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10 years of married

Me and my husband had live a rather normal life, quite ok but it was getting a bit boring after 10 years (no kids). One evening about a year ago we were watching tv as usual. My legs were tired after walking all day (I am a nurse), being at the gym for two hours and then biking for 45 min home. My husband had as always been taking the car. We are about the same size 175 cm and 75 kgs but my body is firmer than his due to my physical work, biking 1,5 hours every day and the two days a week I work out with weights.


I put first my left leg on my husbands shoulder so he could massage my calf and then the right. He had done this before but this evening I suddenly wrapped my legs around my husband and started to squeeze him. He tried to free himself, he wanted to see the program on tv and now had difficulties doing that. I laid back and increased the pressure, he now was fighting really hard to get out and I enjoyed the dominance over him and the body contact. I suddenly dragged him towards me first with my legs, then with my arms and pressed him against my big boobs and at the same time squeezed his body hard with my strong legs. He now had difficulties to breathe.


I asked him if he gave up and he couldn't say a word. I let him breathe and asked him again. He said yes and I let loose a bit but didn't release him. I teased him and asked him how it felt to have a stronger wife. He said that he was taken by surprise, true, and that he could beat me anytime in both wrestling, just like he had done when we were younger, 10 years ago. I let him go and we stripped down and he was naked completely. I made him nervous flexing my rather big biceps, the heavy weights had paid off for sure. He was embarrassed but also excited seeing me in my leotard and black shine pantyhose.


So we cleared space and started a bit carefully to wrestle. Best out of 5 matches, submission only. He now realized that I was stronger than him, he had felt the power of my legs and arms so he took me with surprised and threw himself at me, took me down with a head lock and tried to get a submission out of me. It actually hurt but not too much. I struggled but not with everything I had, I saved strength. After some minutes of struggling to make me gice in to his hold I felt his grip weakening. Now it was my turn to take him with surprise when I forced his arms apart and then threw him on his back and pinned him. I realized a pin would not make him submit so I caught his head in some kind of figure four (at least I think that is what it's called) and started to squeeze him with my legs. He gave up rather quickly. 1-0 to me.


We stood up again, he locked very unsure of what this would lead to and embarrassed being outmuscled by his wife. I felt great and strong. Next fall started hand to hand, I could force his arms behind his back that way since my arms are stronger and he had lost most of his power, I am the one the works out remember. When I had him like that I started to squeeze him and bent my knees, tooke hold of him and lifted him up a few inches from the floor. He screamed from the pain hin his arm and gave up straight away. He was a bit angry with me now since I had hurt him and I felt a bit bad about it but I still felt fresh, strong and in commande. The next fall I let him have the upper hand and take me down for a pin, he was pressing my arms down for the pin but then didn't know what to do. I asked him if he would sit on me all night and he said if that is what it takes. I told him that I had let him do this to me and that I would now press his arms up, threw him off me and then make him submit with his head between my thighs. yeh right was his answer. I felt so sure of myself that I was sure I could do just what I had told him. He was tired from the tussles, I was stronger than when I started. I pressed his arms up, bent them once again behind his back, used my legs to lift us both up and then trew him off me, rather hard. In a flash I was on him from the side, he couldn't stop me from wrapping my legs around his neck and the fight was over. I held him like that for a while and asked him if he admitted that his wife was stronger, when he didn't answer I squeezed him and he soon admitted what I had told him.


I then made love to him, sitting on his face all the time. He was embarrassed but I could see he enjoyed the ride as well. After that evening he was rather silent and embarrassed, I told him that it was no big deal, I was in better shape than him that was all. We have wrestled many times after that evening, I always win and he pleasured me orally after. I also catch him once in a while between my legs when we watch tv and there is now way he can stop me. I love how life has become different just from a body scissors.

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