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Wrestling my mom

Puff puff puff I'm worn out already and yet only half-way up the first peak of Moel Ellio, that's a mountain in Snowdonia. I can only take a few paces before having to stop to catch my breath and let my heart beat less frantically. My mouth is also dry as I am dehydrated but I need to make the bottle of water I have in the rucksack last for the full 8 miles challenging walk. As I stand there, on a relatively flat spot on an otherwise steep incline, gasping, the sweat pours off me. The temperature must at least be in the mid twenties, far too warm to be walking up a blooming mountain and I thought Wales was meant to be wet and gloomy. Across the way, the stream engines chug their way slowly up Snowdon mocking my every gasping step to defy gravity and walk steeply up a mountain-side. I tried not let my mind linger that this was just the start of it and that this first walk of our holiday involved climbing both peaks of this mountain, Foel Gron and Foel Goch, which form a curved ridge that tracks towards and joins onto it's more famous neighbour that gives the region it's name. Luckily we weren't going to do that particular trek.

“Hi dear!” comes a chirpy voice behind me with little sign of exertion. I suppress a groan. It's mum running up the blooming mountain like she's some kind of superwoman. Coming up behind me at a relentless steady pace, she is wearing a tight pale lemon sleeveless top and matching pair of shorts and running shoes. This only accentuates her classic although slightly plump hourglass figure with big breasts, a slim waist and wide hips. On her back she is carrying is a tiny lightweight backpack with just a small bottle of water unlike my big heavy one with food and stuff. Standing 5 foot 5, mum weighs 121 pounds and is a UK size 10 with a smoking hot figure of 36-27-35 inches and a bra size of 32D. Even in her early fifties, my mum Carol has maintained her mesmerizing body in good shape largely through jogging almost daily and a weekly swim. She never touches weights nor has she ever set foot in a gym. Running towards me up a steep slope that I had difficulty finding the energy to walk up, I found it hard not to stare at her big heaving bosom. It reminded me when the boys in my class first remarked on how big and thrusting they were and of course that started me looking at them. OK I admit it, looking and admiring. Yes, there were buxom girls at school, in many cases extremely buxom that made me very stiff if I looked too long but somehow on a mature woman like my mother with her exceptional shapely figure, they were homely and maternal yet with an uncomfortable arousing appeal too. I had left her in the Electric Mountain car-park in Llanberis almost an hour ago limbering up and stretching and now she had caught up and would soon overtake me. Her face lights up in a wide warm smile pleased to see me. It is quite oval in shape and framed by a mane of brown hair with a shaggy fringe across the top of her light brown eyes. Falling down thickly over her ears, it softly caresses a short elegant neck to tumble down mid-way down her chest. Her eyes are quite large and sultry with mascara and eye-shadow, above which arch slim eyebrows. Her nose is long and sleek sitting between quite prominent cheeks emphasised with a touch of rouge. Below this is a moderate sized sensual mouth with thin lips glossed with lip stick sitting above a shallow chin. Mum always takes great pains with her appearance even when jogging up a mountainside like a gazelle.

You don't grow up thinking that your mum is a real hottie but as I got into the 5th form, the lads began talking about her in a suggestive way that made me uncomfortable, calling her a MILF and remarking how good looking she was and making lewd comments about her figure. The boys all seemed to fancy her calling her the hottest mum at the school. All that open adulteration for my mother made me look at her in a new light. I began comparing her to the girls at school, who in the main held little attraction for me. Yes, there were a few girls that I fancied but none of them were in the slightest bit interested in me and I wasn't the sort of guy who could openly chat to girls. I felt awkward around girls I fancied not knowing what to say and frightened of making a complete fool of myself. I was always comfortable with mum and we did a lot together in our spare time, maybe not quite best friends but we were close. We even holidayed together as we were now even though I was old enough to stay at home if I wished. The few girls there were at the wrestling club were tomboys with shapeless boyish figures and short haircuts who acted butch and tough. They held no appeal for me whatsoever. As I compared mum against them and the other mums, I found her to be much more feminine, elegant looking and far more stylish. Although short and slightly plump in a homely comfortable way, I recognised that she had a shapely appealing figure and good looks. I began to see why the other boys thought she was a MILF and admitted that if she were someone else's mother I'd have the hots for her too. However she was my mother and such thoughts disturbed me so I tried to put them to the back of my mind.

“See you later sweetie” she calls with a wink showing little sign of exertion as she passes me. I'm blooming knackered yet superwoman looks as fresh as a daisy with not a strand out of place in her immaculate hair and her face not red and drenched in sweat. How she managed to look so cool and not be out of breath was beyond me. I haven't even the energy to reply. All I can do is watch in hopeless resignation at that low V at the back of her sleeveless top that shows off her firm lightly tanned back as it tapered wonderfully to her waist before curving back out again to her hips and fully rounded backside as she leaves me in her dust. For a moment my eyes lingered on her calves which are quite short, thick, shapely and toned. For the most part they don't look muscular unless they are powering her up a hillside or wearing high-heels at which point they become wide thin plates of hardness with nice sharp defined edges at the bottom. I must admit I find them rather sexy and always make me go PHROAR!. “Mum with the hottest rear” that's what the boys at school kept calling my mum after parent's evening. The more they kept on about her great arse the more I found myself looking at it. As she ran past me she looked over her shoulder and caught me staring and gave me a wide knowing smile as I felt myself blush. It was quite ample and pleasantly rounded and enjoyable to watch in shorts as she ran off ahead into the distance. Of course it was humiliating watching my middle-aged mother leaving me well behind struggling to even walk up the mountain let alone run it. To be honest I didn't know how she did it but it made me feel strange knowing I could never compete with her like that. It's not as though I'm out of shape because I've always been sporty and on most of the school sports teams including my speciality, the wrestling team, at which I excel and am the captain. I used to have no problems keeping up with her on the rambles we used to do each weekend until she began jogging then running. At first I tried to keep up but it was too knackering. I went back to walking while she ran on without me. How can anyone take the time to enjoy the scenery when you're running along all sweaty and out of breath, not that mum ever was. Besides it can't be very good on your feet and ankles, all that pounding around. Then she got more and more addicted, running during her lunch breaks and in the evenings. It annoyed me that mum would leave me to complete walks on my own but somehow doing so on a desolate mountainside seemed reckless. Luckily I found a middle-aged couple also struggling on the walk and Mr. and Mrs. Priest let me tag along. Like me they preferred walking but normally on flat ground not mountains.

Barely an hour later the elation and feeling of accomplishment I felt when the first peak came within reach was shattered by the approaching figure of superwoman running back from the second peak. Her hair perfectly coiffured and make-up in place, she seemed so cool and unaffected by the exhaustion I felt as her short buxom slightly plump figure bounced up to me with a wide smile on her face. “Hi-yah. See you at the bottom. Keep going. Not far now” she chirped in what she thought was encouragement while the sight of her effortlessly running did the exact opposite. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if superwoman passed me several more times by the time I'd returned to the car park. My mum could probably run up and down this mountain all day without barely breaking into a sweat, or so it seemed. I didn't mind her doing running to keep fit but showing me up like this passing me several times before I'd even reached the first peak was humiliating. Alone with my thoughts on the smoother section between the two peaks, I began to think about mum's stamina and fitness and her really being some kind of superwoman. Apart from the running, mum was a normal typical shy middle-age mother. During the day she works as a mathematician at some scientific research laboratory doing stuff that I just didn't understand. Although a smart-dressing attractive woman who certainly caught the eye of many a man, if her shy nature didn't put men off, her IQ of 154 certainly did. Maybe that was why Dad left us and maybe why she began running thinking she was overweight or something. She certainly had a lot of stamina to run the way she did. As I reached the second peak and had something to eat for energy for the return journey, I kept thinking about my mother being some kind of superwoman, fit with boundless stamina. For some reason I found the idea very appealing and I began wondering what would it be like to wrestle a superwoman like her. Apart from the tough girls on the team, I had wrestled a few girls before at school for fun and enjoyed the experience of the close physical contact with their feminine bodies and the softness of their skin as I made them squeal while I put them into hold after hold. As I made my return with a lot less effort than the outward climb, I couldn't stop imagining what it would feel like to wrestle superwoman mum. I began to imagine how it must feel like to be rolling around the carpet wrestling with a buxom mature woman in possession of a curvy hourglass figure. The fact that I was fantasying about my mother just added a strange sense of forbidden taboo that made it all the more appealing. The more I walked, the more vivid my imagination became to the extent that I could feel every sensation as I grappled on the floor with my fit superwoman mother. I enjoyed the idea of her giving me a hard resistance as she fought against me. I visualised my hands roaming all over her appealing mature body as I won out with my superior wrestling skills and strength putting her in hold after hold to make her submit. The thoughts were so vivid that I had a bona-fida hard-on in my pants that bounced around as I walked down the mountain side forcing me to try to think about something else to let it go down. But my mind kept returning to the idea. By the time I got back to the car park, I was so obsessed that I wanted to ask her right out to wrestle with me but I didn't know how to frame the words so she would buy into the idea and not think it weird.

We decided to treat ourselves by eating out at a local restaurant that evening. Mum put on a fashionable grey business suit with a hip-length jacket that fit a little too snugly with a single large button above the navel which held it wide open at the front over her large breasts which just brought attention to how large they were. I certainly had a hard time not staring at them but fortunately she wore a high-necked pink top beneath. Below the waist was a matching grey knee length pencil skirt that hugged the curves of her hips and legs. Her lower legs were bare with stylish slip-on red high-heeled shoes. I thought she looked eye-catching and felt proud of having such a good-looking mother. I had some beer with my meal while mum had wine. Actually I still felt so dehydrated after that walk that I had to keep filling up. “Gary, that's enough beer. I don't want you all tipsy” mum told me. Maybe it was the beer but as we ate and drank I could hardly keep my eyes off her. The way the front of that jacket tightly followed the shape of the outside curves of her bust with the tantalising wide gap in the middle causing my imagination to run riot thinking what it would like without that pink top before with horror realising it was my mum I was thinking about in that way. Trying to focus on her face was little better as with each sip of my beer, I found myself studying her sultry eyes, the elegant slim nose, stylish hair and sensual mouth. Jeez get a grip, maybe I shouldn't have had the beer. Mum suggested we try running up Snowden together the day after next by the Llanberis trail, a round-trip of 9 miles. “No way, mum. I am not a runner, I'm a wrestler. You're good at running and I'm good at wrestling. I have to admit that I can't keep up with you running but then you'd wouldn't be able to keep up with me wrestling”. That kept her quiet about that for a while but we continued our meal the idea of getting this hot-figured mature woman onto the floor and grappling with her kept going around in my mind and becoming more appealing by the minute, even though she was my mother. I just wanted to get my hands on that body and pin her to the floor in as many ways as I could think off. It felt so wrong but it felt so good. Maybe the beer had lubricated my brain because I suddenly heard myself saying “Once we get back to the chalet, let's have a playful wrestle. Just you and me. It will be fun”. “You're drunk. That beer has gone to your head” she admonished but I didn't give up. All the way back I kept pestering her and challenging her accusing her of being too scared to wrestle her own son because she knew she would lose. She sighed deeply “Gary. Civilised women don't wrestle and certainly not with men and definitely not with their own teenage sons. Especially those who've had too much to drink”. My eyes stole to the top of her bare thighs as her tight skirt slid back as she drove the car imagining what fun I could have with my hands on those. “I'm not talking about a proper fight, just a bit of fun between a son and his mother. Oh come on mum, lighten up” “That's the end of the subject, it isn't going to happen. You've had too much to drink and are beginning to sound like a pervert” she accused. I was beginning to feel a bit like a pervert the way I was watching her bare legs admiring the curve of her short thick calves and higher up, the impressive forward-thrusting curve of her bust. I didn't give up, I wanted this badly and kept pestering her. “Gary!” the clean lines of her face seemed to emphasise her annoyance “You are far too grown up to have wrestles with your mother. It's not as though you are a little child. I know what you are after and that's bordering on perversion”. She was right. I was no longer a little child but a young man who could appreciate the good looks of his mother and who would love to get his hands on that plump hour-glass figure and good legs to have an exciting touch of what a grown woman felt like beneath my hands. It was daring, I knew, but it wasn't anything sexual. Well maybe a bit, I don't know, I felt a bit confused. I didn't want to bonk my own mother, that would be sick but she did awaken feelings inside of me, an awareness of the attractions of fully-grown women rather than the silly schoolgirls I knew.

Finally she gave in as I knew she would. “Very well” she sighed “Since it is obvious that you won't shut up about this, I will do it to teach my pervert son a lesson”. I felt elated, I was going to wrestle my mum! “Thanks mum, you won't regret it”. Mum pulled out a writing pad and began putting something down. “Er, what are you doing?” I asked as she thrust the paper and pen towards me. “Sign this contact. It says if I win you will come running with me whenever I choose and you will obey my every word from now until you leave home”. “Oh come on, mum, it's just a laugh. A harmless bit of fun between mother and son!” I protested. “Nonetheless I will not do it until you sign this contract” she said vehemently. “And if I win, you will wrestle me whenever I choose” I liked that idea very much, giving my mother a good grapple whenever I wanted. “I suppose” she sighed and added it to the paper. “And wear whatever I say” PHROAR I could just imagine the sort of sexy clothes I could get her to wear! “Don't push your luck Gary”. With growing excitement I went into the bedroom to change into a pair of shorts and a loose white T-shirt. When I came back out into the main living area I was surprised to find mum wearing a black long sleeved leotard and heels. “Mum, you should change into something a bit more comfortable for wrestling not your dance suit and certainly not heels”. She just stared at me tight-lipped with a penetrating stare that bore into my very being before answering. “You don't like my dancing clothing? Girls wear leotards in mixed fights for a few different reasons. One is that they are very aerodynamic and comfortable to move in plus you don't have to worry about your shirt flying up when you are flipping through the air. I'll be dressed like dancer but I want to see you naked, my pervert son”. I opened my mouth to object but she silenced me with a glare and continued. “I will win and humiliate my opponent”. I had rarely heard her being so forceful in such a determined voice, for she was normally quite timid. Maybe the wine had loosened her up a bit. I've removed my clothing during Mum had cleared the centre of the room to create an area in which we could wrestle. She faced me across the carpeted floor with an uncertain look. “Perhaps I should show you a few moves first” I suggested feeling a bit guilty of putting my mum in this situation. “No dear. It can't be that difficult” she replied with a wide grin that pushed up her cheeks. Her condescending implication was clear. She thought that only morons wrestled and that riled me. Right! If that was the way she wanted it.

Suddenly I darted forwards, keeping my head low. My arms encircle the homely feel of her waist as I slide against her right side. I sweep back my right foot while pressing forwards against her upper body, knocking her feet from beneath her. WHUMP! “Ouch!” down she goes with a satisfying thud of her back upon the carpeted floor. Immediately I pounce upon her, pinning her on her back while trying to hold onto her body as she squirms beneath me. “Come on mum, put up a fight” I taunt as I press my upper body against hers to push her back against the carpet. I won't deny that I was doing this the hard way as an excuse to wrap my arms around that waist to get a very enjoyable feel of her body while my chest pressed against her soft buxom attributes. At nearly 6 foot I had a significant weight advantage over my mother who was also struggling against gravity. Discreetly as I could I slid my hands up the sides of her middle, enjoying how her wide hips curved in to her waist then sloped back out again as it rose to her voluptuous bust. With inevitability I pressed her flat against the carpet and lay on top enjoying the body beneath me while battling with her hands to get those down as well. “Do you want to submit mother?” I asked as I pinned the back of her hands to the floor on either side of her head. “Urghh you need to lose weight” she grunted. It felt strange that I was laying on top of my mother in such an intimate position but it felt good. I stared down at her face for several moments savouring my victory. From this close up, I could see the faint crow's feet around the outer edges and beneath her eyes as well as a few bags under the eyes. There were also a few faint creases in her cheeks, but the underside of her jaw was firm with no sag. So she was showing her age but she was still better looking than most mothers her age. Still holding her hands I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and rolled off to my left side while hooking my right calve against her waist. Pulling her into a body scissors, I held her tight against me with my arms around her shoulders as I squeezed her waist with my legs. “Urgggh!” I loved the little lady-like sounds she made as she tried to stand the pressure of my legs. “Submit mother dear” I teased “my legs are too strong for you”. But of course I didn't want her to because I loved holding her warm soft comfortable body against me. Our bodies were pressed up against each other as intimate as if we were lovers although there was nothing sexual about it. Er, well apart the stiffness that suffused my groin. “Urrghhh!” she tried pulling her arms free but I held them tight. “You see, I'm am better than you at something after all” I told her before I twisted her right arm behind her back into a chicken wing hammerlock. “Arghh arghh arghh!” she yelped but still she would not submit. Boston crab, camel clutch, choke holds, arm-bar, backbreaker, bear-hug, I put my mother into all of these holds and more. I took every opportunity I could to wrap my arms around that homely yet sensationally curvaceous figure as discreetly as I could. Playing with my mother so intimately like this was exciting and stimulated my senses far better than any girl at school would ever let me, I was sure. The way she struggled in my arms trying to escape just made my dick all the harder as her body rubbed against mine. Surprisingly the old bird took it all, moaning and yelping as lady-like as best she could. Mum was putting up a spirited defence which made it all the more exciting. I was loving each second of it especially holds where our bodies were in close contact pressing up against each other as I exerted control. Such close contact with her slightly plump mature body was so much enjoyable than the brawny tough girls at the wrestling club. They had all acted tough and wrestled hard. It was almost like wrestling boys. But mum was all woman, full curving shapes and soft bits that was a pleasure to wrestle. Grappling with mum was a dream come true for it was the only way that I would ever get to playfully wrestle a real woman. It was exciting, exhilarating and fun. To be honest it was also really turning me on. This was the best way to get intimate with a woman without having sex and I was loving it. I loved her all the more for it because I knew that she was doing it for me to make me happy. “Wow mum, you're the best” I told her honestly before I pulled her to her feet in an arm-lock then slammed her around the living area with a few throws. “Ouch! Gary be careful!” she gasped as she landed heavily on the floor with her bare legs all over the place.

She lay upon her back looking dazed. The way that tight leotard clings to her pneumatic figure as she lies there drives me wild. I clamber on top of her, pushing my way between her open legs, sliding my hands along her thighs. Wow! I loved the silky smoothness of her bare legs. I had never been in a position to feel a woman's legs before and viewed this as an open invitation. Wow! they were beautiful and felt so good, I couldn't stop myself from caressing them, having a good feel. “Gary!” she shrieked in protest as I had a good long feel of her upper legs. She tried to sit up and bat my hands away. I just grabbed them and lay on top of her. My dick rises rapidly with the close bodily contact with lycra leotard of my mother, a prone helpless attractive mature woman at my mercy. “Oh mum, you are so beautiful” I tell her and lean forward bringing my face in front of hers as my naked dick hardens. You might call me a pervert but I loved my mother. She was the woman who had ignited my interest in the opposite sex. I knew how I felt was wrong but right now with her laying beneath me after tantalising me after such close contact with her body I just could not control myself any longer. “Oh mummy I love you” I moaned. “Gary no!” she protested as I brought my mouth close to her lips to kiss her. She raised her hands to push me away. “Urr urr!” she panted as I grabbed her hands and pushed against them trying to get them down to the floor where I planned to pin them with one hand so I could kiss her without interruption. With each of her hands in mine I enjoyed the sensation of battling against her arms. There was a hard determined look in her face as she gritted her teeth and put everything she had into stopping me forcing down her hands. In fact it made her look very sultry and smouldering. All the time she was writhing beneath me, constantly moving around, bucking her hips trying to dislodge me. “Will you stop moving about?” I growled. She was giving me quite a struggle and was stronger than I previously gave her credit for, really making me work for it. All this determined opposition and wriggling about of her shapely mature body beneath me while clad in a tight leotard is very arousing and there was nothing I could do about my naked dick sticking up creating a wet spot on her leotard. Mum couldn't have failed to have felt it, pressed up on top of her as I was but thankfully she didn't say anything.

BAM BAM “Jeez!” I gasp in victory as at long last I finally nail the back of her hands against the carpet. Keeping them pinned I looked down at the face of my mother framed between my arms. It was of course a face I'd known all my life. Loving and nurturing me though childhood, it was only now as I became a young man that I realised how gorgeous she was. The sultry eyes poised above her sleek nose and a gentle kissable mouth all framed by a stylish arranged wildness of hair. She stared back at me as if studying me. “Wow you really put up a good struggle there mum” I told her. “I think I deserve a good kiss after all that” I began to bring my face towards her but stopped as she began laughing. It was really off-putting trying to kiss someone who was laughing in your face. “Shut up, stop it. Why are you laughing?”. My mother looked up at me with a wide amused smile that pushed up her small prominent cheek-bones giving her a cute impish appearance. “One must never rush into an unfamiliar situation” she explained as if lecturing me. “One must analyse it to understand the underlying science. Identify the strengths and weaknesses before acting decisively”. She gave me another wide smile as if she knew some secret and found it amusing. “Mother. I love you dearly, I really do. But....what on earth are you talking about?”. The smile got wider becoming almost predatory making me feel rather uncomfortable. It wasn't the sort of look I associated with my dear sweet mother. The smile suddenly vanished and her mouth became a hard pout while the warmth vanished from her eyes which became steely cold. “I mean I've studied you and understand my strengths and your weaknesses” “What?” her eyes were hard and calculating while her mouth was a sensual pout. “Don't say what dear, say pardon” she sighed with exasperation. “In simple English in the words of the youth today. This is where I kick your arse and hand it back to you on a plate”.

Before I could even open my mouth to ask what she was on about, those smooth silky legs encircled my waist. Short in length and wonderful to look at, I didn't give them any thought and leant forwards to try to kiss her again. “Oh mum, you are the best” I moaned, my dick stiffening in anticipation as I closed my lips to press them against hers. “Arrh!” I suddenly groan, caught by surprise before my breath is cut off. An incredible force exerts an astonishing squeeze around my waist, like getting trapped in rapidly setting concrete. Automatically my hands fly to mom's thighs but instead of the soft slightly-plump homely thighs of my mother that I was expecting, I found them to be incredibly firm and exerting an completely unexpected power that was crushing my sides painfully and squeezing my lower abdomen against the insides of her thighs. “No..ghhh!” I gasp pulling and tugging at her legs trying to break this hold. I was blown away by how powerful her lovely legs could squeeze. “Orraghhh!” I gasp again starting to panic, never expecting such ferocious muscular strength from my own mother. Then it strikes me that a woman who can run tirelessly up mountains probably has pretty strong legs, although they weren't overtly muscular apart from her calves. Even when I had been feeling her thighs, there was no obvious sign of developed muscle just smooth soft skin. Yet now they were rock hard and crushing me. I imagined I could feel the muscles just beneath the smooth skin pouring out unfathomable strength to crush my middle flat. “Urnnn!” I grunted feeling my face turn red as my mum's thighs crushed the breath out of me. I couldn't believe it, I was being dominated by my own mother's legs. Oddly, the sensation of being a prisoner of her thighs was turning me on. My dick was actually throbbing. “Oh dear, is the big bad wrestler getting thrashed by his mother? Poor diddums, shall mummy kiss it and make it better” to my astonishment she began giggling like it was really funny. No, I couldn't let this happen! I couldn't let myself lose to my totally inexperienced mother. The sight of her in a leotard smiling at me in open amusement as I struggled in vain to rock myself back and forth to loosen the unbreakable steely hard grip constantly pouring down shocking strong pressure was too humiliating to bear. “Arrr look at my big grown-up son with his face all red and puffed out” the bitch taunted me then chuckled with a wide smile that pushed up her cheeks. “And he thought he could beat his mother wrestling. What a loser” she laughed. “Orrrrnn!” she was enjoying this too much. That made me all the more determined to wipe the smile off her face. “Oooh the big bad wrestling champion who challenged his mother and lost. Wait until I tell the other parents and your teachers at the parent's day next month” she said then burst into a fit of laughter. Crap! I couldn't let this happen.

Clenching my eyes summoning up every bit of strength I had I flung my body hard left using my greater strength and bodyweight to roll onto my left side and break mum's body-scissors. “Urnnn!” I landed on my side but to my dismay her legs remain locked tight like a clamp. I hear laughter. My own mother is openly laughing at me with tears running down her cheeks. With no let up in the brutal crush against my middle, my body is wedged tight between her thighs with the apex of her legs tantalisingly barely an inch in front of my stomach. “Well it looks like we will be running up Snowden together tomorrow” she chuckled between laughs. “I hope you're better at running than you are at wrestling although I somehow doubt it” she added then burst into more hysterical laughter. My ears were burning in shame, although with my face burning red you probably wouldn't have noticed. In desperation, I tugged and pulled with all my strength at trying get her thighs apart, but her silky smooth legs have absolutely no give in them. “No stamina. That's the problem with the youth today” she continued to humiliate me verbally relishing the crippling hold she has me in. Talk about beginner's luck! I couldn't believe it. There seemed to be no way I could break out. I wriggle and writhe using my legs to power sudden wild lurches, yet like a limpet my mum's legs just won't let go. “Wow, this is so easy Gary” she laughs “I don't see what the fuss is about”. My dick is absolutely stiff as I find myself totally helpless between mum's lovely legs. “Orraghh!” I have to accept that I don't have a chance against thighs that can power her up a mountain and reluctantly begin to tap my right hand against her lovely bare thighs in defeat. Instead of the shameful release of her legs, mum grabs my hand and pulls it forward. “Ah ah! No bruising my legs dear” “Urrrgh!” to my horror I realise that I didn't explain to her about tapping out. “Arghhhh arghhh stopp!” I groan as mum's legs continue to crush down so hard that I can feel my ribs grinding as all that tight squeezing compresses my insides. “Urrr mum no!” I gasp but she just laughs in my face. “Oh you were right Gary. This really is fun. I just love squeezing you between my legs”. Mum' legs are enveloping me, devouring my waist like some kind of all-conquering female monster. Everywhere I touch is soft feminine skin layered over steely tight legs that are exerting an overwhelming power. I was being completely overpowered by my mum and yet it was as sexy as it was humiliating. With her tight high legged leotard covered top of her thighs, everywhere I felt was smooth bare female skin not that I was in any position to appreciate them. Anyone looking into the chalet to see what all the noise was about would have seen a nude teenage lad laying on his side with his mother dressed in a dance leotard also on her side facing him at roughly 30 degrees with her with her lovely bare legs wrapped tight around his waist while he grimaced in agony with his hands resting uselessly on top of her thighs.

As if it couldn't get any worse, mum twisted the upper part of her torso so that she could place her palms upon the carpet on either side of her and press down while thrusting forwards with her deceptively strong runner's legs. “Worrraghh!” I groaned loudly as a powerful wave of female leggy energy bore down on me so hard that I thought I was going to black out. She kept humping against my body in this manner with wave after breath-taking wave crushing down upon me squeezing me helpless like a rag dog. “Orrraghhh!” I couldn't stop myself groaning loudly as each powerful wave of crushing devastation smashed into me. I never suspected mum's legs to be so strong. “Orrragg!” I had been scissored by many big jocks at school during matches but this was a whole order of magnitude more powerful. Mum was hardly a big muscular woman, in fact the exact opposite yet she had me completely helpless between her legs. “Orraghh!” she was squeezing my middle with such totally overwhelming power that there was nothing I could do about it. With shame I felt my dick throb like crazy and was afraid she would notice. “So you thought you could beat your mum? Duh” she rolled her eyes skywards as if to say 'what a moron'. “Ready to submit to mummy, Gary?” she asked with a wide taunting smile. “N..no N....no way!” I gasped, having trouble expelling the words due to tight constriction around my middle. Trying to keep calm and act rationally, I tried to use my hands to unlock her ankles then twist myself free. “Worrghhhh!” she had locked them tight. I struggled working on them but the insistent crushing of my waist was zapping my strength that after several seconds frantic tugging I knew that I'd never part them. “Woraagh!” I groaned as another crushing wave hit me. She was squeezing my middle so hard that I wasn't able to breathe properly and I could feel my face heat up and my lungs burn through lack of air. “Orrrrgghh!” I was screwing up my eyes and clenching my teeth trying not to cry out but it was no use. I was completely helpless between mum's legs and could see no way out. She was totally dominating me with her lovely legs. “Nnnarrghh!” each burst of increased power she poured down on my middle reinforced her superiority on the carpet and made my dick lurch so strongly that she couldn't fail to notice. It was agonising being squeezed rhythmically by mum yet strangely highly arousing as well. “Orraghhh!” I was beginning to feel light-headed and felt my energy fading fast. I'd have to act quick. I tried to roll over to twist her and force her to release me but she held onto me tight keeping me in place. I realised with a sinking feeling that I wasn't going anywhere. My mother's runner's legs were simply too strong and clamped on too tight. I had no choice, humiliating as it would be I would have to tell that I give, except I never got the chance. All of a sudden mum raised herself high upon her hands and let rip with a series of short rapid bursts of power so intense that I really thought that my ribs were going to break. “Nnn nnnnnarhg!” I couldn't breathe ….. arghhhhhh. “Urrggh!” I wanted to beg her to stop but I couldn't even draw enough breath to breathe let alone beg. I tried to fight against the wave of warm darkness rolling over me, but failed and felt myself go lip between my mother's thighs with a raging erection on full display.

“Gary, are you alright? I'm so sorry I knew this was a bad idea” I awoke to the sound of my mother's worried voice as she fussed over me as I lay with my head in her lap looking up at her. “It's er it's fine” I tried to sound reassuring. “Beginner's luck that's all. Must be all that running you do”. Crap! She knocked me out. My mother had actually knocked me out! I'd never been knocked out in a wrestling match before and yet my own mum had put me away with a body scissors. “All that running must have given you strong legs” I told her trying to chuckle and keep it light-hearted. I got up from her lap and stood up. Mum did the same. I watched as she smoothed down her leotard to cover her ass. I could hardly believe that they had knocked me right out, they didn't look strong enough. Yes they were sexy, firm and shapely but in no way did they look muscular. “Well that's enough of that then. I think I'll have a shower then turn in” mum told me. “You should to, get an early night because we're running up Snowdon tomorrow” she added then turned her back on me to head towards the bedroom. Her short thick calves with a hint of muscle taunted me of how her legs had unexpectedly given me such a humiliating defeat that I still couldn't get my head around. Her full rounded backside swayed as she walked tantalising my eyes and leading me to gawp at her small waist and hour-glass shape. That's when I noticed the zip all the way up the back of her leotard. It taunted me, called to me, beckoning me to grab the zipper and unzip it all the way. In an insane moment I ran across the room and reached for the zipper. Mum heard me running across the thin carpet laying over wooden floorboards and began to turn around to face. I ran into her sideways on and as I bumped into her body my hands slid to her buxom chest. “Gary! Stop it!” she cried. PHROAR they felt so good, big rounded soft and wonderful. “Gary, let go!” she said more forcefully removing my hands then turning to face me with an angry expression.

“I..I'm sorry. It was an accident” I stammered in apology “But I didn't want you to go. I..I wanted a proper wrestle”. “Oh dear. You're starting to take an interest in girls. that's it isn't it. It's only natural but it's not natural to try and touch up your mother” “I wasn't!” I lied, accidentally feeling those breasts made me want to wrestle her all the more so I could explore her wonderful body. “Gary. I did not bring you up to be a liar and such a sore loser. I beat you fair and square and that's the end of it” she stated firmly “or can't you accept losing to a woman?”. “That's it isn't it?” she said with a chuckle and a wide teasing smile “you can't bear losing to your mother in your silly sport just as you can't keep up with me running”. She fell silent watching me with a knowing smirk. “That's hurtful mum” I protested. “You..you just got lucky. Wrestling isn't just scissoring someone out, it's about pitting your wits against an opponent trying to subdue them with holds and countering as they try to do the same to you” I tried to explain as she just stared at me with a cold expression. “And you have an unhealthy obsession with your own mother” she accused as if I hadn't spoken “don't think I didn't notice how you keep touching me up while we were wrestling”. “I wasn't!” I protested, feeling myself blush faced with the uncomfortable truth “I had to touch you when we wrestled”. “Very well” she sighed “If you insist on further humiliation at my hands; and legs” she said with a strange confident smile that excited me with her strong self-belief. “Alright let's get this over with so we can both go to bed and be rested before our run together up Snowden tomorrow”. She seemed so confident that she could beat me again I found it strangely quite exciting. “Don't be silly mum. It takes months of practice to become a good wrestler not a few minutes” “Yes dear, as I said I studied and analysed what you were doing to me earlier on and fully understand the mechanics and it really is quite simple. If you me to demonstrate it to you and humiliate you further then so be it” she said with an arrogant air. My mum is normally a nice, shy slightly timid woman but once she gets her big brain around some problem she can sometimes be insufferable thinking she knows it all. If that what it takes to get her back on that floor grappling with me then so be it. I had no illusion that I could not beat her. Before we began again I tried to explain to her about tapping out. “Yes, yes” she said dismissively “I won't be doing any of that but you will”.

So we stood facing off once more, me naked, she in her leotard and heels. Mum seemed overconfident, excited even, eager to start which spooked me a bit. “Mum, you really should slip into some more comfortable” I advised her not wanting her to blame me for ruining her dance dress. “Oh you mean like stockings and suspenders and lingerie? That's no way for a son to think of his mother” she replied. The thought had never entered my mind but now that she had mentioned I had to try hard not to dwell upon it. I sighed “you know what I meant. At least take off those heels in case you sprain an ankle or poke my eye out or something” “No, I want you to have a constant reminder that you are getting beaten by a real woman. Now are we going to stand here making idle chit-chat or are we going to wrestle? Get on it with Gary, you've got a mountain to run up in the morning”. I had no idea why she was so eager to wrestle but that made it all the more exciting. I adopted a stance to prepare for some grappling meaning to shake some respect into mum for my abilities. The brainy mature woman mirrored my stance with uncanny precision no doubt analysing what I was doing. Well I wasn't going to go easy on her, not after her lucky win and there was no way I was going to run anywhere tomorrow. I had to admit mum looked kind of hot as she copied my movements as we circled each other in the centre of the room. Like me she had her hands out wide and slightly crouching down in her tight leotard in a very distracting way. No! I had to focus, I had to take her down and teach her a lesson.

Taking the initiative I suddenly rushed forwards, surprised to find her coming towards me. We came together with our bodies pressing against each other with our arms entangled as we grabbed with each other. I was surprised by how good a resistance she was putting up, spreading her feet wide and keeping her trunk straight to keep a strong base. Several times I tried to sweep her feet away but she skipped out of the way each time. Mum even made several good attempts on me pulling me strongly in one direction while trying to trip me up. That took me by surprise and I narrowly avoided being tripped up. Locked up close against each other, we tugged and pulled trying to pull the other to the floor. It was like I was dancing with her intimately. I was both surprised and excited at the determined resistance she was putting up. “This is more like it mum” I gasp as I tried once more to press myself against her and get my arm around her head. To my complete surprise, she suddenly turned around gripping my arms then trust her backside right into my groin and lent sharply forwards. It was only a brief touch but it was electric and had my dick stiffening in an instant. An instant where mum guided my arms forward in front of her while thrusting her backside against me and rolling me over her hips. “WHOA!” the next instant, I was flipping over her hips tumbling head over heels falling uncontrollably towards the floor. BLAM! My back hits the carpet so fast that it leaves me dazed wondering what the hell had just happened. “Oh the mechanics of that was easy. It's just a matter of finding the right leverage point. This wrestling lark is a doddle, Gary. I don't know what the fuss is all about”.

I was stunned! my mother had somehow just thrown me! I couldn't believe it! A stiffness began to spread over my groin. I tried to scrabble to my feet eager to get to grips with her again. Mum was standing right in front of me in sexy leotard emphasising her strong femininity as she kept her legs in a sturdy position. I hadn't quite got to my feet when with excitement on her face she stepped close in front of me, grabbed my head, turned her back on me quickly then went down on one knee. “WHOA!” the world span in a blur as she pulled my head down sharply over her shoulder and down her front forcing the rest of my body to follow, whipping me over her. KASLAM! My back hit the floor again hard it had happened all so fast that I could only lie there with my eyes closed as the room spun so quickly around me it made me feel nauseous. I was stunned that she had thrown me again. My balls began to contract as the stiffness in my groin spread. “Wow! That really works. It's all about leverage” I heard mum exclaim with great excitement.

My eyes flew open as I felt hands grab my ankles and start to lift them. In an instant she had one under each arm then locked her hands together in front of her chest. I realised what was coming next but was too numb with disbelief to act. In one quick move mum spun around lifting her right leg to step over my body so she was astride me facing my feet. Ouch! I was rudely flipped onto my stomach facing the floor with my crotch held off the floor as mum stood astride me and pulled back my legs as she lowers herself into a crouch and leant back. “Jeez!” I groaned in discomfort stunned that my mother had got me so easily in a Boston Crab. “How do like them apples, Gary?” her voice taunted me. “Arghh arghhh!” I yelped as she pulled my legs right back. “I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that” she teased then started to bend my spine back as she lowered herself until she was sitting on my backside which was raised off the floor like a seat for her. “You really should do more stretching exercises, Gary”. To my horror I felt her hands upon my knees as she took good hold off them and used them to bend my thighs back even further, rolling my body right back off the floor right up to my navel. “Arghhh arghh!” the tension in my back and spine was agonising. “Arghh!” if only I could reach up behind me and try to grab her head. “Arghh arghh!” I tried to twist around and reach up but she was too high up for me to reach and it was becoming blooming agony. Oh God no! I had no choice and reluctantly tapped on the floor then again. “Arghh I submit!” I yelped tapping again. “Is that that tapping thing? Yay!” she crowed releasing my feet to begin clapping herself in victory. “So that means I win, yes?” “No!” I panted still lying on belly unable to believe that I had just tapped out to my totally inexperienced mother. “Not until I concede the match” I told her “which I won't do” I added. “Want to bet on it?” Mum said contemptuously which irked me.

I watched as my mother stood up and faced me. PHOAR there was something so incredibly feminine about that which caused some twitching in my groin. She was also slightly hunched over with her arms wide as if ready to grapple. Wow! that was an exciting sight, my mother in a leotard actually prepared to do more wrestling with me. It was like a dream come true. “Well come on then or are you going to lay on your back all evening?” she sneered. “Oh I'm ready and willing mother” I replied pushing myself to my feet. Once again I squared off facing my mother, trying to ignore the big silly grin on her face which showed that she still thought brains was better than brawn and experience when it came to wrestling. I rushed quickly towards her with my hands raised meeting hers between us. Our fingers interlocking, I had her in a classic test of strength. Rising to the tips of my toes I enjoyed the look of despair on my mother's face as I brought pressure to her hands and wrists bending them back causing pain as I forced her to sink into a low crouch before me.

Releasing her hands I quickly rushed forwards to wrap my right arm around her neck from the front. Cupping and locking my fingers joining up with my other hand, I cupped and locked my fingers together in a tight reverse headlock before she had time to stand up straight. I loved the sounds she made as she struggled not to cry out as I poured on the pressure. “Not so tough now are you mummy dearest?” I taunted loving the look of her attractive face with her neck clamped tight in my arm. Slowly I slid my side against her right side, pressing my body into her and enjoying the feel of a mature female body. The little minx was trying to twist and turn at my side attempting to work herself loose but it wasn't going to happen. Pressing my hip against her I enjoyed the feel of her right buttock against mine before I kicked back my leg and swept her feet from beneath her. At the same, pulling her head back over my hip backwards she went in a delightful sight of her bare legs in a tight high cut leotard go arse over tit. Before she could recover, I was upon her grabbing her legs and folded her right leg over the left. Holding her right foot firmly to keep her legs locked up, I couldn't resist running a hand over the thick semi-teardrop shape of her calve before going into a low crouch and pushing my crotch against her feet to keep them securely in place. Trying to ignore the bite of the toes of her high-heeled shoes, I lent forwards along her back reaching out to slide my hands around either side of her neck. Cupping my hands around her chin while keeping her lower legs crossed with my crotch I pulled back on her chin raising her head from the floor and yanking it back hard. “Arghh!” she groaned as I pulled back her head at one end while pressing down upon her crossed legs at the other. It was a form of layover leg-lock chin-lock. “Arghh!” “Submit mother and I'll go easy on you” I told her as she groaned as I made her suffer in my hold.

I really thought I had her until her hands began exploring mine cupped so firmly around her chin. That's when her fingers dug in around the little finger of my right hand and yanked it right out. “Yaaaa!” I cried as pain lanced through my hand as mum bent back my little finger in what felt like a grip of iron. Leading it away outwards from her face the rest of my fingers unpeeled from her wide shallow jaw. Her other hand then grabbed the tips of the fingers on my left hand and bent them sharply back. “Argh arghh!” I yelped while mum gave a shake of her head and neck to free herself of my grip. She started kicking her folded legs against me and soon escaped my hold. Holding onto mum as she began twisting around, wriggling and bucking beneath me was like trying to ride a slippery seal. Desperate to retain control I tried to cling onto that comforting body for as long as I could but she managed to break free moving away from me trying to get to her knees with her back turned to me. I launched myself at her back and pulled her back to the carpet. To my delight I found myself grappling on the floor with a mature feminine wildcat. Dressed in a sexy black leotard, the shapely bodied woman that was my mother was really going for it with a look of sheer determination as she struggled to resist my attempts to overpower her. The sharp look in her eyes atop her sleek nose and her mouth pouted in concentration as she pitted her strength against me in a feeble yet determined attempt to overwhelm me was so smouldering and sexy that I had to put down an urge to kiss her to focus on trying to tame the struggling wildcat. You would have thought that I would easily gain the upper hand against my inexperienced mother, but she really was putting up a determined fight and was in a good stance to resist me. “Oh yes, Mum, that's good. That's really good” I panted getting really excited with the close body contact that at times I forgot that this woman was my own mother. She seemed so alive and vibrant, she was positively smouldering with sensuality and I could see what a stunningly attractive woman she must have been in her younger days. Her body in tight leotard made me horny as we roll around the floor, mother and naked teenage son locked in combat.

Knowing that she couldn't win this, mum tried pulling away from me to get to her feet and escape. “No way mummy” I chuckled. I cling on to that wonderful slim waist nestled between her round hips and the V shape of her upper torso leading up to her shoulders and big bust enjoying the feel of her in my arms as I prevent her getting away from me. To my surprise instead of pulling away she suddenly throws herself right back at me. Although mum is not all that heavy the unexpected impact of her colliding against me combined with her momentum knocked me over onto my back with her falling on top. I found myself holding onto that delicious female body clad in leotard lying on top of me. It is so familiar and motherly yet at the same time exciting and stimulating in a naughty way. I should have been paying more attention for mum twisted sideways in my arms while slipping an arm around the back of my neck. In an instant she locked it with her other hand and I found myself in a side headlock with the side of my face pressing against the side of her high-necked pink top. Soft and yielding, the breasts within spread out moulding themselves to the contours of the side of my face. Arghhh! mum was managing to put a fair bit of pressure into the headlock. As she did, her breasts pressed firmer against me and spread out and began creeping over my nose and mouth. It felt so naughty having my face pressed against her breast like that but I knew I had to get out of this hold. “Orrghh!” I groaned as she applied pressure with her arms. My hands went straight to her arms to try and prise them away. Mum's arms are slender with a soft fleshy look rather than skinny or so I thought and as I said earlier she doesn't really work out apart from the swimming and running. I was therefore very surprised by how firm and solid they were around my neck without yield. Everywhere my fingers felt was taut and hard beneath the sleeves of her leotard. I swear that I could feel a slight hard bulge around her biceps. No! That would be impossible. I was letting my imagination run riot.

I grabbed her wrists and began tugging and yanking at them to break the hold but just as I started to feel her cupped hands begin to slip apart, mum just rolled that full-figured body right on top of me. To my distress and discomfort, her thrusting right bosom rolled right over from the side of my face until it was fully covering one side of my face then the left one came down and plonked itself on the other side. You might have thought having your face against your mother's bust to be a great place to be but let me tell you as my face began to sink into the middle of her black high-necked leotard which formed a ridge between the peaks of her mounds of female delight I was more concerned about not suffocating. Her arm was still locked firmly in place around the back of my neck applying a steady firm pressure that kept my head in place as it plunged into the black chasm that opened up before me. “Mmmm mmmm!” this was so humiliating and yet sexy at the same time as my face fell into the valley with a silky feel and the pressure of her soft breasts as they opened up on either side as they slid past my cheeks. “Oh isn't this precious!” I heard my mum chuckle with delight as my nose and mouth came to a halt against her breastbone. As sexy as a woman's bust and cleavage might be to look at, it was no place to have your face held as it was tight wedged right between a pair of hefty orbs which seemed to want to close in upon both sides to swallow me up and deprive me of air. “A woman has to use whatever natural advantage she has against her pervert son, don't you think?” my voluptuous mother's voice teased muffled by her breasts being so large that they covered my ears. My face was completely encased by the big black-covered orbs of her bust. “Mmm mmm!” I tried to push her breasts out of my face so I could breathe clearly but her arms were holding me too tight. I had never had this much physical contact with a grown woman before and couldn't help getting aroused even though it was my own mother. Her covered breasts continued to smother me as I tried to wriggle out beneath her with no success.

With my feet on the floor I pumped with my legs in sudden violent motions intended to throw her off. I felt mum's legs slide between my thighs and her feet hooking on the underside of my knees. “Mmmmarghh!” I roared with surprise as my legs were ripped wide apart by her legs. Like her arms, I always thought mum's legs were slender maybe bordering on slightly plump apart from her thick muscled calves. Yes they were the engine that powered her running up mountains with effortless ease but apart from those thick muscled calves there was no sign obvious sign of the power that I now felt tearing my legs wide open stretching my inner leg tendons to uncomfortable levels. I'm not one of those sad nerds who sit glued to their laptops all evening wanking off over women who display their muscles but jeeze my naked dick was positively with the sheer overwhelming power I felt not to mention the sexy place where my face was stuffed. It was sticking up like a flagpole in a very strong gale between her legs. “There. That should stop you wriggling about, Gary” my mum's sweet voice came down from somewhere above her big sexy smothering bust as her legs continued to spread my legs wide with seemingly little effort. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” I protested into her bosom as she lowered even more onto my face, the pliable soft black mounds moulding themselves around my face sealing off the air from reaching my lungs. “I bet you are enjoying that, aren't you son?” “Mmmm mmmm!” with her arms locked firmly around my head and my legs torn wide, I was shocked that once again I had been completely immobilized by my own mother. “I've seen the way that you look at them when you think I'm not looking” she accused making my face blush. “Well now you're getting a real close look. Enjoy it while you can” she added with a chuckle. I was totally helpless in a potently intimate hold that a son should never have with his mother, yet strangely felt turned on by that. Again I tried to twist and power my way out of the hold but mum's legs were too strong and her headlock too tight. Arghhh! her legs spread my legs even further apart. Orrrrrrraghh! her short strong runner's legs had taken my legs apart well part the limits of my flexibility. The tendons at the top of my legs were screaming in tearing agony.

“Mmmmm!” I was running out of air and didn't have much time. I reached up over my head for her chin, cupping them in my hands then pushed back her head as hard as I could. Instead of the squeal of pain and a loosening of her hold, I was rewarded by a further burst of leggy power that had me squealing in agony wasting precious air into her cleavage. “Mmmmmmmmm!” “Do that again Gary and I'll rip your legs right out of their sockets” I heard her warn above the loud throbbing of my heart in my ears as she shook off my hands with a few violent shakes of her head. With the power I could feel in her legs, I could well believe her capable of carrying out that threat although I could hardly believe such a caring mother would actually carry it out. “Mmm mmm!” I was beginning to pant with weakness as the lack of air started to affect me. Frantically I began pushing at her shoulders trying to break her smother to get some air but it was no use, my mother's headlock was too tight to break, keeping her firmly locked in place on top of me. Orrrrrr the searing pain at the top of my legs was getting really uncomfortable as my mum's strong legs continued to keep my legs spread with ease. My hands skitted over the top of her back trying to find something I could use to force her to break the hold. “Mmm mmm!” “Come on Gary, submit to mummy or do you really want mummy to smother you unconscious with her boobs?” THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP! The dominant way she was speaking to me was so exciting that my naked dick was thumping like a drumstick.

I tried to reach down as far as I could towards the source of that shearing pain cutting through the apex of my legs and came across her well rounded backside covered by the back of a taut leotard. Instead of fleshy buttocks beneath her leotard it felt like two hard cannonballs of steel as her glutes powered her legs to keep mine helpless. THUMP THUMP THUMP! the thought of my mother having strong glutes as I held them in my hand just made my throbbing erection worse. I was suddenly realising for the first time just what a fit body my mother had and kicked myself for not noticing before. THUMP THUMP THUMP! Oh God the feel of the overwhelming strength in her legs and her firm headlock constantly reminded me that mum was kicking my arse in such a decisive manner again. While the suffocating all-enveloping feel of her breasts around my face was a constant reminder that she was all woman. It was so intensely intimate and arousing that I could feel my balls filling up and my dick becoming engorged rapidly to bursting point. That was just to horrible a thought to contemplate, cumming off while beneath my own mother. Yet at that moment there was no-one else that I'd rather be wrestling in private with. My dick was harder than I'd ever felt it and I was being slowly suffocated by a pair of breasts while my legs were stretched wide well beyond my limits but my mother had become my perfect dream woman and such close physical contact with her was stimulating my senses in a way no other girl had come anywhere close in doing. Even though part of me just wanted to lie there and enjoy the feeling of letting her smother me right out, the rest of me didn't want to lose so easily to an untrained mature woman.

Although my strength was dwindling, one last desperate plan come into my mind but I would have to act quick. I raised my arms around the body lying on top of me and sought out her head. The hair at the back of her head. Hating myself for even contemplating it I took a good hold and began yanking causing shrieks of indignation from mum. “Oooh you cheating little brat!” she cried between yelps. “MMMMMMMM!” I yelled into her smothering bosom as mum pressed her bust really hard against my face while raising up her backside so her glutes could drive a tremendous leg-splitting surge of power that had me drop her hair in an instant. “MMMMM!! MMMMMM!!” I was frantically screaming into her bust really scared that she would break my legs right out of the sockets. In a wild panic I began tapping on her shoulder then backside until she finally relaxed the hold. She wouldn't stop the excruciating punishment. “You poor loser. I've a good mind to make you really suffer” I heard her muffled voice. I was wasting precious air and energy and black spots began appearing in my vision then the black spots began dirty great big black blobs that got larger and larger. My head was swirling and there was a buzzing in my ears. Scared crapless that mum would accidentally smother me to death, I focussed my fast depleting strength in reaching for her backside and began tapping out once more to my inexperienced mother. That humiliating action barely complete, I no longer had any strength in my arm and my hand slid from her backside and flopped to floor.

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