... I think she's in the sparring room tonight. That's down the hall on the left. Last door.

Jim thanked her and wandered back towards the hallway. Walking past the weight room and three separate cardio and aerobics classes he literally got physically tired just watching them. Lord he needed to get back in shape. He had never been in actually good shape but the last 5 years of work had really worn him down to a hollow shell.

He came to the door opened it and walked in. He stopped with his hand still holding the door knob. A raised full size olympic boxing ring dominated the brightly lit room. An incredibly fit and muscular young woman was dancing around the ring with a trainer who had what looked like oversized oven mits on his hands. She was alternately striking his hands with her fists as he quickly moved with her and changed the position of his hands. She looked lethal was his first thought. Wow.

Jim ... you're hear. Good. I'm almost done. Jim snapped his head around and realized he'd almost backed into his wife and her trainer. He almost didn't recognize his wife of 12 years. It might have been the context ... he'd never seen her at the gym before. She was wearing skin tight black nike training leotard. Her skin was a dark bronze color and she had a sheen of sweat over her entire body that made her skin glisten under the lights. Her jet black hair was tied back in a short pony tail. But it wasn't her outfit that confused him he realized ... it was her incredible physique. She looked just as good as one of the figure girls she had taped up all over the refirgerator at home.

She was wearing sparring gloves that left her fingers exposed but protected her knuckles. They reminded jim of the wraps he'd seen boxers put on before their gloves. Kelly smiled at him and then turned back to the large heavy bag in front of her that she had obviously been workign on. Her trainer was standing behind it with a hand on either side. Ok Kel ... let's hit it.

Kelly proceeded to start pounding the bag with a ferocity and raw power that absolutely stunned her rather un-athletic husband. She obviously new what she was doing. She had a series of combinations she was clearly working on. She'd work a series of jabs and then occasionally throw in a cross, a kidney shot or an upper-cut. The blows created a loud smack with each contact.

Jim watched his wife dance and bob and weave and deliver blow after powerful blow to the bag ... each one knocking it back into the trainer with some pretty serious force. The trainer had to put his shoulder up against it and lean forward. Jim consciously closed his mouth as he realized he was probably standing their slack jawed like an idiot. He saw a bench slightly to his right and he sidled over and sat down to watch .. almost mesmerized. Jim didnt know what was more intimidating ... Kelly's muscular legs or the biceps standing out on her arms ... or the complex display of msucles that rippled all over her back as she moved and especially when she threw a punch. When in the world had this happened? He had slept with his wife almost every night for the past decade and he'd never seen this. Could it be just the last few months of heavy training? He knew she had been talking about starting some heavy lifting and a new trainer. He had in fact, gotten in an argument with her over the cost of this new guy who was supposed to be the best at the club. She had told him she'd been really losing some weight. Could this body have been there all the time only to be revealed with the loss of some extra fat? He HADN'T really see much of her the last couple of months he had to admit. He'd been traveling a lot ... working late. They'd been like ships passing in the night.

He glanced at the trainer. He was exactly what jim expected. Everything he was not in fact. Good looking and built. He looked like brad pitt and he could have been an extra in that movie about Sparta. Well, thought Jim, he does seem to have motivated Kelly that's for sure.

Jim winced as kelly delivered a whole series of particularly wicked uppercuts to the bag one after the other. Her trainer was almost yelling at her in encouragement. Do it!. Do it to him Kelly! You've got him on the ropes!

He realized this was the last part of her workout. Kelly alternated between 3 or 4 left handed shots and then 3 or 4 right handed shots. She visibly slowed as she tired finally stopping and leaning into the bag with a huge smile on her face.

She was the epitome of good health Jim thought to himself. Jeeeez I really need to get myself into shape he thought again. He looked around the sparring room again as Kelly and her trainer exchanged some conversation about his schedule. Everywhere he looked he saw beautifully muscular men and women. It occurred to him that he was possibly the weakest human being in the building. He was embarrassed at the thought.

Kelly said good bye to her trainer and then came over to him ... grabbed his arm with a tight squeeze as she leaned down and gave him a peck on the cheek. Thanks for the lift honey ... AAA towed the car in. That thing is really starting to irritate me. Maybe we should think again about that new camaro. She said this with a mischievous grin. She had been angling for the new Chevy coupe ever since they'd seen Transformers but money had been tight and with the economy he was reluctant. He worked as an accountant and was very conservative with money.

Kelly grabbed her gym bag on the floor and started to walk out. Jim followed behind her. He caught the two of them in the mirrors that covered the wall with the door. Although his 5'8" height had 3 inches on her and he knew he had to outweigh her by 30 pounds ... he still managed to look woefully inferior to his wife. Again he was part embarrassed, but now also part intimidated AND part aroused. Man she was hitting that bag like a pro. A young woman ... probably college age ... was standing in front of the mirror to the left of the door as they approached. She was dressed similarly to kelly and was doing bodybuilding poses in the mirror. The young girl noticed Kelly and turned towards her ... she was doing a double bicep pose and had some impressive development. Let's see those guns girl. Kelly laughed but dropped her bag and mimicked the pose. She flexed down hard and they both growled at each other and then laughed. Kelly's arms were if anything, even more the developed of the two. For the second time in the evening Jim hoped he hadn't gone slack-jawed in amazement. Kelly's arms looked fantastic ... he noticed a vein visible running right along the top of the muscles. He gulped involuntarily and the young girl laughed even harder. Looks like you've made an impression on one judge tonight Kel!

The girl got back to her posing and kelly picked up her backpack threw it over her shoulder and stared up at her husband who continued to stand there. He must have had a dumb look on his face. Kelly got what Jim could only describe as an almost evil look in her eyes and slowly brought her one free arm up again ... slowly clenched her gloved fist and curled it into another bicep flex and pulled it down hard. She looked at it for a moment almost analyzing it and then moved her glance over to Jim ... still with that certain almost aggressive look in her eyes. What do you think about the extra money for the trainer now Jim? Think it was worth it? Jim didn't say anything for a moment. Kelly filled the gap ... you look like a doe ... out in the middle of the 404 babe! And I'm bumblebee coming right at you she quickly added and the feigned a blow to his stomach. Jim flinched and hunched over and his overly frightened reaction caught kelly by surprise. She laughed. I wasn't going to actually hit you hon she said with a smirk and then actually did hit him on the upper arm playfully. She turned around and headed out the door. Jim followed rubbing the spot where she had hit him.

The drive home was very strange. Seeing his wife's transformation (what else could he call it) was just plain awkward. He actually found it very exciting in many ways but he realized that it accentuated his own inadequacies in the physical department. Inadequacies that had always been there but never really exposed. Now he felt like a searchlight had been focused on his skinny legs ... flat butt and underdeveloped ... well EVERYTHING. Somewhere in the back of his mind an ugly realization had formed and he was trying to keep it there ... in the back of his mind but it was present and he knew it. His wife was physically superior to him and hew also knew with crystal clarity that based on what he had seen in the sparring room that she could literally punch him to death without much effort. He had never thrown a punch in his life let alone worked with a punching bag. He thought of some of those final upper cuts and he shuddered.

It was about a 25 minute drive home in traffic (kelly had joined the newest IN club that was all the way across town) and initially she talked continuously about her new boxing training and her new diet and her new squatting regime that had added 3 inches to her legs in the last 6 months she eventually wore down and the car got silent. She realized her husband was in a snit for some reason. Probably the money. He is sooo cheap she thought for the thousandth time in her life. Jim said very little through the whole conversation. A few times he noticed Kelly cross her legs in the car. At one point she crossed her left leg over her right which produced an incredible muscle show. He couldn't believe the development in her legs. She had that nice line down the outside of her thigh. The squats were definitely working so I guess I'm getting my money's worth.

The rest of the drive consisted of small talk about his week at the office (he'd been working late day after day since it was tax season) ... their friends Sally and Rob coming for dinner at the end of the week and what they were going to have for dinner. Kelly was eating boiled chicken and steamed broccoli and said she hadn't had time to get anything else for him. He hated her bland and super healthy food and she usually got him something else when she did the shopping. He told her he'd just snack on something and not to worry about it. Then he went upstairs to change.

Kelly watched him go up the stairs then shaking her head she turned and went into the kitchen. She fed their dog (a large german shepherd) put him into the backyard and then pulled out her food from the fridge to get it ready. As she went through these routine chores her mind stayed on Jim and his attitude. He always got like this during tax season but there was something else going on too. She let the dog back in and decided she'd get her shower before dinner. She also thought she'd have a talk with him. She didn't deserve his moods. She always put up with it. She knew her always enthusiastic approach to things oftentimes further irritated Jim just because he was so different. Different was right she thought with a surprising degree of anger that she hadn't known was there.

With a huff she headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

As she entered the bedroom she heard jim in his dressing room. He had turned on the business channel on the small flat screen in the corner. There was only one light on ad the room was fairly dark. Kelly went into the bathroom stripped off her workout clothes and hopped in the shower. She made the shower a quick one and after lightly toweling off she walked out into the bedroom and into her own dressing room. She caught jim in her peripheral vision laying down on the bed. He had his head propped up with pillows, had the remote in his hand and was engrossed in the stock market as usual.

Kelly started to get dressed and then made a fateful decision. She pulled out a new cotton thong leotard she'd gotten at victorias secret. She knew how'd she'd look to Jim in these. That was white with a small pink border. They had a little University of Pink embroidery design on them. They contrasted sharply up against her darkly tanned skin. Just coming from the gym she was still pumped up. She marched out to the bedroom and walking over to the bed next to Jim she rummaged through the night stand as if she was looking for something. Do you know where that flashlight is honey?

She turned toward her husband and began to fix her hair into a pony tail with a scrunchy she found in the drawer. She glanced down at jim and realized he hadn't bothered to get dressed after taking off his suit. He sat in the bed naked. She gave him a once over and found herself disgusted. Her husband was a wimp.

Jim tried to ignore kelly as she swarmed around their bedroom. He wondered why she had decided to take a shower now. He thought she'd follow her normal routine and stay downstairs for a while which is why he had come upstairs for some privacy and to sort through what had happened.

Now she was right next to the bed going through the nightstand and he was irritated. Couldn't she leave him alone for even 10 minutes? She asked him a question and he glanced up at her. She towered over him not 12 inches from his head. She was wearing a g-string leotard with tiny bottom and he noticed how her legs looked even more muscular and pronounced than they did in her workout leotard. Beautiful muscular grooves carved their way down her tanned skin from the leotard bottom all the way to her knees. She was tying her hair back and her biceps bunched and danced as she did it. Jim suddenly found his own near nakedness and the exposure of his physique embarrassing. He involuntarily tried to cover himself up a bit by sitting up slightly in less of a slouch. Both he and his wife knew exactly what he was doing. The fact that she intimidated him was now out in the open. Kelly got that evil little look in her eyes again and this time it extended down and included her mouth which curved downward in a slight frown. She didn't like something and he feared it was probably him.

She asked him if he knew where the flashlight was and he just looked at her. She brought her hands down to her hips and waited for him to respond. Jim watched as the light from the tv danced on her abdomen. The low light created a lot of shadows and kelly's stomach rippled with what he knew they called a six-pack. As she breathed it created more depth and definition to her midsection.

She waited for a response and then seeing his focus she gazed at her own stomach and then looking back at him she tensed the stomach up some and tilted to the side just slightly which she knew would be even more impressive. Well? she said again. The flashlight Jim? Know ... where ... it .... is? She glanced at Jim's flabby stomach and shook her head. She imagined what would happen if she used it for her heavy bag. She realized also that she was dominating her husband ... and enjoying it. This was an unexpected development she thought ... amused.

Finally he shook his head side to side in regard to the flashlight but said nothing. Kelly lifted her leg out and over him very slowly and placed it with her toe pointed on the bed on the other side of his chest. She had no preconceived notion of where this was going or what she was doing but she felt inspired. She had the sense that her relationship with her husband was about to change forever. She watched as her calf muscles flexed right in front of and above only a few inches from her husband's face. After a few seconds she slid her other knee onto the bed and was now straddling him. Jim didn't move an inch. He looked like he was scared stiff. Kelly scrunched her legs together a bit .. her knees were about level with Jim's ribcage. He let out a little umph when her legs tightened on him.

She leaned forward and grabbed the bedrail over his head with her left hand. Her forearm up against the side of his head. then she brought her face within a few inches of his and stared down into his eyes.

Jim didn't know what was happening. He was basically just plain scared. Kelly was acting like she was going to give him the best night of sex in his life but something wasn't quite right. Kelly's lovemaking was always of the soft and sweet variety. This was aggressive and assertive. As she brought her face close to his he could feel and smell her breath on his face. She was breathing heavily. Her pony tail fell down and brushed his cheek. She stared at him and he couldn't keep her gaze and darted his eyes around not wanting to look at her directly.

Kelly put her free right hand down on her husbands stomach and rubbed it slowly up over his soft abdomen patting it a couple of times, then she moved it up over his thin chest and then up around his neck pausing ever so slightly to tighten on his throat for an instant before finally moving back behind his head where she cupped it and raised it slightly. Then she lowered her face down and bit the tip of his nose playfully. She growled. I don't like your attitude hone ... the snits need to stop. Right now.

Jim's hands which had been laying straight out at his sides now came up and he placed them on her legs ... high up near her butt. Kelly caught his eyes again "you like my legs hon?" She tried to flex her legs up for him which produced another umph like earlier. With this she had an idea. She suddenly rolled over onto her back taking her husbands body with her. Now he was on top of her with her strong legs wrapped around his upper chest. She placed bother her hands around the back of Jim's neck and pulled him ... not gently ... down to her and kissed him deeply ... exploring his mouth with her tongue aggressively. Then without warning she tightened up her legs as hard as she could and her husband stiffened like he'd been stunned by a taser. He arched his back and frantically moved his hands back to her legs ... desperately searching for a way to find some release from this death grip.

Kelly release the pressure and her husband gasped like he'd been under water for two minutes. She had hurt him ... pretty badly and really wasn't even trying she realized belatedly.

Jim fell limp across her upper body .... his face in the pillow above her right shoulder. This was amazing she thought. He's not even trying to get away or fight back. Instead of feeling sorry for him .. she again felt disgusted. Kelly brought both her hands against his right shoulder and shoved him over on the bed as she pulled her leg out from under his dead weight. He just lay there moaning as she got off the bed and stared down at him. Placing her hands on her hips again in a dominating pose she waited for him to recover. He didn't. after a good 2 or 3 minutes Kelly reached out and grabbed his right arm and dragged him off the bed onto the floor. Jim just used his free hand to clutch at his chest. Evidently her legs had strained something because he was in some real pain. She found she didn't care. Something deep, deep within her ... basic and almost feral had taken over. She kicked Jim over onto his back and then sat down on him head to toe.

He almost screamed when her dense weight fell on him. Reaching back she got a good chunk of his hair and then yanked his head very high up into the fulcrum of her two nicely muscled legs. Then she locked her ankles under his neck and squeezed. Not as hard this time ... but a slow inexorable tightening until he knew he was in a horribly compromising, humiliating and vary dangerous position. She pushed herself up on both of her arms arching her back ... and cranked on the hold a little more. Gazing over her shoulder she could see her husbands rapidly reddening face stuck between her two tanned legs. Her hammies were flexing and forcing jim's cheeks into his mouth. He looked like he was trying to do a fish impression like little kids do. She didn't find it amusing at all. She couldn't believe how weak he was and how much she hated him for that. Jim couldn't say a word but his one hand found its way onto the back of one of kelly's arms. She watched the hand almost clinically and enjoyed flexing her tricep as he moved his hand up and down on her arm placatingly. She examined jim's legs splayed out in front of her. She had a hand gripped to each of his ankles holding them in place. She had been squatting 2 plates aside recently and she bet Jim's skinny sticks couldn't manage half of that. She let out a low involutary growl as she further dominated her husband.

She kept the hold for a full 5 or 10 minutes. Finally their dog came bounding up the stairs. He trotted into the room and like all dogs was excited to see the two of them on the ground at his level. He came over and tried to lick Kelly's face but she shooed him away. Then he walked around behind her and began licking Jim's face. Jim tried to say something but nothing intelligible came out but garbled and muffled grunts. The dog evidently liked what he heard because he began to lick Jim's face aggressively. This went on for a few minutes.

Kelly tired of the situation. Releasing jim she hopped up over the top of him with a foot on either side of his head and looked down a him. She swiveled one of her bare feet over and knocked the side of his head to get his attention. He looked up at her not moving an inch. He looked completely drained and flat as a pancake on the floor. His face was bright red and his hair was tussled and soaking wet. I'm going to walk the dog babe but we're going to have a serious talk when I get back. Things are going to change around here starting with your attitude.

She went into the dressing room threw on short pleated skirt and some shoes and bounced down the front stairs calling the dog after her. Their dog stood over jim for a moment. He cocked his head with his ears up as small faint whimpers came from Jim. Then he jumped and trotted down the stairs after his master. 

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